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FlatStyle v4.56.0.0 For DXE5-D10.2 Tokyo Full Source crack

FlatStyle v4.56.0.0 For DXE5-D10.2 Tokyo Full Source A VCL component set for Borland Delphi providing all commonly used GUI components (Buttons, Edits etc...) in a nice flat look.

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XLSReadWriteII v5.20.67 for D7 & D2010-XE10

XLSReadWriteII v5.20.67 for D7 & D2010-XE10 crack

Native access to Excel files. The user doesn't need to have Excel, or any other software installed. XLSReadWriteII uses it's own memory manager that is optimized for storing cell values. This means that you can work with larger files. If your files still not will fit in memory, there is a Direct Read and Direct Write modes that let you process files on disc. Stability. One of the major goals with XLSReadWriteII was to create a product that won't corrupt ...

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Unidac 6.1.6 D7 & XE2-XE8

Unidac 6.1.6 D7 & XE2-XE8 crack

Universal Data Access Components (UniDAC)  is a powerful library of nonvisual cross-database data access components for Delphi, Delphi for .NET, C++Builder, and Lazarus (Free Pascal). We have combined the experience of long-term successful development into one product, which provides unified access to the popular database servers like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, InterBase, Firebird, PostgreSQL, SQLite, DB2, Microsoft Access, Sybase Advantage ...

Axolot AXWWriter v1.03.10 for D7 & D10.1-D10.3 Rio Full Source crack

Axolot AXWWriter v1.03.10 for D7 & D10.1-D10.3 Rio Full Source AXWWriter is a Word Processing component designet to be compatible with MS Word. The component don't need any other software or libraries to be installed. AXWWriter works togheter with  DOCXReadWrite , which also is included. Please take a look at DOCXReadWrite for more features. AXWWriter is easy to use. If you are familiar with DOCXReadWrite, you allready have the knowledge ...

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Download TMS Gmap D7~XE3 and XE7

Download TMS Gmap D7~XE3 and XE7 crack

TMS WebGMaps VCL Component with extensive configurability for integrating Google  Maps  in Delphi & C++Builder Different map modes are available: default  road map ,  satellite  view,  hybrid  view and terrain Extra map information can be displayed: Bicycle View, Panoramio (pictures of interest) information, Traffic information Get & show directions on the map (Delphi XE or newer Delphi releases only) StreetView ...

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Download nrComm 9.27 D7 XE4 XE5 XE6

Download nrComm 9.27 D7 XE4 XE5 XE6 crack

The   nrComm Lib   is set of Delphi VCL components, classes and routines for serial communication tasks. Library helps to get access to various devices: serial port, data and voice modems, barcode scanners, Human Interface Devices (HID), Bluetooth, USB, LPT, GSM, GPS and others. It provides solution for quick implementation almost any packet data protocol. It can work with sound and speech. Library allows send SMS messages over connected ...

DevExpress v14.1.2 D7 DXE6 Full Sources and Installation guide crack

The archive below contains only the project files for DevExpress 14.1.2 for Delphi XE6 and XE5. The project files are prepared to be used for both personalities Delphi and CBuilder. Notes :  [*] The project files for Delphi XE6 uses the external build feature to avoid an out of memory error while compiling the packages. [*] [*] The compiling in Delphi XE5 has also some issues, at least within my Virtual Machine, but a restart of the compiling ...

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SecureBlackBox VCL 12.0.261 D6~D7 & XE4~XE7

SecureBlackbox VCL 12.0.261 D6~D7 & XE4~XE7 crack

SecureBlackbox Is comprehensive   solution that covers all popular application-level Internet protocols and security algorithms and standards. From low-level encryption algorithms to sophisticated digital signature standards with timestamping and archiving to secure cloud-based data storages to secure file transfer, you get all cryptography-based libraries in one pack. Functions are grouped into a number of   packages   to offer you ...

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Download SMImport for D7-XE6

Download SMImport for D7 XE6 crack

The native Delphi components provide fast and direct importing of data from MS Excel/XML/HTML/DBF/Open Office/Paradox files directly without use of any external libraries!   SMImport suite 2.92 is a set of components that can import data into TDataSet (any descendant) from a variety of different file formats as described in following table:   Component name File format       TSMImportFromXLS import MS Excel files directly ...

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Download VirtualTreeview 5.3.0 D7 - XE7

Download VirtualTreeview 5.3.0 D7  XE7 crack

Virtual Treeview is a treeview control built from the ground up. More than a decade of development have created one of the most flexible and advanced Delphi tree controls available today. Virtual Treeview started off with the claim to improve many aspects of existing solutions and introduced several groundbreaking technologies and principles. As the name indicates, the control uses a different paradigm for tree management than other controls of ...

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