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SAP PowerDesigner

SAP PowerDesigner crack

Visualize, understand, and manage the impact of change to your enterprise system before it happens – with SAP PowerDesigner. This end-to-end tooling software supports model-driven architecture (MDA) design with industry-standard modeling techniques, a powerful metadata repository, and unique link and sync technology – so you can respond to change with confidence.

Empower data, information, and enterprise architects with a powerful modeling solution
Capture all business requirements, design for the future, and communicate graphically
Visualize the links between all architectural layers to understand the impact of change
Improve collaboration between business and IT with intuitive visualization and reporting tools
Leverage data as a strategic company asset to drive greater value and efficiency

Data Architecture

Enhance the quality and accuracy of your data-driven initiatives with a unified, highly visual blueprint of your organization’s core information assets.

Leverage enterprise data as a strategic asset with powerful metadata management
Empower database designers and administrators with support for all leading RDBMSs
Boost productivity with a blend of modeling tools and database design techniques

Information Architecture

Improve your data governance and business intelligence initiatives with a model-driven, collaborative approach to information management across your enterprise.

Establish a 360-degree view of key information assets to improve business agility
Perform enterprise-wide impact analysis to minimize the cost and risk of change
Strengthen data governance by aligning strategy, policy, and technology
Facilitate collaboration between business and IT with role-based views and reports

Enterprise Architecture

Translate your business vision and strategy into a collaborative roadmap for the processes, systems, and technologies you’ll need to transform your enterprise.

Visualize the impact of change from any perspective with link and sync technology
Define all aspects of your enterprise architecture in one collaborative framework
Understand the links between processes, information, applications, and technology
Improve business agility by empowering all stakeholders to easily respond to change
Support industry-standard EA models, including DoDAF and TOGAF

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SAP PowerDesigner v16. (x64) crack  
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