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Newest Products in Web & Script, Page 15

CoffeeCup HTML Editor 14.1.741 Retail

You want to create great websites. Totally stellar, kick-butt websites that leave people saying, “Wow, you really made that?” Consider the HTML Editor your new best friend. HTML veterans, you’ll create standards-compliant sites using powerful tools like code completion and built-in validation. Get ready to utilize resources like comprehensive tag ...

Web & Script
88 2.69K 2015/02/23
CoffeeCup Button Builder 1.0.18 Retail

Although buttons make up just a tiny part of most pages, it’s these guys that make the web go 'round. They are key to the ultimate purpose of the web: User Inter Action. And this cool App ladies and lads, can do it all! Making them gorgeous, subtle, noticeable, blend in, stand out and everything in between. Design Buttons that Adapt Call them ...

Web & Script
114 2.72K 2015/02/23
CoffeeCup Responsive Layout Maker Pro 1.1.2746 Retail

Fluid grids, custom breakpoints, draggable elements. Visually design responsive layouts from the content out. The resulting code? Crisp, clean and production ready! Layout Maker comes with a growing number of integrated grid systems, including the Bootstrap grid. Column counts and gutter widths can be customized for each system. Drag-n-Drop ...

Web & Script
138 3.93K 2015/02/22
jAlbum 12.5.1 MultiOS

The jAlbum software downscales your images to web and thumbnail size, creates complete web pages, and uploads them to jalbum.net or your own website! Simple! Drop your images and video files onto jAlbum, click Make, and your web album is ready to go. Host your web albums with us or upload them to your own website. No restrictions! Create clean, ...

Application , Web & Script
50 3.13K 2015/02/22
CoffeeCup Animation Studio 2.3.196

You want your website to grab attention. To be flashy. To move. Getting people to notice your webpages is the first step toward success on the ’Net. With cool animated images built in Animation Studio, you can have custom images that tell your story—in motion. Just load up your frames, fine-tune the speed, and put ’em on the web. Now your page is ...

Web & Script
92 3.12K 2015/02/22
Serif WebPlus X8

Building the ideal website is easier than you think. Create an unlimited number of sites and pages, design bespoke web graphics and banners and add interactive gadgets, photos and videos – all with simple drag and drop tools. Take advantage of the most up to date technology that handles all the coding for you. WebPlus X8 is the fastest and easiest ...

Application , Web & Script
64 3.71K 2015/02/22
Adobe Muse CC 2014.3

Adobe(R) Muse(TM) lets designers create websites without writing code. Planning, designing, and publishing original HTML pages is as easy as creating layouts for print. With master pages, access to over 400 web fonts served by Adobe Typekit(R), built-in tools for interactivity, and a choice of publishing hosts, you can produce distinctive, ...

Application , Web & Script
52 3.52K 2015/02/22
CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer 7.0.26 Retail

Web design shouldn’t be overwhelming. In fact, it can actually be—wait for it—fun. With that in mind, we crafted Visual Site Designer, quite possibly the easiest-to-use web design app in the known universe. It’s entirely WYSIWYG, which means you don’t have to touch HTML to create an eye-popping website (unless you really want to). Just build your ...

Web & Script
118 4.93K 2015/02/22
CoffeeCup Sitemapper 6.1.342 Retail

Sitemaps are a great SEO tool. They give you a way to stand up and say, “Hey, search engines! Over here! Check out my site.” And sitemaps are also a great usability tool. They give your visitors a secondary navigation option, not to mention a peek at how your website is structured. Yep, sitemaps form a near-perfect intersection of SEO and ...

Web & Script
125 3.02K 2015/02/22
Mike Chen's WebLock Pro 2.1 Retail

WebLock Pro is a Microsoft Windows application that sits right on your desktop. You don't even have to install it. You just click the icon and select the files you want to lock. It's really very simple. Protect your web site's source code from thieves Secure your affiliate profits Hide the internals of your web site form hackers Stop ...

Web & Script
41 1.98K 2015/02/17
Macaw 1.5.12

Macaw is a professional web design tool built for both designers and developers. It was built with the goal to change how we design for the web. No longer should we need to create static deliverables and write code from scratch to bring them to life. With Macaw, you can create responsive web designs using the web as your medium. Its fluid interface ...

Application , Web & Script
85 3.17K 2015/02/17
Sencha Architect HTML5 Builder 3.0.1 Build 001343

Build apps using Sencha Architect 3 and reach more people on more platforms leveraging HTML5. Sencha Architect 3 is the fastest way to build HTML5 apps for the web and mobile devices. Sencha Architect 3 is the latest version of our powerful visual app builder.Get started designing and building your app faster with these new and improved ...

