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Pluralsight Microsoft Access 2016

Pluralsight Microsoft Access 2016 crack

Do you have to create a desktop database? Microsoft Access 2016 is the tool for you. You will start with a brief introduction to Access 2016, before you get into tables, fields, queries, and form building. This course will teach you how to create browser-based databases with scalable and usable data. Software required: Microsoft Access (2016).

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Pluralsight Microsoft Test Manager 2013

Pluralsight Microsoft Test Manager 2013 crack

Learn how to use Microsoft Test Manager to plan, manage, run, and analyze tests. This course covers scripted test cases, exploratory testing, and ways for you to gather the right information to generate bugs and get them resolved quickly. The course will take you from manual verification to full automation. The course covers Microsoft Test Manager 2013 and web-based features, including functionality added in TFS 2013 Update 4.   Table of contents  ...

Pluralsight Microsoft Azure for Enterprises: What and Why crack

The world is changing, and public cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure are a big part of that change. But where should enterprises start adopting this new technology? What are the business reasons for doing this? And how can you mitigate the risks? Whether you're an IT leader, an IT pro, or a developer, watch this course for a survey of the scenarios and the reasons for using each one.       Table of contents  Introduction and ...

Pluralsight A Comparison of Microsoft Web Technologies crack

Before engaging in any web development project using the Microsoft web platform, a thorough knowledge of the technology options available is key to choosing the right path. In this course, A Comparison of Web Technologies, you will learn how to evaluate the strengths and challenges of each web technology, and determine which is best aligned with needs of developer. You will get to compare Web Forms, Web Pages, and MVC with each other using similar ...

CData ADO.NET \ ODBC Provider for Microsoft Access v16.0 Build 6254 crack

Access ODBC Driver Read, Write, and Update Access through ODBC The Access ODBC Driver is a powerful tool that allows you to connect with live Microsoft Access data, directly from any applications that support ODBC connectivity. Work with Access databases from virtually anywhere through a standard ODBC Driver interface. Unicode-enabled 32/64-bit ODBC 3.8 compliant Driver for Windows, Mac, & Linux. Connect from BI, Reporting, & ETL Tools The ...

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Pluralsight LINQ Data Access

Pluralsight LINQ Data Access crack

Language Integrated Query (LINQ) introduces fundamental changes to the techniques .NET developers will use to access data. LINQ brings general-purpose query facilities to the .NET framework and allows a developer to query data inside of in-memory objects, data inside of relational databases, and data inside of XML using a uniform API and syntax.  

Udemy Access VBA Beginners Blueprint to Programming Access VBA crack

Course Description Choose Access VBA when simple tables, forms, or reports just won't do. .. When Macros aren't quite enough. .. And when creating your own applications from scratch is overkill. ..   Are you experienced with Access, but not with VBA programming? This course introduces VBA programming concepts with easy to follow examples, and lessons. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First, you ...

Pluralsight Preparing to Pass the Microsoft Azure 70-533 Exam crack

Course info Author: Tim Warner Level: Intermediate  Updated: March 4, 2016  Duration: 1h 30m   Description This course gives the learner all the necessary background on Microsoft Exam 70-533, Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions.

Pluralsight Microsoft Azure Service Bus Brokered Messaging In-depth crack

Course info Author: Alan Smith Level: Advanced  Updated: December 9, 2015  Duration:4h 43m    Description This course will provide a deep and thorough understanding of the brokered messaging capabilities of the Azure Service Bus. Messaging scenarios will be covered, along with the Service Bus functionality. The sending and receiving of messages will be covered before going into more depth on the more advanced features such as message ...

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Download PluralSight Microsoft Design Principles

Download PluralSight Microsoft Design Principles crack

This course covers the five Microsoft design principles when developing an application for the Windows Store. Each principle is covered in detail, and the outcome of this course is confidence in design choices. This is highly recommended for anyone just getting started with app development for the new Windows 8 operating system   Introduction 00:09:46 Introduction 00:48 Course Objectives 02:38 Overview of Principles 02:59 Envisioning 02:47 Summary ...

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