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TrueUpdate crack

TrueUpdate is the premiere solution for software developers wanting to integrate automatic web updating capabilities into their software applications. Unlike hosted services where the update technology is beyond your control, TrueUpdate is uniquely designed to provide full control over every part of the update process. 

100% Configurable “Check for Update” System
Quick and Easy to Integrate Into Your Software
Easy to Use Scripting Language = Total Control
Uses Standard Web Server Protocols (HTTP, FTP)
Customizable User Interface
100% Compatibility: Windows 95 to Windows 8.1

Today’s rapid product cycles, security vulnerabilities and short turnaround times make it more important than ever to get new versions into the hands of users quickly and efficiently. Let TrueUpdate worry about data encryption, proxies, firewalls and redundant fault tolerance, while you concentrate on your software.

Quick and Easy to Integrate Into Your Software
TrueUpdate is easy to integrate into your software and offers almost unlimited flexibility and customization options. The TrueUpdate client is compact, optimized, and completely self contained. There are no external dependencies or libraries to distribute, making it extremely easy to deploy. The project wizard assists you with the whole process, helping you identify your file versions, configure patch download locations, build your customized TrueUpdate client and upload the information to your server.

100% Configurable “Check for Update” System
Every aspect of TrueUpdate is customizable, from the appearance and flow of the user interface to the details of the update process itself. It is equally adept at managing firewalls, proxy servers, corporate networks and consumer software installations. You won’t find a more powerful or flexible solution! TrueUpdate can be configured to work in any situation, the way the developer and their company want to work, rather than being shoe-horned into a generic update system as with some hosted web update services.

Easy to Use Scripting Language = Total Control
Once the TrueUpdate Client is installed on a computer, you have everything you need to ensure that the system is always up-to-date with your latest software patches. It can be continually modified and reconfigured from the central server to carry out whatever system modification you require. Our easy-to-learn scripting language gives your 250+ high-level functions to handle everything from registry editing and file copying to web server script interaction and much more. It can handle your most sophisticated requirements.

Uses Standard Web Server Protocols (HTTP, FTP)
Organizations of any size can deploy TrueUpdate enabled software using only a standard web server. By using standard and trusted protocols like HTTP, HTTPS and FTP, it works equally well on any server platform (Windows, Linux, Mac). There’s no need for specialized and costly hardware and software platforms. Additionally, TrueUpdate is fully compatible with any update/patching method, from full setups (Setup Factory) and self-contained binary patches (Visual Patch) to downloading and extracting from zip files.

Customizable User Interface
You’re in control of the user interface as well. A library of over twenty different screens and a complete graphical skinning system makes it easy to control the user interface. You can easily configure everything from fonts and banner images to background graphics, control colors and more. Multilingual language support is also standard. An integrated language selector is built into all screen dialogs, making it easy to create multilingual client interfaces and modify translations at will.

100% Compatibility: Windows 95 to Window 8.1
The TrueUpdate client executable is compatible with all Microsoft Windows operating systems. This includes everything from Windows 95 all the way up to WIndows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and now Windows 8.1. While you may not need such total compatibility, it’s nice to know that someone else thought of it, so you don’t have to! TrueUpdate doesn’t rely on .NET or other external dependencies either. Simply write you application however you want to and know that your “check for update” feature is going to work.
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