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FastReport Enterprise-4.15.6

FastReport Enterprise 4.15.6 crack
FastReport 4 VCL is an add-on component that allows your application to generate reports quickly and efficiently. FastReport® provides all the necessary tools to develop reports, including a visual report designer, a reporting core, and a preview window. It can be used in the Embarcadero (ex Borland and CodeGear) Delphi 4-XE2, C++Builder 6-XE5.

Report Designer:

new XP-style interface
the "Data" tab with all report datasets
ability to draw diagrams in the "Data" tab
code completion (Ctrl+Space)
report templates
local guidelines (appears when you move or resize an object)
ability to work in non-modal mode, mdi child mode 


split a big page to several small pages
print several small pages on one big
print a page on a specified sheet (with scale)
duplex handling from print dialogue
print copy name on each printed copy (for example, "First copy", "Second copy")


Band-oriented report generator. Wide range of band types allows you to create any kind of report.
Report can consist of several design pages. Thus you can build a report that consists of cover, data and back cover - all in one file.
Wide range of objects that can be used in a report: text, picture, lines, shapes, charts, barcodes, cross-table, ole object, richtext, checkbox, gradient. screenshot
Visual report designer supports zooming, undo/redo, guidelines, rulers. Fully customizable interface with MS Office look. You can give your users the ability to modify reports and create new ones. screenshot
Report can contain datasets (tables, queries, DB connections). Thus you can not only use application-defined datasets, but connect to any databases and use tables and queries right inside a report. At this time the following libraries are supported: ADO, BDE, DBX, IBX, FIB, and many third-party DB libraries. screenshot
Report can contain dialogue forms to ask for some data before the report is run. You can create fully standalone, application-independed reports! screenshot
Built-in script engine that supports 4 languages: PascalScript, C++Script, BasicScript, JScript. You can perform complex data handling with it, manage the interaction with dialogue forms and controls. screenshot
The debugging tools: step, breakpoints, watches. screenshot
Visual query builder. You don't have to learn the SQL language to create a complex query from several data tables. screenshot
Export filters allow you to export your report to many supported formats (PDF, RTF, XLS, XML, HTML, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, TXT, CSV, Open Document Format).
Send report by email with one mouse click.
Web-reporting components. Distance no longer matters! You can browse a report using only web browser.
Special kind of report for dot-matrix printing. This type of printer is still alive and used in many corporations. Use FastReport for fast dot-matrix printing! screenshot
Report inheritance (supported both file-based inheritance and visual form inheritance used in Delphi/C++Builder). You have many reports with common elements such as titles, logos, footers Put the common elements into base report and inherit all other reports from a base. 
کامپوننت FastReport اگر به دنبال راحتی و سرعت در برنامه نویسی هستید ما بهترین را به شما پیشنهاد می کنیم.
ابزاری ساده , سریع و بسیار قدرتمند به منظور ایجاد برنامه هایی که شامل گزارش است می باشد .این کامپوننت تمام ابزارهای لازم برای ایجاد یک گزارش کامل به همراه یک سری مثال در اختیار شما قرار می دهد.

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