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Download ExeOutput for PHP v1.7.0 + CRACK

Create Software and Windows Apps With PHP, JavaScript And HTMLTurn PHP Code and Websites into Desktop or Console AppsWith ExeOutput for PHP, create stand-alone applications in native Windows format with PHP, JavaScript and HTML 5. No local or remote server required! Make ebooks, custom web browsers, database front-ends, games, interactive ...

Web & Script , Other
293 2.22K 2020/01/29
Download Focusky 3.7.12 Premium + Patcher

AMAZING TOOLS FOR A KILLER HTML5 BUSINESS PRESENTATIONCREATE PRESENTATIONS & ANIMATED VIDEOSMake awesome visual experience for your audience   Focusky Main Features The best tool to create HTML5 presentations and animated videosEasy & Intuitive The user-friendly interface lets you create, publish and present your animated video presentation ...

Application , Web & Script , Other
264 2.17K 2020/01/13
Download Umbraco Forms v8.2.0 + CRACK

Umbraco Forms Everyone deserves a form creator that's as easy to use as Umbraco, so we built just that. Whether it's a simple contact form or an advanced multi-step questionaire that integrates with 3rd party services - it'll be a breeze. Intuitive User Interface Creating responsive forms is as easy as editing content in the Umbraco CMS. Forms ...

Web & Script
186 1.24K 2020/01/12
Lauyan TOWeb v7.2.4.780 (18 Sep 2019) Studio Edition Multilingual

Create yourself your own modern website compatible with all devices. Without programming. Without subscription. Easy and intuitive No technical knowledge is required. Install TOWeb, choose a template, click, edit and publish ! Responsive Web Design PC, mobile, tablet, TV ... the layout of your website automatically adapts to fit the screen on ...

Application , Web & Script
2.39K 22.6K 2019/09/24
ASP.NET Media Handler Pro v5.5.0.0

ASP.NET Media Handler Pro v5.5.0.0 + CrackPowerful C# FFMPEG Wrapper for .NET Framework ApplicationsOverview ASP.NET Media Handler Pro is a powerful and most advance ffmpeg wrapper for .net framework application that can help you process media files by executing any level of ffmpeg commands in background, sharing processing data (including media, ...

.Net , Web & Script
157 1.66K 2019/01/27
Sencha ExtJS v6.5.3.57 Commercial

Sencha ExtJS v6.5.3.57 Commercial Ext JS helps you build data-intensive, cross-platform web apps for desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Take advantage of powerful features in Ext JS Premium including Pivot Grid, D3 Adapter, Calendar, and Exporter. With Ext JS, create data-intensive HTML5 applications using JavaScript Sencha Ext JS provides ...

Web & Script , Other
553 3.7K 2018/08/28
ExtJS v6.5.0 Commercial

ExtJS v6.5.0 Commercial With Ext JS, create data-intensive HTML5 applications using JavaScript Sencha Ext JS provides everything a developer needs to build data-intensive, cross-platform web applications. Ext JS leverages HTML5 features on modern browsers. Ext JS features 115+ high-performance, pre-tested and integrated UI components including ...

Web & Script
371 5.92K 2018/07/16
PHP Data Access Layer Generator

PHP Data Access Layer Generator PHP DAL Generator is a .Net desktop application that generates data access layer for MySQL database. It generates code for MySQL, MySQLi and PDO extensions. This software makes PHP development easy. This tool is specially useful for programmers who don’t want to (or cannot) use a CMS. Programmers have complete ...

Web & Script
177 1.85K 2018/06/19
Keyword Researcher Pro v11.401

Keyword Researcher Pro v11.401 + Crack It's the only SEO software that helps you find Long-Tail Keywords and create SEO-Optimized Content for your website. Have you ever wondered how to find Long Tail Keywords for your website? When you use Google, you may notice a little drop-down box that represents their attempt to predict what you're about ...

Application , Web & Script
514 4.58K 2018/06/13
C# DAL Generator for MySQL

C# DAL Generator for MySQL C# DAL Generator for MySQL is a .net desktop application that generates C# Data Access Layer for MySQL database. The purpose of this application is to make software development easy. It creates C# classes (one per table) that contain methods for CRUD operations. The generated code can be used in web as well as desktop ...

Database , Web & Script
199 2.33K 2018/06/11
TemplateToaster v6.0.0.11509 Multilingual

TemplateToaster is a web design software for designing high end WordPress Themes, Drupal Themes, Magento Themes, Joomla Templates, HTML5/CSS3 Websites and e107 Themes… Responsive Web Design TemplateToaster support Responsive Web Design(RWD), it means your website will display perfectly fine on any device including but not limited to Apple ...

Web & Script
1.1K 16.2K 2018/06/09
Trirand jqSuite v5.2.0.0 for .NET Core & MVC & WebForms

Trirand jqSuite v5.2.0.0 for .NET Core & MVC & WebForms + Crack Trirand backs your business with award winning, trusted componets and more than 15 years of web components experience and a knowledgeable, friendly support team. We are ASP.NET component experts, serving the .NET developer community since day one. ASP.NET Core We support ASP.NET ...

