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Newest Products in .Net, Page 14

Download PhotoController Image Processing Library v2.2+CRACK

PhotoController is a cool and powerful assembly to process on an Image with specialized effects and it is designed for .NET; you could easily use it in window.NET application or ASP.NET application. PhotoController can read all .NET supported Image types (Bmp, Emf, Exif, GIF, Jpeg, TIF, Wmf, Icon, etc.); it can perform compression on Jpeg, GIF, and ...

56 3.46K 2014/02/26
EVANS epAsync for activeX Multithread-2.02

Gives visual basic developers the ability to create multi-threaded applications and components, without the complexities normally involved. Async provides ALL the features needed to create a professional multi-threaded application or DLL. Async is provided as an ActiveX control and as a COM DLL to maximize your ability to write the best possible ...

.Net , Delphi
58 2.76K 2014/02/13
DirectShow Filters Pack-7.0 Retail

VisioForge DirectShow Filters Pack includes a lot of DirectShow filters used in VisioForge SDK's for various multimedia tasks. VisioForge Filter Pack include:AsyncEx memory source filterVideo processing and effects filtergraphic overlaytext overlayvideo transparencybrightness, contrast, saturation, hue, etc.deinterlacedenoisemotion ...

.Net , Delphi
48 3.38K 2014/02/11
Oxygen Directory Spy ActiveX Control-1.5

Oxygen DirectorySpy ActiveX Control allows you to watch file system changes including file or directory creation, access, removing, changing size and attributes. The heart of this control is in that unlike plenty of similar tools, it returns the precise name of a directory or a file having been changed, along with former and current values of ...

.Net , Delphi , Other
63 3.43K 2014/02/09
PortSight Task Scheduler-1.2 Enterprise Edition

PortSight Task Scheduler executes long-running and resource-intensive tasks asynchronously, on the server side, which makes your ASP.NET applications more robust and improves user experience.  Where can I use it? PortSight Task Scheduler can be used for any ASP.NET application where you need to: avoid server time outs schedule and execute ...

33 2.91K 2014/02/09
Flexible ASP.NET File Manager Control-

Enable your users to manage files and organize folders on your web site. Accept files from your users with the advanced upload functionality. Offer your users a structured and neat download area on your web site. Integrate a file manager into your web site without any hassle! Stunning and Intuitive User Interface Easy, intuitive and responsive ...

72 3.41K 2014/02/08
ZAM 3D-1.0.175 Retail

ZAM 3D is a 3D XAML Tool for Microsoft Windows .NET 3.5+ Application Development. It provides developers and designers with a quick and easy solution for creating 3D elements for Microsoft Expression Blend and Visual Studio projects. It also acts as a 3ds or dxf to XAML converter. Now you can integrate 3D UI controls, elements, and components ...

.Net , Application
53 6.1K 2014/02/08
CodeCanyon Simple User Account Management for .Net

User Management for ASP.NET MVC, ready to use in just 10 minutes! Demo Demo of the non bootstrap version using jquery ui. Quickly integrate a complete user management system into your asp.net mvc application. Install this component using a nuget package and you are pretty much good to go, saving you a lot of boilerplate code you’d have to write ...

65 3.48K 2014/02/02
DataDirect XML Converters .NET 5.0.1540.0

The Data Integration Suite provides a fast, easy way for enterprise systems to consume a variety of data sources - like relational, XML, Web services, EDI, or even custom flat files. The Data Integration Suite provides a fast, easy way for enterprise systems to consume a variety of data sources - like relational, XML, Web services, EDI, or even ...

59 3.23K 2014/02/02
Catalyst SocketTools Activex Edition 7.2.7200

The SocketTools ActiveX Edition includes ActiveX controls (OCXs) which can be used in a wide variety of programming languages such as Visual Studio.NET, Visual C++ and Visual Basic. The ActiveX Edition is ideal for the developer who requires the flexibility, ease of use and rapid development features of a component without the complexities of ...

.Net , Delphi , Other
81 3.86K 2014/02/01
Spread. Net 7.0 For WPF-Silverlight

Embed Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet functionality into your WPF and Silverlight applications. Perform data analysis using rich, built-in data visualization functionality, create customized spreadsheet templates, and more. Spread WPF-Silverlight is based on the award-winning, embedded Excel spreadsheet platform for .NET and ASP.NET development.

29 3.75K 2014/01/24
OrgChartComponent for ASP.Net 3.4.4

The Organisation Chart Component is a charting component specifically designed for building organisation charts. Flexible and versatile organisational charts for ASP.NET using Org Chart Component.

