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TVideoGrabber is a video capture / media player component for developers working with C#, VB, C++, Delphi, C++Builder, and ActiveX-compatible development tools. Powerful and simple to use, TVideoGrabber will help you to save time, money and effort to include video and/or audio capabilities in your project. TVideoGrabber captures and records video and audio streams from HD USB webcams, USB analog capture devices, IP cameras, HD cameras and camcorders, screen, as well as from set of bitmaps used as video source.

It support popular codecs like H264, AAC, XVid, DivX,... as well as hardware encoders like Logitech C920, Hauppauge Colossus, Point Grey GigE cameras, Blackmagic Decklink, Sensoray 2250S, ... TVideoGrabber is also an advanced media player that lets play audio/video clips at their normal speed, faster, slower, forward and backward, one by one or through a playlist. It is possible to capture frames, overlay graphics and text during preview, recording or playback, perform PIP video from another TVideoGrabber component, apply video processing like rotation, cropping and more. TVideoGrabber can merge several clips into a single one, split a clip into smaller clips and re-encode them to different formats.
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Categories: Other / .Net / Delphi

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