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Download MySQLBackupFTP Professional 4.0.22 + Crack

MySql Backup FTP creates remote MySQL database backups, Zips, Encrypts and sends backups to a folder, FTP, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, MS OneDrive, Amazon S3 or Windows Azure Storage, Runs on a flexible Schedule and sendsemail confirmations on job success or failure. Also runs custom scripts, backups file folders, allows to view the results on ...

Database , Application
44 7.95K 2015/01/05
Download CoffeeCup Website Color Schemer 4.2.130 + Crack

Have you wanted to use an image as the centerpiece to your new website, but you didn't know what colors to include? No problemo — the Photo Color schemer will randomly choose up to 10 different colors from the image which can then be used to fill out the color palette in your webpage. More reasons to love Website Color Schemer Give your colors ...

Application , Web & Script
75 2.77K 2014/12/30
Download CoffeeCup Shopping Cart Designer Pro 3.9.463 + Crack

You've created a store in Shopping Cart Creator, you want it to have its own unique style, and you want some serious design muscle on your side. Shopping Cart Designer Pro has the tools you need to edit every single nitty-gritty aspect of your online store design, all in an intuitive WYSIWYG environment. Just click the page element you want to ...

Application , Web & Script
102 3.7K 2014/12/30
Dpwnload CoffeeCup Menu Builder 1.5.0056 + Crack

Menu Builder creates good looking, standards compliant, menus with simple intuitive visual controls. That’s right, you don’t have to write a single line of code to add drop downs, apply rounded corners, box shadows and so much more. You can also export your menus and hand tweak every single aspect. Or, simply paste the code into your site and enjoy ...

Application , Web & Script
124 3.32K 2014/12/30
Download CoffeeCup Website Access Manager 5.0.234 + Crack

There are a ton of reasons to create members-only areas of your website. It puts you in control — control over who sees your family photos, who gets to see the special products and discounts in your online store, and the list goes on and on. When you password protect your website with Website Access Manager, you’ve got some serious muscle on ...

Application , Web & Script
78 3.64K 2014/12/30
Download CoffeeCup Website Insight 2.1.312 + Crack

Website Insight provides a neutral, analytical view of your website — it's like looking at your pages through a search engine's eyes. Browse through the generated report and get valuable insight in the experience and impressions of your human visitors too. The CoffeeCup Perspective on SEO From the dawn of the business world — long before the ...

Application , Web & Script
82 3.65K 2014/12/30
Download CoffeeCup Web Image Studio 1.1.3716 + Crack

Want a powerful image editor with all the bells and whistles but without the aches and pains? You got it, buddy. Web Image Studio lets you customize web graphics or build your own from scratch. With dazzling effects, simple-yet-strong creation tools, and a brilliant image editor, this app’s got the brawn to match your brain. Good colors, wrong ...

Application , Web & Script
121 3.26K 2014/12/30
Download CoffeeCup Direct FTP 6.9.2015 + Crack

The FTP client that's both powerful and user friendly. Don’t let the name fool you: Direct FTP is way more than just an FTP app. Sure, it transfers files at don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-it speeds, but it’s also a complete web design toolbox. Use it to make last‐minute edits, preview and organize your files, and back everything up, just in case. It’s ...

Application , Web & Script
128 5.56K 2014/12/30
Download Hiew 8.43 Retail

File explorers come in many shapes and layouts, either sophisticated and feature-packed, or as simplistic as possible, especially created for beginners. The same applies to hex viewers and the users who are nostalgic about the look of DOS applications can give Hiew a try. It does not need to be installed onto the host computer and does not use a ...

Application , Other
53 10.9K 2014/12/30
Download VB Decompiler PRO 9.8

The loss of source codes is a very serious problem for many developers. From my personal experience I can say that it is indeed a terrible misfortune. Imagine you write the program, spend your force, time and money, release compiled program to the customers... But one morning you see that all your sources are gone (it may be your cat, or aliens. ...

Application , Other
147 7.04K 2014/12/04
Download DzSoft PHP Editor Crack

DzSoft PHP Editor is a handy and powerful tool for writing and testing PHP and HTML pages. With its deceptive simplicity, the interface of DzSoft PHP Editor is comfortable both for beginners and experienced programmers, making PHP development easy and productive. DzSoft PHP Editor is a user-friendly tool for editing and testing PHP scripts and ...

Application , Web & Script
158 5.67K 2014/12/04
Download DzSoft Perl Editor Crack

DzSoft Perl Editor is a tool for writing, editing, and debugging Perl/CGI scripts. It has a comfortable and intuitive interface both for beginners and advanced programmers. DzSoft Perl Editor is deceptively simple, but it is really a very powerful tool. It has debugging features, a very comfortable editor with syntax highlighting, a syntax check ...