77 2.98K 2014/01/21
Dundas Chart for Windows Forms Enterprise

Add intelligent advanced Windows Forms charts to your applications. Dundas Chart for Windows Forms Enterprise Edition is a native .NET Windows component that gives you advanced business intelligence with exceptional looking charts. Chart types include: Range, Spline, Gantt, Pareto, Histogram and many more. The Enterprise Edition can analyze and ...

93 4.38K 2014/01/21
mCore .NET SMS Library

mCore™ .NET SMS Library is the result of combining our knowledge of SMS with the power of .NET technologies. The all new mCore .NET SMS Library allows you to quickly integrate mobile SMS sending and receiving with your .NET Applications. Besides sending & receiving normal SMS, mCore™ .NET SMS Library can send WAP Push, vCard and vCalendar messages ...

105 5.25K 2014/01/21
TreeGX for Visual Studio.NET 2.0

TreeGX is a Windows Forms (WinForms) component for VS.NET that reveals the big-picture in your hierarchical data using cascading connections between topics, sub-topics and highlighting the path to selected topic. At a glance connections can be identified, paths discovered and data relationships grasped all in an easy to use format. Be sure to check ...

26 3.34K 2014/01/20
CADImage DLL v9

CAD Image DLL CAD Image DLL is a high-quality component for using in wide scope of applications. Support of more than 30 both raster and vector formats is provided, including AutoCAD DWG, DXF, DWF, Hewlett-Packard HPGL, PLT, HGL, CGM, SVG, TIFF, BMP, JPG, GIF etc. Incredible speed and accuracy of DXF, DWG, PLT, SVG and CGM visualization is ...

.Net , Delphi
130 6.64K 2014/01/18
ThinkGeo Map Suite Desktop Evaluation Edition 7.0

Map Suite WinForms Desktop Edition is a powerful .NET control that adds interactive maps to your Windows Forms applications. Using Microsoft Visual Studio and C# or VB.NET, Map Suite lets you develop software that conveys geospatial data in a rich, interactive medium. Packed with powerful mapping features and support for the most popular map data ...

114 5.39K 2014/01/16
Weonlydo SFTP.NET component 3.4.6

The SFTP for C# and VB.NET (Secure File Transfer Protocol) provides secure file transfer functionality over any reliable data stream, SSH in this case. It is the standard file transfer protocol for use with the SSH2 protocol. wodSFTP.NET is a dotnet implemenation of client side of this protocol which is reliable and easy to use.

60 2.85K 2013/12/24
wodWebServer.Net 1.3.6

wodWebServer.NET is an .NET Component that implements server side of HTTP and HTTPS protocols (HTTPServer). It's main purpose is to serve HTML pages, GIF/JPG/PNG images, documents, and other resources that are accessible through Browser clients (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape etc..) It is robust, easy to use, fast, and can be ...

27 2.52K 2013/12/24
EzTools WOW.NET ver 2

Introduction WOW.NET is the most complete WebBrowser implementation available on the market.  Now you can have all of the features of the original ActiveX WOW control you know and love but in a pure .NET assembly and a HUGE number of new features.  Of course, we still have the original window.external.RaiseEvent functions, and you can set your own ...

51 2.98K 2013/12/23
Accusoft ImageXpress 12 / PrintPRO™ v5 / ThumbnailXpress v5 for .Net

Accusoft offers more options for .NET development than any other imaging SDK provider. Primarily a WinForms shop, we also offer an increasing number of solutions for 64-bit, WebForms, AJAX, ASP.NET, Silverlight, and the .NET Compact Framework (for mobile devices). New versions and service packs are released frequently to ensure compatibility with ...

184 5.95K 2013/12/22
DbNetCopy API v1.1.4787

DbNetCopy provides a quick and easy way to copy information between different types of databases. DbNetCopy includes a GUI application that is ideal for one off transfer of data and also an API .Net assembly that allows custom solutions to be created.Supports the following databases: SQL ServerSQL Server CompactOracleExcelAccessMySqlDB2Visual ...

117 3.48K 2013/12/22
PRO .NET Design Pattern Framework 4.5

PRO Spark 4.5 is a rapid application development (RAD) platform that will code-generate 3 out of 4 layers for your apps. All with just a single mouse click. Simply create the data model for your application, tell PRO Spark where the database is and the tool will do the rest! It's easy, quick, and powerful. PRO Spark takes care of the more mundane ...

3.41K 35.9K 2013/12/20

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Greatis iGrid v1.0.1.0
52 1.81K 2017/12/12