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All components and applications are CRACKED or FULL VERSION website is the largest warez resource for software developers and programmers in the world. We provide our users with the most up-to-date and Full Version .Net, Delphi, and other software development tools.

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Pluralsight Custom Content Types and You: How to Code like A WordPress Ninja crack

Course info Level: Intermediate Duration: 55m 28s Updated: 11 Oct 2013   The custom post type functionality built into WordPress core allows you to create complex new content types with radically original and unique parameters that can be individually stored and queried later. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to look like a WordPress coding ninja when you start playing with this powerful framework.

For GOLD or higher VIP users

Pluralsight Designing Fluent APIs in Csharp

Pluralsight Designing Fluent APIs in Csharp crack

Course info Level: Advanced Duration: 1h 58m Updated: 2 Mar 2016   This course teaches C# developers skills to construct easy-to-use APIs that replace tedious boilerplate with concise, readable code. It identifies common fluent API patterns and constructs vocabulary for these patterns. It covers implementation techniques for those patterns, and discusses design strategies for ensuring that your fluent APIs are useful, bug-free, and maintainable.

Lynda Windows Server 2012 R2: Manage Group Policy crack

Author: Ed Liberman Released: 3/10/2016 Skill Level: Intermediate Group Policy allows admins to control a network with the touch of a few buttons. It controls how you push out programs, restrict user access, set company-themed desktops, secure computers from data theft, and much more. Few IT administrators know how to master this useful Active Directory feature in Windows Server 2012, but with our training, you will be able to wield its power effectively ...

Lynda Windows Server 2012 R2: Configure and Manage High Availability crack

Author: Robert McMillen Released: 5/5/2016 Skill Level: Intermediate We want our systems to be 100% operational, 24/7. So in today's complex and high-traffic environments, it's important to reduce points of failure, add smart redundancy, and use high-availability tools—like virtualization and failover clustering offered in Windows Server 2012 R2—to keep systems performing at a high level. In this course, Robert McMillen teaches Windows ...

PluralSight Building Software That Lasts – A Guide to Maintainable Software crack

Course info Level: Beginner Duration: 2h 33m Updated: 31 May 2016 Studies show that software maintenance represents 50%-80% of the lifetime cost of software. Failing to respond to platform changes, increased demand or newly discovered security flaws can bring down software - and kill a business. In this course, Building Software That Lasts - A Guide to Maintainable Software, you'll discover how advanced planning strategies and factoring maintainability ...

PluralSight Code-first Entity Framework with Legacy Databases crack

Course info Level: Beginner Duration: 2h 52m Updated: 17 May 2016   With EDMX support fading away, it's even more important to use code-first as EF7 approaches. Most generators are rigid and don't provide you any flexibility in how the code is to be generated. But in this course, Code-first Entity Framework with Legacy Databases, we will be using the "Entity-Framework Reverse POCO Generator", a free visual studio tool, available at ...

Lynda Optimizing Code with Windows Power Tools crack

Author: Thomas Pantels Released: 6/1/2016 Skill Level: Intermediate With the widespread adoption of mobile devices and laptops, managing your application's power consumption is more important than ever. Battery-hogging applications produce poor user experiences and get bad ratings. Luckily, there are Windows power tools to help you track the energy consumption of the applications you develop. With these diagnostic tools and some efficient programming, ...

Lynda Strict Data Types in PHP crack

Author: David Powers Released: 4/7/2016 Skill Level: Intermediate One of the most important (and controversial) new features in PHP 7 is the option to use strict data types, in the form of parameter and return type declarations. Strict typing helps eliminate errors in more complex applications. Its use remains optional though, as many consider it a betrayal of the fundamental principles of a loosely typed language like PHP. In this course, David ...

For GOLD or higher VIP users

Pluralsight AWS Developer: The Big Picture

Pluralsight AWS Developer: The Big Picture crack

Course info Level: Beginner Duration: 1h 34m Updated: 4 May 2016   Every developer needs to know how to use Amazon Web Services. It's the largest cloud computing service in the world, used by all kinds of businesses, from small startups to large enterprises. This course, AWS Developer: The Big Picture, introduces cloud computing and explains why AWS is the best solution for your project. Features and individual services (such as the AWS console, ...

Lynda Implementing In-App Purchases in iOS 10 with Swift 3 crack

Author: Ron Buencamino Released: 11/21/2016 Skill Level: Intermediate In-app purchasing is the leading way to make a profitable mobile app. It's a win-win for users and developers, for everything from games to productivity apps. Users get new features, and developers get an additional revenue stream. In this course, Ron Buencamino shows developers how to implement in-app purchasing of premium content, virtual goods, and subscriptions with Swift ...

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