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Tutsplus Build a Shrinking Navbar With CSS3 and JavaScript crack

Author: Adi Purdila 30 Nov 2016 Length: 12 minutes   In this quick, ten-minute Coffee Break Course, you're going to learn how to create a navbar that shrinks and changes its logo when you scroll. We'll be using CSS and JavaScript to achieve this effect. We've built a comprehensive guide to help you learn CSS online, whether you're just getting started with the basics or you want to explore more advanced CSS.

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Tutsplus Build a CMS With Laravel

Tutsplus Build a CMS With Laravel crack

Author: Jason Lewis 11 Nov 2015 Length: 2.9 hours   Laravel is a PHP framework for modern web apps. Recently upgraded to version 5, Laravel is a mature system that continues to win support due to its elegance and stability. Laravel ships with built-in support for database migrations, object-relational mapping, routing and authentication, making it easier for developers to start and maintain their work. In this course, Envato Tuts+ instructor ...

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TutsPlus Build a CMS With Rails

TutsPlus Build a CMS With Rails crack

This course will show you how to build a content management system (CMS) using Ruby on Rails. We'll build up the most important functionality of a real-world CMS one piece at a time, with a careful approach to design.

Tutsplus Build Your First Laravel Site crack

Author: Jason Lewis 2 Mar 2017 Length: 41 minutes   Laravel is a PHP framework for modern web apps. It's one of the most popular PHP frameworks, and coders love its elegance and stability. It has great built-in support for routing, sessions, modular templates, email, data validation, and so much more. But all that power means it's sometimes hard to know where to get started. This course is designed to give you a head start on building your own ...

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Tutsplus Build a CMS With ASP.NET and Git

Tutsplus Build a CMS With ASP.NET and Git crack

Content management systems generally rely on relational database systems. And rightfully so! Databases excel at storing and retrieving data. However, content management systems have a lot in common with another kind of data store: a source version control repository such as Git. Content management systems need to track similar content and have the same needs for tracking access, authorship and revisions. What if we used Git instead of a database for ...

TutsPlus Build a Store With a Payment Gateway in ASP.NET crack

Every online store needs a shopping cart and a way to take payment from the customer. In this course, you'll build a storefront that lets customers make purchases. We'll focus on the data model, maintaining state for the customer's shopping cart. Then we'll integrate Braintree into our application for processing the financial transactions.

Tutsplus Build a REST API With Laravel crack

َAuthor: Jeremy McPeak 12 Dec 2016 Length: 1.8 hours   REST APIs are useful for all kinds of apps. They can be the back-end to a front-end web app, they can store data for a mobile app, or they can provide services to other apps or APIs. There are a lot of moving pieces to coding a RESTful API, but having the right tools can make it a lot easier. Laravel is one such tool—a great platform for building REST APIs. In this course, Envato Tuts+ ...

Tutsplus React Deep Dive: Build a React App With Webpack crack

React is a library for building user interfaces that has taken the web development world by storm. With an innovative model for efficient rendering to a "virtual DOM", an ecosystem of thousands of related modules on NPM, and a complex toolchain, React is a powerful and subtle technology. But this means it can sometimes be hard to get up to speed for full-scale app development. In this course, Envato Tuts+ instructor Pavan Podila will take you on a ...

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Tutsplus Steps to Creating an Android App

Tutsplus Steps to Creating an Android App crack

Author: Paul Trebilcox-Ruiz 28 Apr 2017 Length: 9 minutes     Before you even start building your Android app, there are a lot of questions to answer. Who is it for? What will the revenue model be? Do other apps exist that already solve this problem? In this ten-minute Coffee Break Course, Paul Trebilcox-Ruiz will walk you through some of the decisions that need to be made before starting an app project. After that, you'll go on to learn ...

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TutsPlus Authentication With ASP.NET Identity

TutsPlus Authentication With ASP.NET Identity crack

User authentication and authorization are mandatory components of nearly every web application. You could always roll your own solution, but that's not considered best practice. It is too easy to introduce a security flaw into your system that could lead to compromised user data. Instead, it's better to use a robust existing authentication and authorization library. This course will teach you how to use Microsoft's Identity framework—a complete ...

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