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TWebBrowserEx XE6~XE7 FMX Win,OSx,iOS,Andriod

TWebBrowserEx XE6~XE7 FMX Win,OSx,iOS,Andriod crack

TWebBrowserEx class

This class provides a way for you to use in a unified manner WebBrowser in FireMonkey applications of Windows / OS X / iOS / Android. 
Web Browser that was made ​​using this class will use the web browser the default controls that are mounted on the platform as shown below.

Windows IWebBrowser (IE)
OS X WebView (Safari)
iOS WebView
Android WebView

Operating environment

XE6, XE7 of Delphi / C ++ Builder / RAD Studio

If you move in XE5 previous

The change in the NSSTR StrToNSSTR
Remove Macapi.Helpers

Please change the.


I will download all the following files.

FMX.WebBrowser.Mac.pas OS X for WebBrowser class
FMX.WebBrowser.Win.pas Windows for WebBrowser class
Class that works in a unified manner WebBrowser FMX.WebBrowserEx.pas of multi-platform
Units that were transplanted into the definition of the Delphi WebView of Macapi.WebView.pas OS X

How to use

As described below, I will use in the same way as TWebBrowser of iOS / Android.

the uses 
  FMX . WebBrowserEx ;

  TForm1  =  class ( TForm ) 
    Panel1 :  TPanel ; 
    Button1 :  TButton ; 
    procedure  FormCreate ( Sender :  TObject ) ; 
    procedure  Button1Click ( Sender :  TObject ) ; 
    FWebBrowser :  TWebBrowserEx ; 
  end ;

procedure  TForm1 . FormCreate ( Sender :  TObject ) ; 
  FWebBrowser  : =  TWebBrowserEx . Create ( Self ) ; 
  FWebBrowser . Parent  : =  Panel1 ; 
  FWebBrowser . Align  : =  TAlignLayout . Client ; 
end ;

procedure  TForm1 . Button1Click ( Sender :  TObject ) ; 
  FWebBrowser . URL  : =  'Http://Www.Embarcadero.Com/' ;

  // It is also possible to read a String like this 
  FWebBrowser . LoadFromStrings ( '<HTML> <body> Hello WebBrowser </ body> </ HTML>!' ,  '' ) ; 
end ;

In addition, as described below, I can also use JavaScript.

procedure  TForm1 . Button2Click ( Sender :  TObject ) ; 
  Value :  String ; 
  call by passing two arguments to the JavaScript function foo that is defined in the // HTML 
  FWebBrowser . CallJS ( 'foo' ,  [ Param1 ,  Param2 ]) ;

  // Is referred to as a standard way of TWebBrowser 
  FWebBrowser . EvaluteJavascript ( 'alert ("Delphi!")' ) ;

  // To get the value of the tag in the HTML 
  if there is a tag that // <input type = "text" id = "bar" value = "" /> 
  the attribute value of the id value of bar in this // ↓ it is possible to acquire 
  Value  : =  FWebBrowser . GetTagValue ( 'Bar' ,  'value' ) ;  
end ;
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