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Newest Products in Delphi, Page 73

Android v4.4 KitKat Style for RAD Studio and Delphi XE5

Instructions on how to use the style are outlined the included Readme Embarcadero Android 4.4 Style for FireMonkey for use in Delphi and RAD Studio XE5 To add style support for Android 4.4 to your Android application, follow these steps: 1. Place the TStyleBook component onto your form and rename it to KiKatStyleBook, for example. 2. Load ...

21 4.25K 2014/02/02
1D Barcode v3.3.11.1756 & 2D Barcode v3.3.6.1868 VCL

A set of Borland Delphi and C++Builder components for design and print barcode. Set of Borland Delphi and C++ Builder components for design and print barcode. All basic barcode symbologies such as EAN, UPC, Code 2 of 5 - more variants, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, stacked symbologies ( PDF417, Code16K, CodablockF ) supported. Direct print on the ...

95 3.96K 2014/02/02
Catalyst SocketTools Activex Edition 7.2.7200

The SocketTools ActiveX Edition includes ActiveX controls (OCXs) which can be used in a wide variety of programming languages such as Visual Studio.NET, Visual C++ and Visual Basic. The ActiveX Edition is ideal for the developer who requires the flexibility, ease of use and rapid development features of a component without the complexities of ...

.Net , Delphi , Other
74 3.7K 2014/02/01
Tsilang v6.5.4 for XE3-XE4

TsiLang ® Components Suite allows you to add support for an unlimited number oflanguages, as well as to create a fully localized versions of the product, based on the basic version of the project. And are automatically entered in the list to move all the user interface elements, provides a convenient way of preservation and translation ...

17 2.75K 2014/01/29
WPTools v6.29.1 Standard Edition

WPTools® VCL is a suite of native Delphi/C++Builder components to create and edit formatted text. As Delphi developer You know - the advantages of a true VCL component are hard to beat. A true VCL component can be configured inside the IDE, it compiles directly into the application and does not require any runtime libraries. When the source code ...

78 3.94K 2014/01/29
kbmMemTable Pro v7.30.00

kbmMemTable is a full TDataset compatible in memory table loaded with functionality. Partial featureset:  No need for the BDE. Make a full fledged application with data storage using only kbmMemTable.  Fastest memory table around. Benchmark 1 Benchmark 2  Full expression filtering supported.  Advanced index support incl. filtered indexes ...

56 4.08K 2014/01/28
RAPware Easy MAPI v7.0.0.20 for Delphi XE3 + crack

MAPI is the messaging system used by Microsoft Outlook and Exchange for email, contacts, appointments, tasks, sticky notes etc. With Easy MAPI you can use both the Extended MAPI and Simple MAPI interfaces in your Delphi application(s) to get access to this data.Since the Easy MAPI components also implement the Extended MAPI interfaces you can use ...

45 3.17K 2014/01/28
Chilkat Delphi DLL API v9.4 SP1

Chilkat Delphi DLL API for Embarcadero® RAD Studio XE5, XE4, XE3, and XE2. Quick Start Instructions Download and unzip to any directory. Unzipping will create a chilkat-9.4.1-delphi subdirectory containing the following files: README.txt A text file pointing to this document and other sources of information. ChilkatDelphiXE.dll The ...

42 4.78K 2014/01/24
BoxedApp Packer-SDK-API v3.2.3.8-v3.3.5.7

BoxedApp is a developer library that provides a set of functions for emulating a file system and a system registry for an application. Using these functions, you can create virtual files, fake registry entries, keys and values. You can launch processes from memory directly, use ActiveX without registration, embed runtimes like .Net, Flash and VC++ ...

.Net , Delphi , Application
90 6.37K 2014/01/24
Del123 Collection of Delphi examples

Collection of Delphi examples and applications with all the Delphi examples on our website. Full Delphi source code and project files. Database examples and applications, report examples, essential and advanced Win32, OpenGL, FireMonkey, Indy and other Delphi examples. Full source code on purchase.

172 6.15K 2014/01/22
InfoPower XE5 Full Complete

InfoPower XE5 for Delphi / Rad Studio XE5Our award-winning InfoPower for Delphi VCL library is the most popular suite of components for building front ends for database applications. InfoPower includes a host of sophisticated and flexible components including the following:InfoPower’s masterpiece grid is one of the most powerful components in the ...

