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Pluralsight HTML5 Fundamentals Course crack

Learn about the new semantic markup and JavaScript APIs that make up HTML5. Description Learn about HTML5 and find out about what new elements and JavaScript APIs make up HTML5. Find out why you can start today using HTML5 in your applications and what to expect in the future. Follow along with examples in DOM selection, HTML forms, media, canvas and the drag and drop APIs.

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Pluralsight Qt Quick Fundamentals

Pluralsight Qt Quick Fundamentals crack

Learn to use Qt Quick to create a modern, fluid, user interface suitable for both mobile and desktop devices. Qt Quick contains both a rich set of user interface objects and an easy to use and learn declarative programming language known as QML. This is the second course in the series on the Qt framework. Topics include: - Overview - QML Syntax - QML Visual Types - JavaScript (aka ECMAScript) - User Input - Positioning - Transforms, Transitions, and ...

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Pluralsight Technology Troubleshooting Essentials

Pluralsight Technology Troubleshooting Essentials crack

IT Systems are hugely complicated, with almost infinite combinations of hardware, software, and peripherals. When you factor in environmental considerations and human error, troubleshooting any problem can be extremely difficult. In this course, you’ll learn the methodologies and processes of troubleshooting, how to reproduce and diagnose problems and issues, and how to fully and accurately document them for engineers and support personnel. ...

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Pluralsight Understanding ABAP Dictionary

Pluralsight Understanding ABAP Dictionary crack

As you complete this course, you will acquire the necessary knowledge to plan and construct ABAP Dictionary objects in your SAP system, and you will be able to create and manage a central meta-data repository for your database that reduces the redundancy, the maintenance costs, and improves the efficiency. After the course, you can apply this knowledge whether you work on a simple in-house development, or a complex project. To understand the concept ...

Pluralsight Rapid JavaScript Training crack

Learn JavaScript rapidly in a direct question and answer format. You'll see hundreds of examples which cover most aspects of the language. This course is for developers who already have fundamental JavaScript knowledge, or for developers in other languages who want to learn JavaScript quickly.

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Pluralsight Akka.NET Testing Fundamentals

Pluralsight Akka.NET Testing Fundamentals crack

Akka.NET allows easier creation of reactive, stateful, concurrent, and fault-tolerant applications through the use of actors. Due to the nature of the Actor Model, additional testing strategies and tools are required to test our actors. By the end of this course, you'll know how to set up and execute automated unit and integration tests against your actors.

Pluralsight Regular Expression Fundamentals crack

No matter whether you are a sys admin, develop in .NET, C, PHP, Javascript, Ruby, Python, or even HTML5, or earn your living querying databases, knowing how to read and write Regular Expressions is an essential skill for any IT professional. While a lot of people consider regexes to be black magic, used appropriately they're an awesome power-tool in your tool-belt. This course will take you from the basics of what regular expressions are and why they ...

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Pluralsight More Effective LINQ

Pluralsight More Effective LINQ crack

In this course, we will learn how to take full advantage of the power and capabilities of LINQ. We'll see how the LINQ extension methods can be combined together to solve complex problems in a simple and succinct "pipeline." Throughout the course, we'll be attempting to solve some "LINQ Challenges" which you can attempt yourself to reinforce what you are learning. We'll be picking up lots of pro tips that will take your LINQ skills to the next level, ...

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Pluralsight WCF Power Topics

Pluralsight WCF Power Topics crack

OK so you watched WCF End-to-End, wait, you didn't? OK stop and go watch it now… you're back and watched it, great. Now you're ready for some more advanced stuff. This is where WCF super-shines because it's capable of stuff that's just not doable with other technologies. You can add capabilities to your applications or system of applications that will take them to the edge of functionality and coolness. I'll teach you how to leverage WCF's ...

Pluralsight Triggers in Oracle crack

Oracle offers a variety of objects that can be used to complement the tables in your database. Views allow you to store a SQL query that defines a logical representation of data in one or more tables, allowing you to create a type of virtual table over your physical tables. Synonyms allow you to define an alternate name for almost any object in Oracle. Sequences help create unique integer values in a thread-safe manner. Triggers allow you to define ...

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