Application , Web & Script
231 5.91K 2014/12/04
Macro ToolsWorks Professional 7.6.6

Macro ToolsWorks is powerful all-in-one Windows automation software and macro program. It allows user to record macros, visually edit macros and playback macros in any Windows application. Each macro can have assigned triggers: keyboard shortcuts, mouse events, macro scheduler, hotkey, etc. Macros recorded in macro recorder (both keyboard recorder ...

161 4.87K 2014/11/22
Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

Total Cloud Control. Reduce downtime by up to 90%. Improve staff productivity by up to 75%. Reduce capital expenditures on servers by 20% or more. Increase IT agility while lowering the cost of managing IT by an order of magnitude. Oracle Enterprise Manager is Oracle’s integrated enterprise IT management product line, which provides the ...

Application , Other
193 2.8K 2014/11/22
Download Oracle Application Testing Suite

Application Testing Suite is a comprehensive, integrated testing solution that ensures the quality, scalability, and availability of your Web applications, Web Services, packaged Oracle Applications and Oracle databases. This integrated, full lifecycle solution enables you to define and manage your application testing process, validate ...

64 3.01K 2014/11/21
Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall Standard + Server 12.1.0

Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall provides a first line of defense for databases and consolidates audit data from databases, operating systems, and directories. A highly accurate SQL grammar-based technology monitors and blocks unauthorized SQL traffic before it reaches the database. Information from the network is combined with detailed ...

Database , Application
119 3.18K 2014/11/21
FREE Download Opus Creator 9.50

Opus Creator is a WYSiWYG editor for designing HTML5 websites, interactive multimedia, educational resources, flexible Flash, games, quizzes, presentations, animations and other multimedia with no programming. HTML5 is supported by Android, iPhone as well as Windows and Linux. Get the features you loved in Flash but publish to systems which no ...

Application , Web & Script
257 5.83K 2014/11/04
DockLight 2.0.5 RS232 Terminal / RS232 Monitor

Docklight is a testing, analysis and simulation tool for serial communication protocols (RS232, RS485/422 and others). It allows you to monitor the communication between two serial devices or to test the serial communication of a single device. Docklight significantly increases productivity in a broad range of industries, including automation and ...

Application , Other
113 11.1K 2014/10/30
Evaer Video Recorder for Skype

CCS64 is a program that runs on your PC that turns your computer into an old Commodore 64 computer. This means that the program simulates, or rather emulates the old computer, enabling you to run most of the old software you had for that old machine, running it just like it would in the past. Of course there are some small differences compared to ...

30 2.32K 2014/10/27
SharpDevelop 5.0 RC

#develop (short for SharpDevelop) is a free IDE for C#, VB.NET and Boo projects on Microsoft's .NET platform. It is open-source, and you can download both sourcecode and executables from this site. In addition, you can find the latest information and changes on #develop, as well as get in touch with the team in the forum. We are going to add ...

127 4.25K 2014/10/27
Eltima Virtual Serial Port Driver 7.2

Virtual Serial Port Driver creates virtual serial ports and connects them in pairs via virtual null modem cable. Applications on both ends of the pair will be able to exchange data in such a way, that everything written to the first port will appear in the second one and backwards. All virtual serial ports work and behave exactly like real ...

Application , Other
312 13.6K 2014/10/23
Download PEStudio 8.38

PEStudio is a unique tool that performs the static investigation of 32-bit and 64-bit executable. Malicious executable often attempts to hide its malicious behavior and to evade detection. In doing so, it generally presents anomalies and suspicious patterns. The goal of PEStudio is to detect these anomalies, provide indicators and score the ...

89 3.52K 2014/10/14
Download Clarion 9.0.1037 FINAL

Clarion metabases allow new developers to generate project-specific code using templates created by master programmers. The metabase contains most of the information that Clarion needs to create a fully-functional application, that directly applies to their specific project requirements. The benefit for the developer is that they can immediately ...

Database , Application
129 19.4K 2014/10/13
Download Linqer 4.5.4

Linqer is a SQL to LINQ conversion tool. It helps learning LINQ and convert existing SQL statements. Not every SQL statement can be converted to LINQ, but Linqer covers many different types of SQL expressions. Linqer supports both .NET languages - C# and Visual Basic. Because LINQ is a part of the C# and VB languages, it is sensitive to data ...

.Net , Application
73 11.9K 2014/09/25

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Aibase 3.6.5
Aibase 3.6.5
80 2.64K 2016/01/08
LuaStudio 9.2.7
LuaStudio 9.2.7
Application , Other
24 2.62K 2015/08/04