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Download Workflow Engine for .Net ENTERPRISE v4.0.10 (01 Nov 2019) + CRACK

Workflow Engine is a component that adds workflow functionality to your application. It can be fully integrated with the application, or be implemented as a specific stand-alone service (such as a web service).The benefits of using Workflow Engine:Code-free process scheme design in a web-browser (HTML5);High performance;Add a custom workflow to ...

.Net , Web & Script
1.01K 4.92K 2020/01/07
Download StudioLine Web Designer v4.2.51 Multilingual + License Key

StudioLine Web Designer 4 integrates the components for the design, publishing and maintenance of professional websites into a common user interface – page editor, image archive and editing, graphics effects, publishing control, template editor and site management. An Absolute Novelty: Web Design with Integrated Image Editor and Archive Your ...

Application , Web & Script
133 934 2020/01/07
Download HTTP Debugger Pro v9.9 + Patcher

If you need to view and analyze all of the HTTP traffic between a web browser or any program that uses the HTTP protocol and the web server, then HTTP Debugger is the program for you. Web developers can view and analyze HTTP header parameter values, cookies, query strings, the source code of HTML/XML web pages and Java/VB scripts, error codes etc. ...

Application , Web & Script
1.62K 6.46K 2020/01/06
Download Devsense PHP Tools for Visual Studio v1.32.11656 (09 Dec 2019) + Patcher

PHP Tools for Visual Studio Turn Visual Studio into a powerful PHP development environmentKey Benefits:Well-known IDEMicrosoft Visual Studio IDEVersion control support (TFS, Git, SVN, ...)Integration respecting conventionsAutomatic updates & Easy installationHigh performance environmentSmart PHP EditorFull PHP 7.1, 7.0, 5.6, 5.5, 5.4 supportPHP ...

.Net , Web & Script
1.18K 11.3K 2020/01/04
Download Chilkat Software All Products v9.5.0.80 (30 Oct 2019) + Keygen

Chilkat is a cross-language, cross-platform API providing 90+ classes for many Internet protocols, formats, and algorithms.Some classes need a license: SSH, SFTP, FTP2, HTTP, REST, Socket/TLS, IMAP, ... Some are free: JSON, XML, Cert, PrivateKey, ...Programmers use Chilkat with: ASP, C, C++, C++ Builder, C#, DataFlex, dBase, Delphi, Electron, ...

.Net , Delphi , Web & Script , Other
2.02K 12.2K 2019/12/28
Download Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts Component v2.7.20 + License Key

A pivot table component for web reporting The most powerful JavaScript tool for visualizing your business dataIntegrate with any tech stack The component works seamlessly with any technology stack:integrates perfectly with Angular, React, jQuery, Vue, and morehas no server-side dependencies Get started with just a few lines of code.  Load ...

Web & Script
175 763 2019/12/27
Download JSCharting v2.9.0 (13 Dec 2019) + Crack

Stunning JavaScript ChartsEvery JSCharting license includes the full suite of 150+ advanced chart types plus interactive stock charts, seamless grid and calendar support, JavaScript maps, Gantt charts, JavaScript Org Charts and micro charts at no additional charge.Reimagining the AxisAxis Range Ticks 'Range ticks' may sounds contradictory at first, ...

Web & Script
245 1.2K 2019/12/16
Download Bitrix Site Management CRM v20.0.0 Business Edition Full Source

Join millions of Bitrix24 CRM users worldwide today! The world’s most popular CRM by number of users (5 million companies and growing)Top 10 free lead management CRM for 2019 (PCMag)Best CRM software of 2019 (TechRadar)The world’s #2 mobile CRM for Android by number of users (Google Play)Top 7 web productivity tools (Forbes)Customer Relationship ...

Web & Script
1.1K 5.57K 2019/12/08

ASP.Net Awesome Controls v6.3 (10 Nov 2019) for ASP.NET Core & MVC

ASP.net MVC Awesome 5.5 - jQuery Ajax HelpersRelease Notes  jQuery based helpers (controls) for ASP.net MVC (3, 4, 5) and ASP.net Core. Main DemoDemo solution, shows all the helpers and features of the Awesome library download for MVC 5 download for ASP.net Core see live: demo.aspnetawesome.com

.Net , Web & Script
560 2.41K 2019/12/02
CodeLobster IDE Professional v1.7.1 (18 Nov 2019) Multilingual + Keygen

Details of CodeLobster IDE Our goal is to create product which would simplify and speed up to the maximum process of developing full-featured web sites on php. For now, it includes all standard abilities for operating with code and many advanced features for PHP developing. Full description of all features you can find on Features ...

Web & Script
321 3.18K 2019/11/25
CodeCharge Studio v5.1.1.18992 Retail

CodeCharge Studio Accelerate Web Development with professional Web Application Generator (create dynamic Websites like this one with minimal coding) CodeCharge Studio is the leading and most productive solution for visually creating database-driven Web applications with minimal amount of coding. The support for virtually all databases, web ...

Application , Web & Script , Other
159 2.32K 2019/11/08
Arclab Web Form Builder v5.1.4

Arclab® Web Form BuilderOnline Form Generator Software php / Web Form Editor for Windows PC Try now for free!Web Form Building made easy ... check Create the form on your computer check Design forms using a visual environment check php script runs on your own website check Private and secure - No external data processing check Send the form ...

