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All components and applications are CRACKED or FULL VERSION website is the largest warez resource for software developers and programmers in the world. We provide our users with the most up-to-date and Full Version .Net, Delphi, and other software development tools.

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Data Loader v4.8

Data Loader v4.8 crack

Data Loader is a simple, yet powerful tool capable of exporting and importing data between many common database formats. If you wish to convert MS SQL Server, CSV or MS Access to MySQL, this is the best tool satisfying your specific needs effectively. The latest Data Loader Version supports MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, Excel, FoxPro, DBF, MS SQL Server, CSV and Delimited or Flat Files. You can now easily convert Oracle to MySQL or MS SQL Server using ...

SQLyog Ultimate v12.4.1 crack

SQLyog MySQL GUI is the most popular MySQL Manager and MySQL Admin Tool,combining the features of MySQL Query Browser, phpMyAdmin and various other MySQL Front Ends and MySQL Clients in a single intuitive interface. Working with MySQL can sometimes be painful. SQLyog has the ability to take even the most difficult and time consuming tasks and make them a breeze. Main features: • Visual Schema Designer • Includes many additional tools like: ...

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SoftVelocity Clarion Enterprise v9.1.11396

SoftVelocity Clarion Enterprise v9.1.11396 crack

IT STARTS WITH THE DATABASE Clarion can work with any database, whether it's an SQL backend or a local ISAM file, it's all the same to Clarion. You can import from any existing data store or define the exact data definition that you need using the Data Dictionary component. The Clarion Data Dictionary is the heart of every project. Wizard Magic Easy-to-use Wizards are the next step. You create a complete app, ready to perform in the real world … ...

DataWeigher v3.4 (x86) crack

The DataWeigher is the tool to compare and synchronize data . You can select any tables and fields from two MS Access databases and the DataWeigher finds differences. The comparison result is very visual, each type of records (added, deleted, changed) has its own color. You can save the detected changes as a report or SQL script to synchronize data. Key features: Databases' content comparison Databases' content synchronization Visual representation ...

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SQL Assistant v9.1.261

SQL Assistant v9.1.261 crack

SQL Assistant equips database developers and DBAs with the productivity tools they need to speed up the database development process, improve code quality and accuracy. SQL Assistant can boost your SQL coding productivity by 300%. SQL Assistant supports all major databases. It is shipped pre-configured with support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, IBM Netezza, Teradata, Pivotal Greenplum, SQLite, ...

For GOLD or higher VIP users

Exportizer Pro v6.0.8.19 Multilingual

Exportizer Pro v6.0.8.19 Multilingual crack

Exportizer Pro is a database export tool . It allows to export data to database, file, clipboard, or printer. Exportizer Pro works with databases via ADO, BDE, or Interbase/Firebird interfaces. It can open ODBC data sources, files of DB, DBF, MDB, ACCDB, XLS, XLSM, XLSB, GDB, IB, FDB, HTML, UDL, DBC, TXT, CSV types, and databases specified by ADO connection strings. Data can be exported to file formats like text, CSV, XLSX, XLS, RTF, XML, HTML, DBF, ...

For GOLD or higher VIP users

dbMigration .NET v4.9.6271

dbMigration .NET v4.9.6271 crack

dbMigration .NET is a simple, easy and intuitive multiple database migration and sync tool With it you can easily migrate schema and data between different databases without complicated procedures. Ver 4.9 (2017/03/03) Stable Version Add: support multi-language display (Multi-Language UI: Options-> Language) (6271) Add: add a new version of the automatic detection settings (Options-> Check for new version) (6271) Fix: Automatically generate ...

DbMouse Pro v6.4.1 crack

DbMouse is database-oriented data management console working with Microsoft SQL Server . It offers modern and effective tools for effective work with database. Although it is very simple to use, even for beginners, it offers powerful features for advanced users. It supports features to create simple application layer. Modern, easy to use ribbon based database tool Effective and intuitive data-browsing features (lookup fields, related rows explorer, ...


ApexSQL Universal 2017.02.22

ApexSQL Universal 2017.02.22 crack

Includes: ApexSQL Audit Fault tolerant auditing, centralized storage, and reporting ApexSQL Backup Manage and automate backup jobs while preserving the backup chain ApexSQL Defrag Defragment SQL Server indexes ApexSQL Log Audit, undo, or replay SQL database changes ApexSQL Monitor Monitor and view system performance metrics ApexSQL Propagate Execute multiple scripts on multiple databases ApexSQL Recover Recover deleted, dropped or lost data ApexSQL ...

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Database .NET v20.7.6241.1 Plus Edition

Database .NET v20.7.6241.1 Plus Edition crack

Database .NET is an innovative, powerful and intuitive multiple database management tool You can browse / grant objects, design tables , edit rows , run queries , generate scripts , analyze / monitor SQL and import / export / migrate / sync data with a consistent interface. Ver 20.7 (2017/02/01) Stable Version  : - Main program update: Add: Windows icon Add icon (Object Icon) (6241) Add: Batch command processing that supports [single-row ...

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