53 5.44K 2014/01/22
PaxCompiler v3.2.1 2013-11-05 D5-XE5 Full Source

paxCompiler is an embedable compiler of the Object Pascal, Basic and JavaScript programming languages. The key features of the paxCompiler are:The compiler generates machine code for Intel compatible processors (IA-32/64 architecture).The second script runner is a cross-platform interpreter based on intermediate code. Supported platforms are ...

36 2.96K 2014/01/22
Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll v4.1

Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll A powerful and easy to use ActiveX that can be used to read/delete SMS, send Wap Push and send text messages in English or in Unicode Supported languages using GSM modems/mobile phones connected to serial port via data cable, bluetooth or infrared.  Features- Supports any ETSI GSM 07.05/07.07 compatible GSM modems such ...

.Net , Delphi
141 4.87K 2014/01/18
CADImage DLL v9

CAD Image DLL CAD Image DLL is a high-quality component for using in wide scope of applications. Support of more than 30 both raster and vector formats is provided, including AutoCAD DWG, DXF, DWF, Hewlett-Packard HPGL, PLT, HGL, CGM, SVG, TIFF, BMP, JPG, GIF etc. Incredible speed and accuracy of DXF, DWG, PLT, SVG and CGM visualization is ...

.Net , Delphi
126 6.38K 2014/01/18
Luxand FaceSDK 4.0 with C# samples

FaceSDK enables Microsoft Visual C++, C#, Objective C, VB, Java and Delphi developers to build 32-bit and 64-bit applications for Web, Windows, Linux, MacOS X, iOS and Android with face recognition and face-based biometric identification functionality.   FaceSDK is used in hundreds of applications for identifying and authenticating users with ...

.Net , Delphi
113 8.48K 2014/01/18
Embarcadero HTML5 Builder XE5

HTML5 Builder in RAD Studio XE5 Introducing HTML5 Builder. With this groundbreaking new developer solution you can now build web and mobile apps with a single codebase using web standards - and deliver your apps to users via desktop and mobile Web browsers or "on device" via Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone mobile app stores. HTML5 ...

Delphi , Application , Web & Script
341 13.2K 2014/01/17
Delphi Knowledge Base v1.5

Delphi Knowledge Base is a unique collection of Delphi tips and articles where Delphi programmers can find ideas, solutions and share their experience. Everyone of us occasionally experience what it is when you can not find the right way of solving the problem and how much time it takes. But have you ever thought that maybe thousands of people ...

135 3.04K 2014/01/17
Premium Style Pack for RAD Studio XE5

This style pack works with Delphi/C++Builder/RAD Studio XE5. It includes styles for Windows, Mac, iOS, iOS 7 and Android. Available free to registered users of Delphi XE5, C++Builder XE5, RAD Studio XE5 (except Starter editions), and Embarcadero All-Access XE. For instructions on how to use custom styles in your FireMonkey applications

31 4.24K 2014/01/16
EControl FormDesigner v2.50 & SyntaxEditor v2.60

Overview Developed for: Delphi: 5, 6, 7, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5 C++Builder: 5, 6, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5 EControl Form Designer Pro is a professional form designer that takes much after its Delphi counterpart and enables users to easily integrate fully-functional design environments into ...

93 3.93K 2014/01/16
Hotfix 2 for RAD Studio XE5, Delphi XE5 and C++Builder XE5

Embarcadero® Delphi® XE5 is the rapid app development solution for software developers building true native apps for Windows, Android, iOS and OS X, and getting them to app stores and enterprises fast. Build apps using the same source codebase without sacrificing app quality, connectivity or performance. Reach the largest desktop and mobile markets ...

25 4.89K 2014/01/16
Barcode VCL Component v1.8.6.48 ported to XE5

The Barcode VCL components is a set of components designed for generating and printing barcode symbols in your Delphi or C++ Builder applications. Developers use the components set like any other VCL components. This effective and powerful components set extends your applications with 2-dimensional barcode technology. It is written in 100% Delphi, ...

52 3.62K 2014/01/08

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