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GravityForms v1.9.12.8

GravityForms v1.9.12.8 crack

Advanced Forms for WordPress Websites Just Don't Get Any Easier than Gravity Forms


Features : Form Builder

Quickly build and design your WordPress forms using the form editor. Select your fields, configure your options, and easily embed forms on your WordPress powered site using the built in tools.

GravityForms v1.9.12.8

Multi-Page Forms

The page break field allows you to break up your form into multiple pages and even show a progress bar that let's your user know where they are in the process.

GravityForms v1.9.12.8

Form Settings

Easily configure the title, description, settings and confirmation message using the form settings.

GravityForms v1.9.12.8

Limit Entries

Running a contest and only want to accept 50 entries? Easily limit how many entries a form will accept and display a custom message when that limit is reached.

GravityForms v1.9.12.8

Advanced Fields

Sometimes standard form fields just don't cut the mustard. That's where the advanced fields come in.. from capturing names, addresses and phone numbers to email addresses, website URL's and even file uploads. The advanced fields are here to make your life even easier.

GravityForms v1.9.12.8

Schedule Forms

Only want a form available for a limited period of time? Set a start and end date to limit form access and display a custom message when the form has expired.

GravityForms v1.9.12.8

Standard Fields

Need a text field, paragraph field, drop-downs, checkboxes and some radio buttons? We've got you covered. Our standard fields consist of all the major form field types.

GravityForms v1.9.12.8

Pricing Fields

Gravity Forms makes it's easy to create order forms. Order forms can incorporate pricing specific fields to allow your users to make selections and generate a total based on product and option selections.

GravityForms v1.9.12.8

Post Fields

Gravity Forms isn't just for entries. It can also create WordPress posts. It's easy to build a form that creates WordPress Posts on your site. They're perfect for user-generated content, directory listings and much more.

Post Details:
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Categories: Web & Script

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