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Token Editor Control for Windows Forms

TokenEditor control is an advanced text-box control which parses the text entered by user and converts it into the distinct set of tokens. Akin to email address entry text-box in modern email clients, but more flexible. Each text-part, token is validated before being accepted so it can be rejected if it does not pass the validation. 

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Control includes built-in support for auto-complete and auto-complete popup with filtered list of available tokens will be displayed and updated as user performs the text input:

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Getting started with DotNetBar TokenEditor WinForms control

New: Token Editor control added, an advanced text-box control which validates and divides entered text into the tokens
New: SuperGrid: Toggling column AutoSizeMode property now properly initiates auto-resize
New: SuperGrid: Added ColumnHeader[MouseEnter,MouseLeave,MouseMove,MouseDown,MouseUp] events.
New: Subscribing Bar to StyleManager style change notifications so dock tab style can be updated according to new style set when Bar.Style=StyleManagerControlled
New: SwitchButton.SwitchClickTogglesValue property added which specifies whether switch Value is toggled when switch part of button is clicked
New: LayoutControl: Improving the sizing of the last item in the line which has multiple relative size items that add up to 100% when last item is missing the pixel in width due to inability to divide the width as whole numbers
New: SuperGrid: Added "AddRange" method to CustomCollection (eg. Rows collection).
New: SuperGrid: Made some performance improvements for both vertical and horizontal scrolling as well as general display.
New: SuperGrid: Added panel.RowFocusMode property which determines how the focus is presented when a row is made active (focus full row - includes cells and white space, or focus only row cells - excludes white space). Default is FullRow.
New: DateTimeInput.TimeSelectorType property added to allow specification of popup time selector type
New: Added demonstration to SuperGrid sample of user rendering of row to match DataGridViewX background selection coloring.
New: SuperGrid: Separated grouped row "part" rendering callouts into more discrete, individual callouts (ie. WhiteSpace).
New: SuperGrid: Added call-out for cell border rendering (pre and post).
New: CalendarView: Added new AllDayDisplayMode property, which controls how AllDay CalendarItems are displayed in the DayView display (None, ByDayBoundary [default], or ByDayPeriod).
New: Added GridComboTreeEditControl to SuperGrid DemoGridBasics1 sample app.
New: Added GridRatingStarEditControl to SuperGrid DemoGridBasics0 sample app.
New: CalendarView: Added new ViewDateChanging event (to compliment existing ViewDateChanged event).
New: RangeValidator.IsEmptyStringValid property added
New: SuperGrid: Added new LayoutOrderUpdating and LayoutOrderUpdated events, which are raise before and after (resp.) the grid's "order" processing is performed (ie. sorting/grouping/etc).
New: SuperGrid: Added StyleManagerChanged event, which is raised after the grid has finished setting its Style properties following notification of Style change via the StyleManager.
New: SuperGrid: Added FlatSelectedRows and FlatSelectedExpandedRows enumerators, as SelectedRows enumerator only returns rows with valid GridIndex values - ie only rows that are both visible and expanded.
New: SuperGrid: Added setter for the EventArgs.Value property of the CellValidating event so that the validation can pass, while still permitting the editing value to be altered.
New: SuperGrid: Added support for non-visible row/cell selections (ie. collapsing and expanding rows will now have their row/cell selections preserved).
New: CalendarView: Added new TimeLineMinAppointmentWidth property.
New: AdvTree.ResetAutoScrollPositionOnClearedNodes property added which indicates whether AutoScrollPosition is reset to 0,0 when all nodes are cleared from the tree. Default value is true.
New: SuperGrid: Added more keyboard support (Home, End, PgUp, PgDown) for GroupRow rows.
New: Added AdvTreeSettings.UseSortAplhaComparer static property which indicates whether AdvTree node comparer that provides column sorting uses standard text comparer instead of default hybrid alpha-numeric comparer. Default value is false.
New: SuperGrid: Added better selection "validation" when multiple elements are selected or deselected - to better determine whether an actual selection is changing or not.
New: SuperGrid: Added basic DragDrop support and improved multi-select interaction for GroupRow elements.
New: SuperGrid: Added SortCycle property to control how the sort direction "cycles" when a column header is clicked to sort (available at both the panel and column level). The default is AscDesc (cycling between ascending and descending).
