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Drag and Drop Component Suite for Delphi D6-XE10

Drag and Drop Component Suite for Delphi D6-XE10 crack

Drag and Drop Component Suite for Delphi D6-XE10 + Crack The Drag and Drop Component Suite is a freeware VCL component library that enables your Delphi and C++Builder applications to support COM based drag and drop and integrate with the Windows clipboard. The drag and drop system that is built into the VCL, is limited in that it only supports drag and drop within the same application. If you need to drag data  from  your application  ...

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Download VirtualTreeview 5.3.0 D7 - XE7

Download VirtualTreeview 5.3.0 D7  XE7 crack

Virtual Treeview is a treeview control built from the ground up. More than a decade of development have created one of the most flexible and advanced Delphi tree controls available today. Virtual Treeview started off with the claim to improve many aspects of existing solutions and introduced several groundbreaking technologies and principles. As the name indicates, the control uses a different paradigm for tree management than other controls of ...

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DnlibEditor crack

DnlibEditor is an assembly editor and runs as a plug-in for Red Gate's Reflector. DnlibEditor is using dnlib by 0xd4d and is able to manipulate IL code and save the modified assemblies to disk. DnlibEditor is a replacer for Reflexil plugin. Separator for Decimal symbol is the one specific for each language - look on Control Panel for "Regional and Language Options". Array separator (i.e. for constants) is the ',' char! Generic type ("-> Generic ...

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Hands On With PhoneGap

Hands On With PhoneGap crack

You probably already know HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the basics of database-driven applications. In this course we put all of those tools to work to build a mobile application in PhoneGap for iOS and Android devices. We also build a simple API for the app, so you can collect data and dynamically display it inside the app. By the time we’re done, all that will be left is for you to package it up and put it up for sale in the Android and iOS app ...

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Practical Cybersecurity

Practical Cybersecurity crack

Protect your network from cyber attacks. Malcolm Shore shows how to use the latest tools to discourage and combat hackers, phishers, and snoops attempting to infiltrate your Windows and Linux systems. Learn what forms cyber attacks can take, and the two most common types of protection you can build into your system: antivirus protection and firewalls. Then learn how to scan your network for suspicious files, detect intruders with Netcat, and identify ...

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TSevenZip VCL

TSevenZip VCL crack

7-Zip   is a file archiver with a high compression ratio. You can use 7-Zip on any computer, including a computer in a commercial organization. You don't need to register or pay for 7-Zip. The main features of 7-Zip High compression ratio in   7z format   with   LZMA   and   LZMA2   compression Supported formats: Packing / unpacking: 7z, XZ, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, ZIP and WIM Unpacking only: ARJ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, CramFS, ...

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TeamTreeHouse – Laravel Basics

TeamTreeHouse – Laravel Basics crack

"Learning a new framework can be daunting, but it's also exciting." - Together we will learn the basics of the PHP framework Laravel.   8 Achievements Getting Started with Laravel What is a Laravel? Let's learn about the history, how to install, and how to move around our new framework.   Project Setup We will be covering a lot here. Starting with closure routing, moving to templates, & then more fun with the Blade language syntax.   ...

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Approval Tests for .NET

Approval Tests for .NET crack

ApprovalTests is an open source library that enables unit tests to go beyond simple asserts. It allows complex verification of system output that would otherwise be hard and time-consuming to implement using conventional asserting. It is also an essential tool to quickly get legacy code under test before refactoring it.

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Getting Started with TypeScript

Getting Started with TypeScript crack

JavaScript  is  more  than 15 years old, and yet the tools we have for JavaScript-based development still pale in comparison to the tools of other languages—primarily statically-typed languages. What if I told you that you could write a dialect of JavaScript, use new features found in ECMAScript 6, have great IDE support and run idiomatic JavaScript in the browser (or even server)? Sounds good, right? Then give TypeScript a look ...

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Udemy Shopping List with AngularJS, PHP and SQLite

Udemy Shopping List with AngularJS, PHP and SQLite crack

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a Shopping List - responsive web application which you can access from any device. You will learn how to: Create the form to add new items to your shopping list Display all items in the shopping list Mark items as completed Option to print the entire list Option to remove completed items Create responsive layout for your application to access it from your mobile while shopping Write tests for your AngularJs ...

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