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Download ServiceStack v5.8.0 (13 Jan 2020) Retail With All Plugins + Patch

Simplicity at Speed. One framework to power them allSimply Refreshing 1 framework for all your services and web apps that's intuitive and Easy-to-use! Never read another text-book to learn another heavy .NET framework again!Super Fast Obscenely fast! Built with only fast, clean, code-first and light-weight parts. Start using .NET's fastest ...

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Download Groupdocs.Editor for .Net v20.4.0 (30 Apr 2020) + License Key

GroupDocs.Editor for .NET API helps you to build simple and easy to use C#, ASP.NET, and other .NET applications that readily integrate with popular HTML editors (both open-source & paid) to convert, edit and manipulate documents of popular file formats. Our .NET Editor API lets you load document, convert it to HTML, push HTML to external HTML ...

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Download Groupdocs.Merger for .Net v20.4.0 (22 Apr 2020) + License Key

.NET API to Merge & Split Documents API to Combine, Split, Swap, Trim or Remove Documents, Slides and Diagrams in .NET Applications.OverView GroupDocs.Merger for .NET, assists you to rapidly develop top-class business applications in C#, ASP.NET and other .NET technologies. Just a few lines of code will enable your .NET applications to combine, ...

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Download TX Spell .NET for WPF v7.0 + CRACK

TX Spell .NET FOR WPF Powerful Spell Checking and Language Tools for WPF ApplicationsKey Features - Why TX Spell?Reliable and Accurate Spell Checking Using TX Spell .NET for WPF you can add extremely fast, highly reliable and very accurate spell checking to your TX Text Control based applications.Spell-As-You-Type Words that are not in the ...

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Download TX Barcode .NET for WPF v5.0 + CRACK

TX Barcode .NET FOR WPF Feature-Complete 1D and 2D Barcode Controls for WPF Applications.Key Features - Why TX Barcode?Fast and Accurate Using TX Barcode .NET for WPF, you can add fast and accurate 1D and 2D barcodes to your .NET based applications. Generated barcodes are optimized for printing and on-screen scanning.Optimized for Documents and ...

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Download Guna.UI2 Framework v2.0.0.4 + Keygen

Guna.UI controls are DLL driven tools to help you build awesome desktop application interfaces. It guarantees great user experience in your apps and reduces development time. The DLLs are installed in your .NET environment and is built on top of WinForms. It enables developers to drag and drop hence faster coding. Supported Platforms Microsoft ...

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Download Groupdocs.Conversion for .Net v20.4.0 (30 Apr 2020) + License Key

GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET is a set of APIs that helps you create powerful applications in C#, ASP.NET ‎and other .NET-based technologies, which can render and display documents of 90+ file ‎formats. GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET, offers true-text, high-fidelity rendering of documents, images, ‎text files, diagrams, graphics, email attachments and PDF ...

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Download TX Barcode .NET for Windows Forms v5.0 + CRACK

TX Barcode .NET forWEB APPLICATIONSFeature-Complete 1D and 2D Barcode Controls for TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET applicationsKey Features - Why TX Barcode? Fast and Accurate Using TX Barcode .NET for Windows Forms, you can add fast and accurate 1D and 2D barcodes to your .NET based applications. Generated barcodes are optimized for ...

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Download Groupdocs.Assembly for .Net v20.4.0 (23 Apr 2020) + License Key

GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET API helps you build powerful document automation and report generation applications with capabilities to generate reports from customized templates in C#, ASP.NET and other .NET related applications. With just a few lines of code, the .NET reporting library intelligently assembles the given data from the defined document ...

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Download TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms v7.0 + CRACK

TX Spell .NET forWINDOWS FORMSPowerful Spell Checking and Language Tools for Windows Forms applicationsKey Features - Why TX Spell?Reliable and Accurate Spell Checking Using TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms you can add extremely fast, highly reliable and very accurate spell checking to your TX Text Control based applications. LEARN ...

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Download ASP.NET ZERO v8.7.0 + Power Tools + Renamer + Tutorials + CRACK & Source Code

What is ASP.NET ZERO? ASP.NET Zero is a starting point for new web applications with a modern UI and solid architecture. It saves your time by providing pre-built and working pages and a strong infrastructure. Get it as your base application and directly start to develop your business code!SOLID architectureMaterial design UICross-cutting ...

.Net , Web & Script
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Download Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2019 16.5.5 (Build 16.5.30104.148) Multilingual + License Key

Introduction to Visual Studio 2019 The Visual Studio 2019 preview has been released. This beta release has so many features that are focused on the productivity of the developers and team collaboration, such as - better search, one-click code cleanup, debugger improvement, and management of pull requests from IDE. These are some of the core ...

.Net , Application , Other
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Download VelocityDB Embedded v9.1 (09 Apr 2020) for All Platforms + CRACK

VelocityDB is a C# .NET NoSQL Object Database that can be Embedded/Distributed, extended as Graph Database is VelocityGraph. Using VelocityDB saves time and money for all software requiring reliable, high performance data persistence. Any .NET object can be efficiently persisted and retrieved within ACID transactionalscope. The use of VelocityDB ...