Application , Web & Script
208 4.72K 2015/02/17
Download CoffeeCup Website Color Schemer 4.2.130 + Crack

Have you wanted to use an image as the centerpiece to your new website, but you didn't know what colors to include? No problemo — the Photo Color schemer will randomly choose up to 10 different colors from the image which can then be used to fill out the color palette in your webpage. More reasons to love Website Color Schemer Give your colors ...

Application , Web & Script
73 2.5K 2014/12/30
Download CoffeeCup Shopping Cart Designer Pro 3.9.463 + Crack

You've created a store in Shopping Cart Creator, you want it to have its own unique style, and you want some serious design muscle on your side. Shopping Cart Designer Pro has the tools you need to edit every single nitty-gritty aspect of your online store design, all in an intuitive WYSIWYG environment. Just click the page element you want to ...

Application , Web & Script
91 3.33K 2014/12/30
Dpwnload CoffeeCup Menu Builder 1.5.0056 + Crack

Menu Builder creates good looking, standards compliant, menus with simple intuitive visual controls. That’s right, you don’t have to write a single line of code to add drop downs, apply rounded corners, box shadows and so much more. You can also export your menus and hand tweak every single aspect. Or, simply paste the code into your site and enjoy ...

Application , Web & Script
111 2.96K 2014/12/30
Download CoffeeCup Website Access Manager 5.0.234 + Crack

There are a ton of reasons to create members-only areas of your website. It puts you in control — control over who sees your family photos, who gets to see the special products and discounts in your online store, and the list goes on and on. When you password protect your website with Website Access Manager, you’ve got some serious muscle on ...

Application , Web & Script
76 3.3K 2014/12/30
Download CoffeeCup Website Insight 2.1.312 + Crack

Website Insight provides a neutral, analytical view of your website — it's like looking at your pages through a search engine's eyes. Browse through the generated report and get valuable insight in the experience and impressions of your human visitors too. The CoffeeCup Perspective on SEO From the dawn of the business world — long before the ...

Application , Web & Script
77 3.28K 2014/12/30
Download CoffeeCup Web Image Studio 1.1.3716 + Crack

Want a powerful image editor with all the bells and whistles but without the aches and pains? You got it, buddy. Web Image Studio lets you customize web graphics or build your own from scratch. With dazzling effects, simple-yet-strong creation tools, and a brilliant image editor, this app’s got the brawn to match your brain. Good colors, wrong ...

Application , Web & Script
110 2.87K 2014/12/30
Download CoffeeCup Direct FTP 6.9.2015 + Crack

The FTP client that's both powerful and user friendly. Don’t let the name fool you: Direct FTP is way more than just an FTP app. Sure, it transfers files at don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-it speeds, but it’s also a complete web design toolbox. Use it to make last‐minute edits, preview and organize your files, and back everything up, just in case. It’s ...

Application , Web & Script
119 5.16K 2014/12/30
Download DzSoft PHP Editor Crack

DzSoft PHP Editor is a handy and powerful tool for writing and testing PHP and HTML pages. With its deceptive simplicity, the interface of DzSoft PHP Editor is comfortable both for beginners and experienced programmers, making PHP development easy and productive. DzSoft PHP Editor is a user-friendly tool for editing and testing PHP scripts and ...

Application , Web & Script
151 5.27K 2014/12/04
Download DzSoft Perl Editor Crack

DzSoft Perl Editor is a tool for writing, editing, and debugging Perl/CGI scripts. It has a comfortable and intuitive interface both for beginners and advanced programmers. DzSoft Perl Editor is deceptively simple, but it is really a very powerful tool. It has debugging features, a very comfortable editor with syntax highlighting, a syntax check ...

Application , Web & Script
226 5.56K 2014/12/04
FREE Download Serif WebPlus X7

Building the ideal website is easier than you think. Create an unlimited number of sites and pages, design bespoke web graphics and banners and add interactive gadgets, photos and videos – all with simple drag and drop tools. Take advantage of the most up to date technology that handles all the coding for you. WebPlus X7 is the fastest and easiest ...

Application , Web & Script
311 12.5K 2014/11/21
Download Incomedia WebSite X5 Professional

WebSite X5 Evolution is a completely visual and powerful software, structured as a guided intuitive process, that allows the user to create, customize and publish professional online shops and web sites. WebSite X5 Evolution has everything you need: an image editor, templates and buttons; organize your website pages into levels and create the site ...

Application , Web & Script
2.01K 17.2K 2014/11/21
WampDeveloper Professional

WampDeveloper Pro is the best (and fastest) way to create and run multiple websites on Windows, using Apache + PHP + MySQL + phpMyAdmin. WampDeveloper Pro v5 is our third generation website development and hosting software package - with Apache 2.4, PHP 5.5, and MySQL 5.6. Automatically Install WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, phpBB3 and ...

Application , Web & Script
127 11.4K 2014/11/09

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