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SSW SQL Auditor 10.50

SSW SQL Auditor 10.50 crack

Are you looking for a consistent and optimized SQL Server database? Maintaining consistent quality code across a large team can be a challenge. Even when standards are in place, developers can make mistakes that will slip through Quality Assurance. SQL Auditor is a part of the range of database tools designed by SSW to help to check best practice standards and optimize SQL Server performance. SSW SQL Auditor supports SQL Server 7/2000/2005/2008.

SSW SQL Auditor not only reports on design issues and areas where SQL performance could be improved, it also has wizards that generate SQL scripts to correct common problems. It was developed to assist in performance tuning in SQL Server 7/2000/2005/2008 by performing a SQL Server audits on your database. It allows Developers to check their database design against common SQL Server design rules and report on the elements that do not conform to those rules.

If you are looking for a DB Auditing Tool that can perform a SQL database audit and assist with SQL Server performance tuning, download a trial of SSW SQL Auditor today.

Key Features and Benefits

SSW SQL Auditor is a solution that will globally change the data structure in a database or range of tables.

By using SSW SQL Auditor's simple wizard interface you can:

Identify and fix problems in database design, eg.
Identify any basic technical issues eg. missing primary keys
Identify any naming problems
Identify Missing relationships
Keep SQL database standards
Prevent bad database practices

More Technical Features include the ability to:

Generate SQL script to create a timestamp column in every Table
Check for columns using the ntext and text datatypes and compare the maximum length of existing data and see a large variance from current size of varchar(8000)
List all rowguid columns that have indexes
As Enterprise Manager and Access do not allow you to enter a null in a bit column. Unfortunately you can with ADO code. Therefore the problem occurs when you have ADO code that enters a record and then if you try to edit the record in your front end Access application, it will not allow you to save your changes. Access will say some one else has edited the record since you stated editing (the famous 3 button 'Write Conflict' error)
Check for Cascade/Update, Delete/Cascade relationships - especially to see the relationships without cascading updates turned on.
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Download: 61
Visit: 1,172
Categories: Database

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