New: SuperGrid: Added RowsGrouping event, as a matched event for the RowsGrouped event.
New: SuperGrid: Added FlatDirty[Expanded]Rows enumerators.
New: SuperGrid: Added public panel.GenerateColumns method. This method can be called (on a data bound grid) to have the grid generate column definitions from the set DataSource.
New: SuperGrid: Added better support for design-time column generation from set DataSource. AutoGenerateColumns property is no longer processed at design-time, instead there is now a selectable designer action method available to permit automatic design-time generation of DataSource columns.
New: Adding Symbol and SymbolColor properties to custom buttons that can be displayed in input controls
New: SuperGrid: Added new GetCellToolTip event.
New: SuperTabControl: Added rudimentary support for keyboard tab navigation.
New: SuperGrid: Added new FilterPanel property to Filter[Begin/Cancel/End]Edit events.
New: SuperGrid: Added new GroupSorting/GroupSorted events.
New: Adding Pending Layout Call to AdvTree in Resize event when control uses Relative column size and there are no nodes added in control so the columns are resized
Fixed: SuperGrid: Removed minor sort optimization to better handle sorting of user set GroupId values.
Fixed: SuperGrid: Made a 1 pixel adjustment for terminal autofill columns
Fixed: Changed behavior of LayoutItemCollection.Move method which now moves specified item to the specified index instead of swapping items
Fixed: Open popup menu would handle keys that are pressed with Ctrl key as accelerator keys when they should be considered as shortcuts only
Fixed: DataGridViewX might generate an exception if mouse over row is removed from mouse event
Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where flushing the active row during an EndEdit event callout in a master/detail setup, could result in the current edited cell to not be written appropriately.
Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue with filter expression creation in FilterPopups of data bound columns.
Fixed: SuperGrid: WantInputKey is now called prior to sending the initial edit key to the edit control.
Fixed: MetroTileItem with notification mark set when placed on MetroTilePanel which is scrolled might show notification mark outside of the panel client bounds
Fixed: Updating TabStrip tab Office 2003 close button background color
Fixed: SuperTabControl: Fixed an issue where the visibility state of previously hidden/invisible tabs was not maintained across user reordering of a tab
Fixed: SuperGrid: Tweaked calculation for autosizing multi-level grouped columns.
Fixed: TextBoxItem no longer raises the Click event when its text-box is clicked because in menu system that would close the popup
Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where, under certain circumstances, hiding all the rows in an unbound grid could result in an exception when attempting to later make them visible again.
Fixed: DataGridViewIntegerInput: Fixed a display issue when the DisplayFormat was set containing non-numeric format specifiers (ie. "000,000,000").
Fixed: Adjusting LabelItem text color for Office 2013/Metro and Visual Studio 2012 light styles when hosted on standalone Bar control of non status-bar type
Fixed: LayoutControl not removing all layout items its deleted at design-time from the form
Fixed: SuperGrid: GridGroup row drag operations now behave the same, whether operating on the RowHeader or Content.
Fixed: SuperGrid: Made Shift-End select the last visible nested row - not just the last visible base level row.
Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an auto-sizing width issue with nested GridGroups, resulting in the text potentially being truncated.
Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where cell expression-like text (ie. "=expr") was being evaluated on cell collection addition, even when EnableCellExpressions was set to false.
Fixed: SuperGrid: Moved setting of grouping completion status prior to raising RowsGrouped event.
Fixed: SuperGrid: GetMaximumCellSize() was not properly utilizing correct indent values for size calculations of multilevel grouped grid columns.
Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a few issues dealing with multi-selection of rows/groups.
Fixed: ComboBoxEx drop-down arrow rendered with wrong color when combo-box in OfficeMobile2014 style has input focus
Fixed: ListBoxAdv with single selection mode an item might be deselected when its selected and clicked again
Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed some selection buffering/monitoring instances which would cause unnecessary SelectionChanging/Selectionchanged events.
Fixed: SuperGrid: Column headers, utilizing TextMarkup formatting, would not properly auto-size for the markup text.
Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a display refresh issue present when programatically setting the Value of a ReadOnly cell.

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