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XSocket 4.1.0

XSocket 4.1.0 crack

XSockets.NET is a real-time messaging system that allows communication between any device that has TCP/IP. The server can be hosted anywhere (.NET/Mono) and the clients cover every major browser + C#, VB.NET, Android, iOS, NETMF. And it is very easy to connect anything else that has a TCP/IP stack since XSockets allows custom protocols.

Getting started with real-time

1. Start a server

using XSockets.Core.Common.Socket;
using XSockets.Plugin.Framework;
using (var container = Composable.GetExport())

2. Create a client and listen for "MyMessage"


var conn = new XSockets.WebSocket('ws://',['generic']);
conn.controller('generic').mymessage = function(data){



var conn = new XSocketClient("ws://", "http://localhost","generic");
conn.Controller("generic").On("mymessage", data => Console.WriteLine(data.Text));

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