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Pluralsight Developing SharePoint-hosted Add-ins (Apps) crack

Course info Level: Intermediate Updated: July 27, 2016  Duration: 6h 22m   Description SharePoint hosted apps can have the best combination of ease of development, deployment, and customization. In this course, Developing SharePoint-hosted Add-ins (Apps), you'll build several apps that go much further than a traditional "Hello World" type example. First, you'll see a general overview of SharePoint Apps. Next, you'll get to see and work with ...

Pluralsight Fundamentals of Building Office Add-ins with Office JavaScript APIs crack

Microsoft Office is a powerful productivity suite that provides users with very capable yet generic tools. Sometimes you need a little more structure and integration, and with the Office JS API, you can build Office Add-ins that automate and integrate Office with your applications. This course, Fundamentals of Building Office Add-ins with Office JavaScript APIs, will cover the fundamentals of the Office JavaScript API. First, it will introduce you ...

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Lynda AutoCAD Add-ins Using VB.NET

Lynda AutoCAD Add-ins Using VB.NET crack

Are you familiar with Autodesk products, but new to programming? If so, this course can help you get up to speed with the basics of .NET programming, and how these concepts can be applied to AutoCAD. Here, instructor Josh Modglin shows how to work with the AutoCAD .NET application program interface (API) and the Visual Basic .NET programming language to create a plugin—which is a module that loads into AutoCAD to extend its functionality. Josh ...

Lynda Developing UWP Apps 1 Layout and Navigation crack

The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) from Microsoft allows you to create a single package and target a variety of devices in the Windows family, including desktops, phones, tablets, and even the Xbox. If you want to start learning how to write UWP apps, layout and navigation is an ideal place to start. Adaptive layouts and adaptive triggers allow an app to look great on any device and on any screen size. Navigation is crucial to providing a high-quality ...

Developing Windows & Android Apps with Mitov Software Component Libraries

Developing Windows & Android Apps with Mitov Software Component Libraries

Lynda Developing UWP Apps 2 Basic Controls and Patterns crack

Controls play a critical role in app development, as they control what a user can see and do in an application. The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) ships with almost 50 controls to help you build stellar user experiences on any device and any screen size. In this course, instructor Scott Peterson introduces some of these controls, as well as control patterns created from them. He also goes into templates and control templates—two fundamentally ...

Lynda Developing UWP Apps 3 Custom and Advanced Controls crack

Controls can make or break a user interface. And with the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), the expectation is that the UI will be intuitive, fast, and fluid. In this course, discover how to create, customize, and extend controls that consistently perform and easily adapt. Instructor Scott Peterson covers more about the UWP controls, how to implement custom controls, and how to integrate third-party controls into your apps. Note: This course was created ...

Lynda Developing UWP Apps 5 Bindings Commands and Converters crack

Data binding is one of the most important concepts that a developer must master in order to write great Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps—especially apps that use the popular Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture. And along with data binding comes commanding and value converters. In this course, learn about all three and the role each one plays in UWP app development. Plus, discover how all of these concepts work together, and see development ...

Lynda Developing UWP Apps 8 Cloud and Connected Services crack

Developing solid Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps means connecting to and leveraging services in the cloud. In this course, join instructor Scott Peterson as he introduces Azure Blob storage and Table Storage, and demonstrates how to use each from the Universal Windows Platform. Scott also introduces Microsoft Graph, which provides a unified API for accessing Microsoft cloud services, and shows how to use it to integrate with OneDrive. Note: ...

Lynda Developing UWP Apps 10 Voice Speech and Cortana crack

Of all of the elements of the user experience, voice and speech can provide some of the most immediate and demonstrable benefits. In this course, learn how to make Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps richer by incorporating voice and speech. Plus, learn how to make your apps smarter by leveraging Cortana. Instructor Scott Peterson covers integrating speech recognition, Cortana logic flow, personal assistant actions, and more. Note: This course was ...

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