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wodWebServer.Net 1.3.6

wodWebServer.NET is an .NET Component that implements server side of HTTP and HTTPS protocols (HTTPServer). It's main purpose is to serve HTML pages, GIF/JPG/PNG images, documents, and other resources that are accessible through Browser clients (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape etc..) It is robust, easy to use, fast, and can be ...

18 1.77K 2013/12/24 0
ZylGPSReceiver Mobile 1.50

ZylGPSReceiver Mobile is an event driven Compact Framework.NET component that communicates with a GPS receiver. It is designed for mobile devices such as Pocket PCs and smart phones, which run on Windows Mobile operating systems. It returns latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, heading and many other useful parameters of the current position and ...

22 1.98K 2013/12/24 0
ZylSerialPort.NET 1.51

ZylSerialPort.NET is a thread based, event driven, asynchronous serial port .NET component. Use ZylSerialPort.NET component to easily communicate with external devices on serial port connection, such as modems, bar code readers, GSM modules and others. You can use it also with USB, IrDA and Bluetooth devices, because these devices have a driver ...

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Elegant Ribbon

Elegant Ribbon is a suite of Windows Forms controls that allows you quickly and easily provide your application with a ribbon user interface like in Microsoft Office 2013/2010/2007. It is written in 100% managed C# and is CLS compliant. 100% compliance with Microsoft Ribbon GuidelinesVery close or exact match to Microsoft Office RibbonIntuitive ...

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LinqConnect 4.2.306 Pro

LinqConnect is a fast, lightweight, and easy to use LINQ to SQL compatible ORM solution, supporting SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. It allows you to use efficient and powerful data access for your .NET Framework, Metro, Silverlight, or Windows Phone applications supporting Code-First, Model-First, Database-First or mixed ...

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EzTools WOW.NET ver 2

Introduction WOW.NET is the most complete WebBrowser implementation available on the market. Now you can have all of the features of the original ActiveX WOW control you know and love but in a pure .NET assembly and a HUGE number of new features. Of course, we still have the original window.external.RaiseEvent functions, and you can set your own ...

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Xceed Ultimate Suite v13.5

Xceed quality throughoutAll components provide royalty-free distribution rights, and unlimited server deployment.All components are thoroughly and expertly documented and include a variety of sample applications for Visual Studio.All components are written to be efficient and do not depend on external DLLs. Most are multi-threaded.All components ...

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Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone 8 2013.3 1127 with Source

Become more productive with 50 components, 10 cloud-powered controls, 50+ design templates and a wide range of capabilities to complement the stock UI Toolbox. Engage deeper with your end-users, earn more ratings and ultimately achieve better app’s ranking on the marketplace implementing the Telerik building blocks for Windows Phone. RadControls ...

14 2.18K 2013/12/23 0
Telerik RadControls for Silverlight 2013.3 1204

RadControls for Silverlight is a powerful development suite of UI controls for creating engaging, interactive user experiences for Web and Desktop. It includes over 65 highly optimized controls for rapid component-based UI development. Extensive Set of Controls RadControls for Silverlight include a wide range of controls – from small UI ...

17 3.9K 2013/12/23 0
Aspose.Total for .NET (DLL Only) 08-13-2013

Aspose.Total for .NET Aspose.Total for .NET is a compilation of every .NET component offered by Aspose. We compile it on a daily basis to ensure that it contains the most up to date versions of each of our .NET components. Using Aspose.Total for .NET developers can create a wide range of applications, each leveraging the combined power of ...

66 4.81K 2013/12/23 0
DbNetCopy API v1.1.4787

DbNetCopy provides a quick and easy way to copy information between different types of databases. DbNetCopy includes a GUI application that is ideal for one off transfer of data and also an API .Net assembly that allows custom solutions to be created.Supports the following databases: SQL Server, SQL Server ...

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Accusoft ImageXpress 12 / PrintPRO™ v5 / ThumbnailXpress v5 for .Net

Accusoft offers more options for .NET development than any other imaging SDK provider. Primarily a WinForms shop, we also offer an increasing number of solutions for 64-bit, WebForms, AJAX, ASP.NET, Silverlight, and the .NET Compact Framework (for mobile devices). New versions and service packs are released frequently to ensure compatibility with ...

174 3.8K 2013/12/23 0
Cutesoft.DotnetGallery for ASP.NET 3.1

ASP.NET Image Gallery 3.0 DotNetGallery is an ASP.NET server control designed for easy displaying image galleries in the web applications. It is an easy to use, file-based, image gallery component / control. It is also a highly configurable application that automatically generates fast thumbnail indexes of a folder structure. This ...

36 2.49K 2013/12/23 0
Telerik RadControls for WPF 2013.3.1125

RadControls for WPF is a powerful development suite of UI controls for creating engaging, interactive user experiences for Web and Desktop. It includes over 60 highly optimized controls for rapid component-based UI development. Extensive Set of Controls RadControls for WPF include a wide range of controls – from small UI components such as ...

46 5.13K 2013/12/23 0
Devart dotConnect for SQLite Pro Retail v4.6.301

dotConnect for SQLite is an enhanced ORM enabled data provider for SQLite that builds on ADO.NET technology to present a complete solution for developing SQLite-based database applications. It introduces new approaches for designing application architecture, boosts productivity, and leverages database applications. Fast and ...

32 3.03K 2013/12/23 0
FastReport.Net 2013.3.9 net4

FastReport.Net is a full-featured reporting solution for Windows Forms, ASP.NET and MVC. It can be used in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010-2012 and Delphi Prism. Features: FastReport.Net is written in C# and contains only managed code. It is compatible with .NET Framework 2.0 and higher. .NET Framework 1.x is ...

34 4.36K 2013/12/22 0
Telerik 2013.Q3.SP1-

kendo.2013.3.1127 RadControls_WinForms_2013_3_1127_dev Telerik.Web.UI_2013_3_1114_Dev DevCraft is the ultimate toolset for web, desktop and mobile application development. From rich, high-performance UI controls to timesaving data access and reporting engines to coding and performance tools you can’t live without. Backed by the industry’s ...

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PDFTechLib v1.9.1.0

We set out to create the most robust PDF generation tool for developers. Our PDFTechLib is a full function class library developed with 100% Managed .NET code. You can use PDFTechLib to enhance your applications and deliver advanced PDF generation functionality. You can use it to build reports, generate response letters, build mail merge ...

29 1.94K 2013/12/22 0
Aspose.Email for .NET v3.6.0.0 .NET Framework 4

Aspose.Email for .NET is a collection of components for working with emails from within your .NET applications. It makes it easy to work with a number of email message formats and message storage files (PST/OST) along with message sending and receiving capabilities. Aspose.Email makes it easy to create, read and manipulate a number of message ...

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PRO .NET Design Pattern Framework 4.5

PRO Spark 4.5 is a rapid application development (RAD) platform that will code-generate 3 out of 4 layers for your apps. All with just a single mouse click. Simply create the data model for your application, tell PRO Spark where the database is and the tool will do the rest! It's easy, quick, and powerful. PRO Spark takes care of the more mundane ...

3.25K 32.8K 2013/12/22 2
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