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Android 101: Android Development for Beginners

Android 101: Android Development for Beginners crack

Unless you've been sleeping for the last couple of years, you know that Mobile is H-O-T!  And the most popular mobile platform in the world?  That's Android.  Do you have a great idea for a mobile app that you'd love to get on the market?  Does your company need a mobile app to grow it's online audience?  Perhaps you've always wanted to learn Android Development for fun?   Whatever your reason-- Android Development for ...

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Android Development with Android Studio and Eclipse

Android Development with Android Studio and Eclipse crack

4 Hours of Video Instruction Android Development with Android Studio and Eclipse LiveLessons is the fast, easy, and reliable guide for using the most popular Integrated Development Environments currently available for Android Development. The lessons start out by walking through the download and installation of IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition. You will be shown how the interface works and some of the beneficial hotkeys and shortcuts that make developing ...


This course provides an overview of the tools used in the Android development process including the newly released Android Studio. The course provides step-by-step coverage of the tools installation process, their setup, and the respective roles of each. This course introduces the tools used in Android development from the perspective of someone with a .NET development background but is appropriate for anyone with software development experience who ...

Pluralsight Android Fundamentals: Accessibility crack

Many users have physical limitations that may make seeing the device display or interacting with the touchscreen difficult. Android provides a number of accessibility features and services and this course, Android Fundamentals: Accessibility, will serve as your guide to including these features in your apps. You'll start with an introduction to the goals of accessibility and how Android handles accessibility. Then, you'll get started making apps accessible ...

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Pluralsight Android Fundamentals: Activities

Pluralsight Android Fundamentals: Activities crack

Course info Level: Beginner Duration: 2h 43m Updated: 5 Aug 2016 Start developing Android apps and get a deeper knowledge of basic Android Components such as Activities in real quick time. In this course, Android Fundamentals: Activities, you'll be learning all about Activity and its related fundamental concepts. First, you'll get an introduction to Android Components and progressively cover the topic of Event Handling, Logcat, and also dive into ...

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Pluralsight Android Fundamentals: Fragments

Pluralsight Android Fundamentals: Fragments crack

Not all Android developers have experience with fragments, but this course can help you get started! In this course, Android Fundamentals: Fragments, you'll start with the most basic and fundamental concepts of fragments and progressively dive into deeper topics. and First, you'll learn how to add fragment to an activity and will also learn about fragment lifecycle. Next, you'll learn types of fragment transactions. Then, you'll learn about communication ...

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Pluralsight Android Animations

Pluralsight Android Animations crack

Android animation is one of the most important aspects in terms of developing apps. Every app in the playstore has its own respective functionality, so what's responsible for such vast differences in popularity? It is the animation and visual effects of the apps that attracts users by enhancing the user experience. This course will walk you through all the basics and fundamental concepts required to implement your own animations in your applications ...

Treehouse Android Fragments crack

About this Course In this course we'll learn how we can reuse parts of an Activity called Fragments to cut down on repetitive code and better support our tablet users. What you'll learn Fragments RecyclerViews ViewPagers

Lynda Android Development Modern Android UI Design Elements crack

Bring your apps into the modern era. Android UI design has evolved, and an Android developer needs to know about the most popular UI elements used today and when to use them. This course teaches developers how to incorporate side navigation drawers, create view holders, and implement custom layouts and views, and design a RecyclerView for mixed view types—such as a category header view and photo item view. Instructor Albert Lo grounds the lessons ...

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Android App Creation With C# Training Video

Android App Creation With C# Training Video crack

In this Android App Creation with C# training course, expert author Keith Welch teaches you how to create applications for Android using Mono and C#. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no Android App Creation experience is required. You will start out by touring the user interface and learning the interface widgets, including text and edit view, AutoComplete edit, and radio buttons and groups. This video tutorial takes you ...

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