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Newest Products in .Net, Page 6

9Rays Spices.Net Suite v5.8.0.54

Suite of .NET code security and protection tools Spices.Net Suite offers wide range of .NET developer tools to protect, obfuscate, tamper defense, increase .NET code security and productivity, data safety , recover, optimize, explore, browse and analyze .NET software. Spices.Net is a set of .NET code security and code protection, software ...

78 2.9K 2016/04/15
Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK Enterprise v8.8

Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK is an excellent software development kit that allows you to establish VoIP calls from your application easily and quickly. You do not need to have expert programming skills, with the most basic programming knowledge you will be able to create extraordinary VoIP solutions with this tool. After download you just integrate Ozeki ...

242 4.01K 2016/04/15
Divelements SandShell Outlook User Interface v1.0.0 for Silverlight

SandShell is a set of controls that make it easy to create attractive navigation-based user interfaces like Microsoft Outlook. They help you organise your application's user interface into hierarchical sections visually distinct from one another, to effectively simplify every task the user must undertake. We include a WunderBar control which ...

20 1.67K 2016/04/14
Divelements SandGrid Data Visualization v2.2.4.1 for WinForms

SandGrid is a powerful, versatile list control capable of displaying data in tabular and hierarchical form. It was designed from the ground up to support trees of items and to be truly extensible. Because of its special architecture it offers a powerful replacement for the ListView, TreeView and DataGridView controls - offering more customization ...

72 2K 2016/04/13
Foxit PDF Rasterizer for .NET SDK v1.0.2.28903 (crack only for .net4 x86)

Foxit PDF Rasterizer for .NET SDK is a simple to use .NET library to quickly take your vector-based PDF files and convert them to a pixel-based format (an image format). This process can significantly reduce the overall size of the document and allows you to use the output image for other purposes where PDF documents may not be ideal.Rasterize PDF ...

49 2.69K 2016/04/13
Divelements SandBar Toolbars and Menus v1.4.3.1 for WinForms

SandBar is a powerful, easy to use toolbar and menu library for Windows Forms. It boasts a comprehensive range of features designed to give your applications a great looking interface while minimizing development costs. SandBar gives you toolbars, menuing, statusbars and task panes that emulate the look of Office 2003, Office XP or Visual Studio ...

44 1.94K 2016/04/13
Divelements Navisight v1.1.1.1 for WinForms

Navisight is a combination of controls designed to help navigation through various types of UI - tasks, tools and more. The controls can be combined together to mimic popular user interface trends. Using NavigationBar you will create toolboxes, categorized lists and view switchers. Using ExplorerBar you will create task choices and visually ...

32 1.85K 2016/04/13
Divelements Wizard Framework v1.0.1.2 for WPF

Wizard Framework is a small, lightweight control suite that makes it easy to develop robust wizards for your application. Its simple API makes it very straightforward to add and configure pages, and controlling how the user can navigate from page to page is a matter of setting a few properties. Dynamic routing through pages based on decisions made ...

31 1.93K 2016/04/13
Divelements SandShell Outlook and Explorer Controls v1.0.0.0 for WPF

SandShell is a set of controls that make it easy to create attractive navigation-based user interfaces like Microsoft Outlook and Windows Explorer. They help you organise your application's user interface into hierarchical sections visually distinct from one another, to effectively simplify every task the user must undertake. We include a WunderBar ...

31 1.6K 2016/04/13
Divelements SandRibbon Office 2007 User Interface v1.6.8.1 for WinForms

SandRibbon is a user interface suite designed to mimic the advanced controls seen in Microsoft Office 2007. Its features revolve around a Ribbon control, which presents a well-organised list of available commands, divided into logical groups with some groups displayed contextually. It is designed to plug in to your applications and serve as a ...

43 2.17K 2016/04/13
Divelements SandDock Dockable Windows v3.0.6.1 for WinForms

SandDock is a powerful window layout and management engine designed to quickly and easily add advanced document paging and dockable windows functionality to your applications. Its components provide a modern replacement for the standard Windows MDI paradigm and an advanced dockable windows system that supports complex layout systems, collapsible ...

41 1.91K 2016/04/13
Divelements SandDock Dockable Windows and MDI v1.4.5.2 for WPF

SandDock is our award-winning window management software that enables dockable window and tabbed document functionality in applications that use it. The version for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is able to leverage new technology to provide more visual features than its Windows Forms counterpart, such as smoothly animated transitions and 3D ...

27 1.73K 2016/04/13
Divelements Eyefinder v1.3.0.1 for WinForms

Eyefinder is a suite of powerful presentation-layer components that are designed to aid navigation through different types of data. It includes a navigation bar, header control, document presentation control and desktop alert component. In the navigation bar, collapsible buttons represent different navigation modes, and when selected, child ...

