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Database Oasis 3.1.22

Database Oasis 3.1.22 crack

Database Oasis provides database software solutions with no coding requirements. Rather than spending money on custom application development for your small business solutions, purchasing multiple desktop applications, or paying a DBA for custom database solutions, this simple database designer uses point-and click to offer an easy database creation alternative. 

Let Database Oasis be your personal database software solution for all of your data storage and information organization needs. It is completely customizable, easy-to-use, and very flexible. In addition to being able to create a database from scratch, explore our pre-designed templates if you're looking for diet planning software, exercise planning software, a video collection organizer, password management software, a recipe database to organize recipes, journaling software, an antique collection database to organize antiques, software for writers, or bug tracking software.

Create custom databases in minutes
If you could create a piece of software to contain any information you like, what would it look like? What types of information would you keep in it? Would it be straight-to-the-point-functional, or would you decorate it with graphics and creative fonts?
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