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Spire.PDF Platinum v3.6

Spire.PDF Platinum v3.6 crack

Spire.PDF for .NET is a professional PDF component applied to creating, writing, editing, handling and reading PDF files without any external dependencies within .NET application. Using this .NET PDF library, you can implement rich capabilities to create PDF files from scratch or process existing PDF documents entirely through C#/VB.NET without installing Adobe Acrobat.

Many rich features can be supported by the .NET PDF API, such as security setting (includingdigital signature), PDF text/attachment/image extractPDF merge/split, metadata update, section and paragraph optimizing, graph/image drawing and insertingtable creation andprocessing, and importing data etc. Besides, Spire.PDF for .NET can be applied to easilyconverting TextImage and HTML to PDF with C#/VB.NET in high quality.

Spire.PDF Platinum v3.6

Commonly Used Features and Functionality

Spire.PDF for .NET supports converting HTMLRTFXPSText and Image to PDF documents with efficient performance. Developers can transform PDF to WordXPSEMF, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, Text format. Furthermore, along with Spire.Doc for .NET and Spire.XLS for .NET, developers canconvert Word (Doc/Docx)Excel (Xls/Xlsx) and XML to PDF. Spire.PDF for .NET offers the facility to merge/split PDF documents and overlay documents. That is to say, users can overlay pages from different PDF documents one over another. Meanwhile, Spire.PDF for .NET can provide import and stamp feature, booklet feature and form filling which can help users read value from form fields and populate a database.
Spire.PDF for .NET can protect PDF documents by setting passwords and digital signature. User password and owner password can determine the encrypted PDF documents readability,modifiabilityprintability and other selective restrictions. Meanwhile, digital signature, as a more effective method, can be applied to safeguard and authenticate PDF documents.
Spire.PDF for .NET can be used to extract images, text, pages and attachments from a PDF document with great speed and accuracy.
Document information can be set with Spire.PDF for .NET including custom metadata, document properties, page orientation, and page size. Wherein, document properties consist of document restrictions (printing, document assembly, page extraction, comment etc. allowed or not) and document description about file title, author, subject, keywords and so on. By using Spire.PDF for.NET, viewer preferences can be set with position, title display, resize, page mode and print scaling etc.

More Features

  • Text formatting, multilingual support, text alignment etc.
  • Pen and brush to draw shape elements, text, images into PDF documents.
  • Layers, transparent graphics, color space and barcode creation can render to PDF documents.
  • PDF/A-1b and PDF/x1a:2001 Compliance, both standards can be applied.
  • Add scalar/vector images and mask and place them in designated location.
  • Table and table style can be supported by Spire.PDF for .NET
  • Insert interactive elements including Annotation, action, JavaScript, attachmentbookmarkwith specifying place and appearance.
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