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Download Aspose.Tasks for .Net v20.4.0 (03 Apr 2020) + License Key

.NET API to manipulate Microsoft Project® files Project management API to Create, Read, Write, Manipulate & Export Microsoft Project® documents to Primavera, Excel, HTML PDF, XPS, images & XML formats within any .NET applications.OverView Aspose.Tasks for .NET offers Project management APIs that enable the .NET applications to not only read and ...

485 2.24K 2020/05/17 2
Download Aspose.ZIP for .Net v20.3.0 (10 Mar 2020) + License Key

.NET APIs for files compression and archiving Manipulate ZIP archives as well as compress and decompress files within any .NET based applications. Aspose.ZIP for .NET is a flexible documents compression and archive manipulation API for standard ZIP format. API enables .NET applications to achieve files compression/decompression, archiving files ...

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Download E-ICEBLUE Spire.Office Platinum v5.4.2 (23 Apr 2020) with Crack & License Key

Overview Spire.Office for .NET is a combination of Enterprise-Level Office .NET components offered by E-iceblue. It includes Spire.Doc, Spire.XLS, Spire.Spreadsheet, Spire.Presentation, Spire.PDF, Spire.DataExport, Spire.OfficeViewer, Spire.PDFViewer, Spire.DocViewer and Spire.Barcode. Spire.Office contains the most up-to-date versions of the ...

1.29K 8.44K 2020/05/16 3
Download Ext.NET Enterprise v5.2.0 (13 Apr 2020) for MVC & WebForms + License Key

EXT.NET is an ASP.NET component framework. Boost your production speed with 115+ components and 925+ samples in the Examples Explorer.Professionals around the world rely on Ext.NET Thousands of developers in more than 90 countries build applications with Ext.NET. Fortune 500 companies, banks, governments, and security organizations from around ...

582 4.04K 2020/05/16 6

Download Aspose.SVG for .Net v20.4.0 (28 Apr 2020) + License Key

.NET APIs to Parse SVG FilesLoad, Parse and Convert SVG to PDF, XPS, PNG and other popular image formats without any software dependencies. Aspose.SVG for .NET is flexible library for SVG files processing and fully compatible with its specifications. API can easily load, save and convert SVG files as well as read and traverse the elements of file ...

39 23 2020/05/16 1
Download Luxand Face Thermal v7.1.0 for C# & C++ & Android + Activation Serial

Face Detection SDKFor Thermal Cameras & Systems Detect human faces on video streams from thermal cameras quickly and efficiently. Measure body temperature, screen for fever, or simply improve your security system with the capacity to distinguish real people from photos and 3D masks. How Thermal Face Detection WorksStep 1 - Thermal Camera You’ll ...

.Net , Other
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Download Aspose.Slides for .Net v20.4.0 (22 Apr 2020) + License Key

.NET APIs to manipulate PowerPoint presentations Standalone APIs to Read, Write, Manipulate & Convert PowerPoint slides to PDF, PDF/A, XPS, TIFF, HTML, ODP and other PowerPoint formats.OverView Aspose.Slides for .NET is a unique presentation processing API that enables any .NET application to read, write, modify and convert PowerPoint ...

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Download Component Pro Ultimate Studio Suite 2020.Q1 v7.2.234 (19 Mar 2020) + CRACK

The cracked version of Ultimate Studio for .NET includes all the powerful Ultimate Components (Mail, SFTP, SFTP Server, FTP, ZIP, SAML, Netkit, Encryptor, Excel, Word, PDF, PDF Viewer, BounceInspector, and TemplateEngine) for .NET Framework, Mono, Xamarin Android, Xamarin iOS, Mac, UWP, Portable Class Library and Silverlight.Components ...

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Download Visual Micro v20.03.21.21 (12 May 2020) (Arduino IDE for Visual Studio and Atmel Studio) + CRACK

What is Visual Micro? Visual Micro is a free plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio (with C++ installed). Visual Micro helps you create Arduino compatible cross-platform programs for hundreds of different Arduino compatible micro-controllers. The Visual Studio and Atmel Studio IDEs are available for free for most users. To help fund this project ...

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Download Whole Tomato Visual Assist X v10.9.2375 (09 May 2020) + CRACK

Visual Assist has a wealth of features to enhance developer productivity. If you know your way around Microsoft Visual Studio, especially if you know its boundaries, you’ll find Visual Assist to have features you wish were standard in the IDE. This extension makes the IDE phenomenal. Understated If you're already a fast coder, a wee bit set in ...

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Download Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise 2020 Vol 1 v18.1.0.52 (13 May 2020) + Source Code + License Key

The most comprehensive suite of ASP.NET Web Forms components for enterprise web development. It includes several complex widgets like DataGrid, Chart, Gantt, Diagram, Spreadsheet, Schedule, Pivot Grid and much more. Syncfusion Essential Android Binary Syncfusion Essential Android Source Syncfusion Essential Aspnet Binary Syncfusion Essential ...

7.34K 10.8K 2020/05/14 19
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