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irDevelopers.com website is the largest warez resource for software developers and programmers in the world. We provide our users with the most up-to-date and Full Version .Net, Delphi, and other software development tools.

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Entity Framework Core Cookbook - Second Edition (Ricardo Peres) crack

Description Master the technique of using sequence key generators Validate groups of entities that are to be saved / updated Improve MVC applications that cover applications developed using ASP.NET MVC Core 1 Retrieve database information (table, column names, and so on) for entities Discover optimistic concurrency control and pessimistic concurrency control. Implement Multilatency on the data side of things. Enhance the performance and/or scalability ...

Lynda - Building Angular and ASP.NET Web API Apps (20 Dec 2018) crack

Single-page applications (SPAs) can provide a more positive and fluid user experience, but designing and building a SPA is not without its challenges. In this course, learn how to leverage ASP.NET Web API and the Angular framework to make the work of designing and building SPAs a bit easier. Instructor Ervis Trupja first shows how to set up the app infrastructure, demonstrating how to create a Web API and Angular app, and then set up the essentials ...

Understanding Azure Data Factory - Operationalizing Big Data and Advanced Analytics Solutions (19 Dec 2018) crack

Improve your analytics and data platform to solve major challenges, including operationalizing big data and advanced analytics workloads on Azure. You will learn how to monitor complex pipelines, set alerts, and extend your organization's custom monitoring requirements. This book starts with an overview of the Azure Data Factory as a hybrid ETL/ELT orchestration service on Azure. The book then dives into data movement and the connectivity ...

Practical API Architecture and Development with Azure and AWS (21 Jun 2018) crack

Learn the business and technical importance of API design and architecture using the available cloud services from Azure and AWS. This book starts off with an introduction to APIs and the concept of API Economy from a business and organizational perspective. You'll decide on a sustainable API strategy and API architecture based on different case scenarios.  You'll then look at actual examples on API development guidelines, providing a practical ...

Udemy Entity Framework in Depth (The Complete Guide) crack

What you'll learn: Understand the differences between database-first and code-first workflows Build a domain model using database-first workflow Build a domain model using code-first workflow (with an existing or a new database) Use code-first migrations to upgrade or downgrade your database Override code-first conventions (using data annotations and fluent API) Query data using LINQ (using query syntax and extension methods) Use eager loading, lazy ...

WintellectNOW NetAdvantage for WPF Part 8 Carousel Controls crack

Description Controls such as xamCarouselPanel, xamCarouselListBox, and xamDataCarousel make short work of incorporating carousel-style interfaces in WPF apps. Learn the ins and outs of these controls and put them to work building great user experiences. Table of Contents 00:00:00  Introduction 00:00:08  What You’ll Learn 00:00:22  Labs 00:00:32  Introducing the Carousel Controls 00:00:40  xamCarousel Panel 00:00:57  xamCourselListBox ...

WintellectNOW NetAdvantage for WPF Part 7 Reporting crack

Description Learn how to use NetAdvantage for WPF to generate reports, provide printing support, export data, implement print preview, and more in this action-packed video from the experts at Infragistics. Table of Contents 00:00:00  Introduction 00:00:08  What You’ll Learn 00:00:17  Labs 00:00:23  NetAdvantage WPF Reporting 00:00:39  About Reporting 00:01:18  Creating Custom Reports 00:01:34  Using Reporting Features (Demo)

WintellectNOW NetAdvantage for WPF Part 6 Data Presenter Controls crack

Description Data Presenter controls such as xamDataGrid support templating, data binding, sorting, navigation, selection, tooltips, and a whole more. Building data-rich experiences has never been easier! Table of Contents 00:00:00  Introduction 00:00:08  What You’ll Learn 00:00:43  Labs 00:00:51  The Data Presenter Family 00:01:11  About the xamDataPresenter 00:01:37  Data Presenter Architecture 00:01:47  Record ...

WintellectNOW NetAdvantage for WPF Part 5 Editor Controls crack

Description NetAdvantage for WPF boasts an assortment of editor controls for entering and editing content. This module introduces xamMaskedEditor, xamCurrencyEditor, xamNumericEditor, and other editor controls. Table of Contents 00:00:00  Introduction 00:00:08  What You’ll Learn 00:00:25  xamEditors Overview 00:00:57  xamMaskedEditor 00:01:09  xamCurrencyEditor 00:01:24  xamDateTimeEditor 00:01:38  xamNumericEditor ...

WintellectNOW NetAdvantage for WPF Part 4 Calendar Controls crack

Description NetAdvantage's xamMonthCalendar control makes it easy to build UXes for entering dates. See this control in action and learn how to style it to match it to your app. Table of Contents 00:00:00  Introduction 00:00:09  What You’ll Learn 00:00:18  Preparing the xamMonthCalendar 00:00:25  About the xamMonthCalendar 00:00:37  xamMonthCalendar Features 00:01:19  xamCalendar Views 00:01:33  Declaring a xamMonthCalendar in XAML

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