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Tabs Studio 3.5.0

Tabs Studio 3.5.0 crack

The professional tool to organize and customize Visual Studio document tabs.

Tabs Studio is a Visual Studio add-in empowering you to work comfortably with any number of open documents.

For Visual Studio:

  • VS 2015
  • VS 2013
  • VS 2012
  • VS 2010
  • VS 2008
  • VS 2005

For SQL Server Management Studio:

  • SSMS 2014
  • SSMS 2012
  • SSMS 2008
  • SSMS 2005

Multiple rows of tabs

Make all tabs visible in multiple rows or limit maximum number of rows and hide rarely used tabs to save screen space.

Tab grouping

Automatically group tabs with the same name but different extensions on one extended tab. Save screen space and keep relevant tabs close to each other.

Tab coloring

Set up different colors for tabs matching specified tab name, document project or path pattern.

Title transformation

Remove path from tab name and add folder or project name only when two opened tabs have the same name.

Keyboard navigation

Open, close and switch tabs using customizable keyboard shortcuts.

Flexible behavior

Set up rules to automatically sort, group, order and open tabs.

Customizable presentation

Select close tab button visibility, tab shape, theme colors. Design your own XAML style.

Extensibility API

Write your own extension for Tabs Studio and Visual Studio in any .NET language leveraging open source code of existing Tabs Studio add-ins.

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