.Net , Web & Script
196 2.18K 2018/05/14
Zigaforms PHP FormsBuilder v3.3.2

Zigaforms PHP FormsBuilder v3.3.2it integrates with all popular website platforms it integrates with all popular website platforms (wordpress, joomla, drupal and etc). This standalone version works with any PHP website. It contains an independent backend to manage forms.MAIN FEATURES:Drag & drop form builderAdvanced grid systemWizard ...

Web & Script
212 2.2K 2017/11/24
Visual Web Ripper v3.0.19

Visual Web Ripper v3.0.19 + CrackVisual Web Ripper is a powerful web page scraper used to easily extract website data, such as product catalogs, classifieds, financial web sites or any other web site that contains information you may be interested in.  Our web page scraper harvests content from targeted web sites automatically and delivers the ...

Application , Web & Script , Other
516 3.99K 2017/10/08
Charles Web Debugging Proxy v4.1.4 (Win & Mac & Linux)

Charles Web Debugging Proxy v4.1.4 (Win & Mac & Linux) + Crack Charles is a web proxy (HTTP Proxy / HTTP Monitor) that runs on your own computer. Your web browser (or any other Internet application) is then configured to access the Internet through Charles, and Charles is then able to record and display for you all of the data that is sent and ...

Web & Script
658 5.88K 2017/07/16
Corel Website Creator 2017 v15.50.0000.5554 Multilingual

Corel Website Creator 2017 v15.50.0000.5554 Multilingual + Crack Corel Website Creator is one of the easiest ways to design and build interactive websites. With the intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, you can quickly get started with templates, SiteStyles and more to get your site up and running in no time. Plus, you can add high impact video ...

Web & Script
280 3.24K 2017/07/07
FlairBuilder v4.2.7

FlairBuilder + Crack FlairBuilder enables web designers to build interactive wireframes or prototypes with ease, in less time than with their typical tools. Due to FlairBuilder, users can generate attractive prototypes without needing to code anything. Here are some key features of "FlairBuilder": · Design & Prototype Wireframes · Design ...

Web & Script
193 3.62K 2017/06/18
Sencha Architect v4.0 (x86 & x64)

Build apps using Sencha Architect 3 and reach more people on more platforms leveraging HTML5. Sencha Architect 3 is the fastest way to build HTML5 apps for the web and mobile devices. Sencha Architect 3 is the latest version of our powerful visual app builder.Get started designing and building your app faster with these new and improved ...

Application , Web & Script
984 4.72K 2017/04/18
WebSite-Watcher v2017.17.1

Automatically check web pages for updates and changes. Automate your daily routine, boost your productivity! Save Time, Stay Informed!WebSite-Watcher is a powerful yet simple website-monitoring tool, perfectly suited to the beginner and advanced user alike. If you can work with an email client, you can even work with WebSite-Watcher!Many ...

Application , Web & Script
129 3.85K 2017/04/17
Sencha Architect v4.0 x86 & x64

Build apps using Sencha Architect 3 and reach more people on more platforms leveraging HTML5. Sencha Architect 3 is the fastest way to build HTML5 apps for the web and mobile devices. Sencha Architect 3 is the latest version of our powerful visual app builder.Get started designing and building your app faster with these new and improved ...

Application , Web & Script
451 7.8K 2017/04/09
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 x64

SharePoint Server has been designed, developed, and tested with the Microsoft Software as a Service (SaaS) strategy at its core. Drawing extensively from that experience, SharePoint Server 2016 is designed to help you achieve new levels of reliability and performance and empower users while meeting their demands for greater business ...

Application , Web & Script
207 5.28K 2017/03/10
Electric Mobile Studio 2012 v1.1.0

Electric Mobile Studio Looking for Windows-friendly iOS Web development, profiling and testing? The Mobile Web, Responsive Design, iPhone, and iPad Simulator powerhouse suite built for Mobile Web ProfessionalsFeatures:Microsoft Visual Studio 2012,2013 and 2015 Integration Electric Mobile Studio automatically detects VS 2012-2015 and optionally ...

Web & Script
233 4.33K 2017/01/15
IPSWITCH iMacros v11.5.498.2403 Enterprise Edition

iMacros is Automation Delivered Whatever you do with a web browser, iMacros can automate it from web automation/web scripting, to data extraction, to web testing, and much, much more.Browser Automation iMacros lets you record and replay repetitious work and is the only web automation software that works with every website. Use iMacros ...

Application , Web & Script
146 3.45K 2016/12/12
Dataland Web Log Storming v3.2.0.673 Professional Edition

Web Log Storming is an interactive web server log file analyzer (IIS and Apache) for Windows that fills the gap between javascript web analytics and typical log analyzers. This makes it an ideal solution that gives you an insight about both, marketing and technical aspects of the web statistics. Interactively change filters Quickly focus on ...

Application , Web & Script
79 1.76K 2016/12/05

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