Application , Web & Script
432 3.17K 2019/11/06
Blumentals Rapid SEO Tool v2.10.0.21

Rapid SEO Tool - simple SEO softwareImprove your position on search engines Rapid SEO Tool is unique search engine optimization and search engine position monitoring software designed to ease the task of improving web page position on search results. It will literally look at your web page code and suggest what can be improved to get better ...

Application , Web & Script
212 975 2019/10/22
SysNucleus WebHarvy v5.5.0.168 (23 Sep 2019)

WebHarvy lets you scrape data from websites with ease. Use WebHarvy's in-built browser to navigate to any webpage. Please make sure that you use the mouse for all click actions, instead of using the keyboard. Once you have reached the page which contains the data to be scraped, click the Start button within Configuration panel ...

Application , Web & Script
170 1.21K 2019/10/22
Wappler Pro v2.1.5

UNLEASH CREATIVITYVISUAL CODING AND MODERN PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS FOR FREELANCERS 01DESIGN PROTOTYPE Wappler has a drag-and-drop canvas, visual design tools, themed components, reusable elements, and full bootstrap support. Visual front-end and back-end frameworks included - design visually with the ease of prototyping, but then create full ...

Web & Script
177 1.48K 2019/10/18
Lauyan TOWeb v7.2.4.780 (18 Sep 2019) Studio Edition Multilingual

Create yourself your own modern website compatible with all devices. Without programming. Without subscription. Easy and intuitive No technical knowledge is required. Install TOWeb, choose a template, click, edit and publish ! Responsive Web Design PC, mobile, tablet, TV ... the layout of your website automatically adapts to fit the screen on ...

Application , Web & Script
2.33K 21.5K 2019/09/24
Xara Web Designer Premium v16.2.1.57326 (x64 & x86)

Xara Web Designer is unlike any web design software you will have seen before; an easy template based solution that gives you total page design freedom, no HTML skills required. Comes in 2 versions, Web Designer and Web Designer Premium; Premium offers advanced web design features. Why Web Designer? There is no easier solutionA one tool ...

Application , Web & Script
629 5.52K 2019/09/03
Devsense PHP Tools for Visual Studio v1.32.11427 (14 Aug 2019)

PHP Tools for Visual Studio Turn Visual Studio into a powerful PHP development environment  Key Benefits:Well-known IDEMicrosoft Visual Studio IDEVersion control support (TFS, Git, SVN, ...)Integration respecting conventionsAutomatic updates & Easy installationHigh performance environmentSmart PHP EditorFull PHP 7.0, 5.6, 5.5, 5.4 supportPHP ...

.Net , Web & Script
153 2.37K 2019/08/21
Website 2 APK Builder Pro v3.4.0 Portable

Website 2 APK Builder Pro v3.4.0 Portable + Crack Website 2 APK Builder - Transform your site to an Android App. Convert your HTML, CSS, JS or Web URL to an Android App. Website 2 APK Builder is very easy to use, just make step by step customizations to your app, build while you finish it. Responsive Apps Apps created are very responsive ...

Application , Web & Script
1.28K 14.1K 2019/08/11
Kluug OXML v2.5 (27 Jul 2019) for D5-D10.3 Rio + Crack

Kluug OXML v2.5 (27 Jul 2019) for D5-D10.3 Rio + Crack OXml - The next generation XML library for Pascal (Delphi, FPC, Lazarus) Basic info OXml is a new XML library for Delphi and Lazarus, developed in late 2013. I took some inspiration from OmniXML but wrote the library completely from scratch. The aim of OXml is to be the most versatile and ...

Web & Script
100 1.1K 2019/08/06
Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 v23.0.5.634 Multilingual x64

Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 v23.0.5.634 Multilingual x64 + CrackThe state of the art of illustration. The industry-standard vector graphics software lets you create logos, icons, drawings, typography, and illustrations for print, web, video, and mobile.Illustrator is all around you.  Millions of designers and artists use Illustrator CC to create ...

Application , Web & Script
1.17K 3.5K 2019/08/04
Netsparker Professional Edition v5.3.0.23162

Netsparker Professional Edition v5.3.0.23162 + CrackNetsparker Web Application Security ScannerAutomatic, dead accurate and easy-to-use web application security scanner to automatically find security flaws in your websites, web applications and web services. Remote scanner web vulnerability designed to detect errors in the settings of the web ...

Application , Web & Script
593 7.35K 2019/07/12
Afterlogic Webmail Pro PHP v8.3.2 (14 Jun 2019)

Afterlogic Webmail Pro PHP v8.3.2 (14 Jun 2019) + CrackWhy WebMail Pro?Premium webmail experience for your users,and corporate-grade support for youFull-featuredYet minimalistic, WebMail Pro delivers all the features users would expect. Built on the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technology.Commercial-grade maintenanceDedicated developers team adds new ...

Web & Script
234 3.8K 2019/07/08
VB.Net to C Sharp Converter v5.07

VB.Net to C Sharp Converter v5.07 + Crack Are you ready to convert your VB.Net code to C#? All versions of Visual Basic.Net are supported: 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012 as well as all project types (Win Forms, Web, Class Library, Compact Framework, Silverlight, etc.).  There is support for the latest VB.Net language features, including VB2012 ...

Application , Web & Script
233 2.7K 2019/07/01

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