31 1.86K 2016/04/13
Divelements Wizard Framework v1.1.2.1 for WinForms

Wizard Framework is the very best way to eliminate the headache of creating a robust, functional wizard in your application. It features a carefully designed API that makes it a breeze to configure all kinds of wizards - from a simple linear flow to a complex process with many junctions and decisions. Along with the core wizard controls, the ...

46 2.16K 2016/04/13
Divelements SandRibbon Office 2007 User Interface v2.0.0 for Silverlight

Introducing the world's first Silverlight ribbon control. A picture says a thousand words: SandRibbon is a full-featured implementation of the Office Ribbon user interface for Silverlight web applications.It is currently the only Silverlight Ribbon control suite on the market, developed in part to encourage adoption of the Silverlight platform for ...

22 1.85K 2016/04/13
Divelements SandDock Dockable Windows v1.3.0 for Silverlight

SandDock is our award-winning window management software that enables dockable floating windows, tabbed documents and other advanced window management functionality in applications that use it. We have ported this technology to the Silverlight platform to bring web developers flexible window management features for their online software. The ...

22 1.53K 2016/04/13
Divelements SandRibbon Office 2007 User Interface v2.0.1.2 for WPF

SandRibbon is our implementation of the Office Ribbon user interface, offering both the Office 2007 and Office 2010 visual styles. The ribbon concept is a compelling replacement for traditional menus and toolbars. Our product exposes virtually all of the features of the ribbon user interface through bespoke WPF elements and controls, styled and ...

40 1.97K 2016/04/13
Spire.DataExport for .NET Pro Edition v3.5

Spire.DataExport for .NET is a 100% pure data .NET component suit for exporting data into MS WordExcelRTFAccessPDFXPSHTMLXMLTextCSVDBFSYLKSQL ScriptDIFClipboard, etc. Quickly and easily export data from Command, ListView and DataTable components. Spire.DataExport has the ability to process the data efficiently.Friendly Reminder Most Developers ...

52 2.2K 2016/04/11
Spire.Presentation for .NET Pro Edition v2.5

Spire.Presentation for .NET is a professional PowerPoint® compatible component that enables developers to create, read, write, modify, convert and Print PowerPoint documents from any .NET(C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET) platform. As an independent PowerPoint .NET component, Spire.Presentation for .NET doesn't need Microsoft PowerPoint installed on the ...

52 2.88K 2016/04/11
Spire.Spreadsheet for .NET Pro Edition v2.0

Spire.Spreadsheet is a powerful component to view spreadsheet. As a standalone spreadsheet class library, Spire.Spreadsheet is a companion component to Spire.XLS, which mainly focus on how to display spreadsheet. It enables developers/programmers to directly read, write, edit and customize spreadsheet for their .NET applications.Spire.Spreadsheet ...

47 2.31K 2016/04/11
Spire.PDFViewer for ASP.Net Pro Edition v2.8

Spire.PDFViewer is a powerful PDF Viewer component for ASP.NET. It enables developers to load PDF document from file and view the PDF files on the web. Spire.PDFViewer is available on viewing PDF/A-1B, PDF/X1A PDF file format. PDF with basic fonts (TrueType, Type 0, Type 1, Type 3, OpenType and CJK font) are also supported. Besides, this PDF Viewer ...

51 2.75K 2016/04/11
Mindscape LightSpeed 5 - The world's most productive .NET ORM

Take control of your data with the best domain modelling and object-relational mapping framework for .NET. With a high performance core framework and a visual designer built for rapid development, LightSpeed helps you deliver data?driven applications more quickly than ever before. It’s about the data, not the database Sure, databases lie at the ...

116 2.92K 2016/04/05
Elerium HTML to PDF .NET v2.6

Elerium HTML to PDF .NET is a professional component that can be used in any type of .NET (C#, VB.NET) projects, either ASP.NET web sites or WinForms application. The component is able to convert HTML to PDF as a file or as a stream. Elerium HTML to PDF .NET offers full support for tables, styles, graphs, images, hyperlinks, fonts etc.  The ...

77 2.12K 2016/04/03
Elerium Word .NET v2.2

Elerium Word .NET is a full managed .NET component which enables C#/VB.NET/ASP.NET developers to create, read, write and convert MS Word documents (DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT) from any .NET projects. Elerium Word .NET provides full support Word 97-2003, Word 2007-2012 formats and allows to convert it among themselves. The installation package of the ...

107 2.53K 2016/04/03

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