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DevExpress CodeRush 14.2.7

DevExpress CodeRush 14.2.7 crack

CodeRush makes it easier to see what's going on with complex code, so you can move forward and spend less time wandering and wondering. Why is that expression's value different from what you expect? When did that local change? How many times have we been through this loop? CodeRush's compelling new debug visualizer effortlessly and instantly answers these questions and more.

Where do you need to be in your code? CodeRush's groundbreaking navigation tools make getting to where you need to be effortless. Stack-based markers make drilling into and out of code easy. And CodeRush’s revolutionary Tab to Next Reference feature instantly answers the question "where else can I find this reference?" CodeRush helps you stay on track and always be in the right place at the right time. 

DevExpress CodeRush 14.2.7

The CodeRush .NET Test Runner is up to 30% faster than the closest competitor so you can get back to coding sooner. And nothing is faster at Test Driven Development than CodeRush, allowing you to create a new test case or a new test suite in a single keystroke. 

DevExpress CodeRush 14.2.7

CodeRush has the world's fastest duplicate code detection and is the only tool with built-in duplicate code consolidation so your code is easier to read and maintain. Complex consolidation operations are performed in seconds, saving hours of error prone and tedious work. And because CodeRush's refactoring is the fastest and most efficient available, you'll be able to effortlessly improve the quality of your code without disrupting your work flow. 
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