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Git for Geeks: Quick Git Training for Developers crack

About This Course Published 1/2016    English    Closed captions available Instructed by Jason Taylor Course Description Git for Geeks This course is designed to cut academic theory to just the key concepts and focus on basics tasks in Git in order to be productive quickly. Students can expect to learn the all the main features of Git in just two hours. New!  Closed captions throughout the course! Course Outline ...

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Infiniteskills Git for Visual Studio

Infiniteskills Git for Visual Studio crack

In this Git for Visual Studio training course, expert author Edward Thomson will teach you how to use the Git support in Visual Studio to track and share changes. This course is designed for users that already have a basic working knowledge of Git. You will start by learning how to create, open, and clone a repository. From there, Edward will teach you how to work with local repositories. This video tutorial also covers branching and merging, working ...

Oreilly Git Fundamentals for Web Developers crack

In this Git for Web Developers training course, expert author Lorna Mitchell will teach you how to create a project, collaborate with others, and integrate with CI and deployment tools. This course is designed for users that already have web development experience, although experience with Git is not required. You will start by learning how to set up your projects with Git, including how to configure your Git tools, clone an existing project, and ...

Teamtreehouse – Git For iOS crack

About this Workshop If you are going to write code, you shouldn't do it without the benefits and security of a Version Control System (VCS). In this workshop, we'll explore Git, GitHub and how Xcode can help you use both as part of your daily routine. This is a must-watch for any aspiring iOS Developer.

Pluralsight Advanced Git Tips and Tricks crack

If you've been using Git for a while, you probably know how to use it like any other version control system; you commit files, review changes, maybe even create and merge branches. That's how most people use it. But Git is unique in that it's more powerful and puts you in complete control of your source code history. This course, Advanced Git Tips and Tricks, will teach you how to use Git's advanced (and therefore lesser-known) features to improve ...

Udemy Master Git with examples and streamline your workflow crack

Course Description Git is an essential skill for all team members of a technology company . In order to survive, technology companies are increasingly depending on continuous delivery to give customers a better experience. Git or other methods of Version Control are necessary in order to do this. Git is necessary for teamwork, organisation, and management of projects . It is much easier to work when all team members can immediately see code changes ...

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Tutsplus Build a CMS With ASP.NET and Git

Tutsplus Build a CMS With ASP.NET and Git crack

Content management systems generally rely on relational database systems. And rightfully so! Databases excel at storing and retrieving data. However, content management systems have a lot in common with another kind of data store: a source version control repository such as Git. Content management systems need to track similar content and have the same needs for tracking access, authorship and revisions. What if we used Git instead of a database for ...



SemanticMerge crack

Source code diff and merge based on language parsing, designed to deal with code that has been moved and modified. All team members can freely refactor and rearrange their code because they know they’ll be able to merge it easily with SemanticMerge. It doesn’t matter if one team member refactored an entire file, while another fixed a critical bug; you’ll understand what happened when you merge with SemanticMerge!  Avoids incorrectly ...

TeamTreeHouse – Github Basics crack

In this video we'll go on a quick tour of the most popular option for hosting repositories on the web - GitHub - and talk about some of the value that these services typically add.

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Pluralsigh Introduction to SVN

Pluralsigh Introduction to SVN crack

Subversion or SVN is a version control system that can be a little intimidating to developers. Few developers understand exactly how it works and end up being intimidated by merging and branching. In this course we will learn how to install and setup our own SVN repository and how to work with SVN as a version control system for our source code. We'll focus on most of the basic commands of SVN and will dive into topics like branching and merging so that you can feel confident working with SVN.

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