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Lynda Android App Development Essential Training crack

Author:  David Gassner Released: 12/23/2015 Skill Level: Beginner Learn everything you need to know to get started building Android apps with Google's Android Studio and Android SDK. David Gassner starts with a brief look at the history of Android and the latest iteration, Android 6.0 (aka Marshmallow). Then, after you set up your development environment, he shows you how to prepare virtual and physical devices for testing and create a new ...

Lynda Android App Development Essentials: Local Data Storage crack

Author: David Gassner Released: 11/4/2016 Skill Level: Intermediate Android developers who need to manage and present data have many tools available to them in the application framework of Android. This course covers a variety of data persistence techniques, including storing data in shared preferences—key-value pairs—in JSON-formatted text files, and in relational databases with SQLite. Join David Gassner as he demonstrates these data ...

StoneRiverElearning Android App Development: Easy and Quick Programming crack

Created by Stone River eLearning Last updated 5/2017 English   What Will I Learn? Create Android applications. Understand and manipulate the components of an Android application Utilize and understand Android Studio Test and run Android Applications using an emulator or an Android device. Requirements Students should have a good grasp of the Java programming language. Quick, Easy Programming Create, test and run Android apps Learn the ins and ...

Download Android App Development Fundamentals I and II LiveLessons (Video Training) crack

10+ Hours of Video Instruction Overview  Android App Development Fundamentals, Part II 2/e  uses Paul Deitel's unique "app-driven" approach to get you up and running quickly with Google's popular Android SDK. Description  The lessons in this LiveLesson build upon those in  Android App Development Fundamentals, Part I 2/e.  You learn more sophisticated Touch and GUI techniques, as well as how to build database driven apps. ...

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Android App Creation With C# Training Video

Android App Creation With C# Training Video crack

In this Android App Creation with C# training course, expert author Keith Welch teaches you how to create applications for Android using Mono and C#. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no Android App Creation experience is required. You will start out by touring the user interface and learning the interface widgets, including text and edit view, AutoComplete edit, and radio buttons and groups. This video tutorial takes you ...

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Lynda Learning Android App Development

Lynda Learning Android App Development crack

Author: Doug Winnie Released: 12/15/2016 Skill Level: Beginner   Android powers the majority of smartphones on the planet and a growing number of devices, from Android Wear on your wrist to Android Auto for your car. This course is designed to teach anyone how to make a new Android app from scratch. Learn all the basics of the platform and all the skills an Android app developer needs to be successful. Discover the tools and technologies that ...

Lynda Android Essential Training crack

Author: Dan Gookin Released: 2/9/2017 Skill Level: Appropriate for all   This course shows you how to get the most out of your Android phone or tablet. Join Dan Gookin for a comprehensive tour of the Android operating system features you can use on your device. Dan starts with a review of the basics including navigation and typing. Then he shows how to make phone calls and video calls, organize contacts, and send and receive emails and texts ...

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Android Development with Android Studio and Eclipse

Android Development with Android Studio and Eclipse crack

4 Hours of Video Instruction Android Development with Android Studio and Eclipse LiveLessons is the fast, easy, and reliable guide for using the most popular Integrated Development Environments currently available for Android Development. The lessons start out by walking through the download and installation of IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition. You will be shown how the interface works and some of the beneficial hotkeys and shortcuts that make developing ...

Lynda Android App Development Design Patterns for Mobile Architecture crack

Developers need to know how to manage an app's complexity. In this course, learn how to simplify your apps by applying simple architectural design patterns to your mobile code base. Discover how these design patterns can help you reduce bugs and maximize your development time by making your code easier to read and test. Jon Bott covers different architectural models such as MVC, MVP, and VIPER. In addition, he walks through the conversion process ...

Lynda Android Development Essential Training: Design a User Interface crack

Author: David Gassner Released: 3/17/2017 Skill Level: Beginner Create a user interface (UI) for a mobile app built with the Android SDK. David Gassner shows you how, in this course. David starts by exploring layout options, including views, components, measurement units, and loading layouts at runtime. Then he moves on to using ViewGroup components, showing you how to align interface elements with the new ConstraintLayout, and how to use the LinearLayout ...

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