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We need to your support!

Dear User of irDevelopers.com

I am the Admin of the irDevelopers.com and would like to ask you a favor!

The website irDevelopers.com has been serving to its valuable users like you since 2012 and has always tried to provide the best services possible. During this time, we have always tried to present you with the most up-to-date resources at the lowest cost and help you implement your projects.

Unfortunately, in the last update rolled out by Google (May 05, 2020), our website has wholly vanished from Google search results, and its traffic has declined to zero. Although we tried our best to recover the website, all our attempts failed.

Please check out some images from Google Search Console and other resources:

Google Search Console

Google Analytics




The above images are real! You can see the same reports on Alexa.com and Semrush.com (to see the Semrush report, you need to sign up a free account on the Semrush.com).

As a result of this unexpected problem, I am experiencing difficulty in providing financial resources required for the payment of server maintenance and website updating costs which, in return, makes the survival of the website actually impossible.

My team and I are desperately upset and anxious because after years of hard work all our efforts ruined overnight and I had to spend thousands of dollars for salaries and servers’ maintenance costs in the last few months without even earning a dollar hoping that this problem would be solved and our website would re-appear in Google search results.

Therefore, we decided to continue our activities under a new name and domain, and from now on, we will continue to give you service at our new address DownloadDevTools.com.

Considering this problem and taking into account your continuous support and contribution, now we ask for your help to be able to finance the costs required for the survival of the website and continue our activities to provide services better and stronger than before.

We hope that you will support us in this critical period of time as we have helped you in the past couple of years. It should be mentioned that the irDevelopers.com team will be made defunct shortly in case of non-support! We request for your support through subscribing to our new website.

On our new website, the membership fee for Unlimited Plan has been increased; however, a 50% discount code has been taken into account for the former website users. You can subscribe to the new website using the discount code of irdev_vip_50. It should be mentioned that the discount code will be valid for a limited period and will expire soon.

It should be mentioned that your financial support will be a great relief for our team to be able to continue its activities.

Our new website is currently including more than 1100 products and is updated daily and regularly. All of the products available on irDevelopers.com will be transferred to the new website along with the latest updates. It is worth noting that your user accounts on irDevelopers.com are still active and available; however, irDevelopers.com will no longer be updated, and all our activities will be on the new website.
Please note that your payments are only for the purpose of supporting our team.


Our New Website’s Address

VIP Users can upgrade their accounts with a 50% discount with the irdev_vip_50 code.

Note: The new website is not available for users from the U.S. and Canada.
Users from these countries can gain access to our website via a proxy or VPN.

We appreciate and thank you for your support and understanding in advance. We hope that we will be even stronger than before under the auspices of valuable users like you.

irDevelopers.com Team