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BoxedApp Packer v3.2.2.2 & API v3.2.2.2 & SDK v3.3.4.2

BoxedApp Packer v3.2.2.2 & API v3.2.2.2 & SDK v3.3.4.2 crack

BoxedApp Packer v3.2.2.2 & API v3.2.2.2 & SDK v3.3.4.2 + Crack

What is BoxedApp Packer?

BoxedApp Packer: Prompt Response to Mobility Challenges

Launching an application from a flash card, network folder or removable drive, without having it installed on a local hard drive first, often turns into a major headache: all of the sudden, the application starts "complaining" about missing files, invalid paths or problems accessing the remote registry. (Duh! Aliens aren't supposed to even see my registry, not to mention modifying it!).

When installing an application is not an option, the way around this to make the application a single executable, which doesn't depend on external resources and can be run anywhere.

Why BoxedApp Packer?

Squeeze Any Application into a Single Binary

BoxedApp Packer is a developer utility that "packs" your original application into a single all-sufficient executable binary. ActiveX controls, dynamic libraries, and just all kinds of files that your original application depends on - all can be "squeezed" in that file. The packer creates an individual work environment for the application - with a registry, swap file, etc. So, when the application runs, it doesn't require any external resources or special privileges.

Go Mobile with BoxedApp Packer

Software packed with BoxedApp Packer does not require installation. Being a single executable, your application is now ultra-mobile and can be run instantly from a removable disk or network location. Installation-free applications keep their original functionality and can take advantage of the full power of your computer. "Packed" applications require no special privileges to be run; they don't affect the host's shared resources, such as disk space or registry, as all embedded objects would be extracted directly into memory and use the virtual space and registry instead of the physical ones.

Unlimited Scalability and Flexibility

You can expand the functionality of your single-executable applications even further by adding plugins. The plugins utilize a special API - BoxedApp SDK API - which allows creating virtual files "on the fly", working with the virtual registry, and a lot more. For example, you could have your application load necessary DLL over network or through the Internet when it starts and then use that resource as if it was physically available on your local hard drive.

BoxedApp Packer is the way to making your software light, mobile and truly flexible.

32-bit and x64 are supported.


What is BoxedApp Packer API?

BoxedApp Packer API is a developer library that "packs" an application into a single all-sufficient executable binary. ActiveX controls, dynamic libraries, and just all kinds of files that the original application depends on - all can be "squeezed" in that file. The API creates an individual work environment for the application - with a registry etc. So, when the application runs on this - in a sense - virtual machine, it doesn't require any external resources or special privileges.


What is BoxedApp SDK?


BoxedApp SDK is a developer library that provides a set of functions for emulating a file system and a system registry for an application. Using these functions, you can create virtual files, fake registry entries, keys and values. You can launch processes from the memory directly, use ActiveX without registration, embed runtimes like .Net, Flash and VC++ redistributable.

Just a quick example: suppose, your application uses a Flash ActiveX player to display a Flash movie or video. The end users would need a Flash player ActiveX to allow your application work properly. Also, keep in mind that Flash player is not capable of loading files directly from the memory. That exposes two major problems: first, you would have to install a Flash player ActiveX, and second, you would have to have the movie in a file. BoxedApp SDK solves these problems: you simply create a virtual file that contains the flash movie, another virtual file that contains the Flash player ActiveX DLL, and virtual registry entries that point to that virtual file. That's it. Now the application "thinks" that that the Flash player ActiveX is actually installed, so the Flash player works just as if the movie file was actually there.

In other words, you can now embed all DLL and content files, all ActiveX and OCX components, which your application uses, into a single EXE file. BoxedApp SDK doesn't unpack these files to disk; it doesn't use temporary files either.


Application Virtualization API

BoxedApp SDK comes with a comprehensive API to create virtual files, registry entries and virtual processes.

Samples for all popular languages

With respect to all developers BoxedApp SDK provides 100+ samples for C++, Delphi, C#, VB.Net and VB6. They show how to create a memory-based virtual file, register ActiveX in virtual registry, launch in-memory process.


Being accessible for developers in different languages, BoxedApp SDK is available in a lot of forms: DLL, static library, .Net assembly. That's why anyone can build a single executable in C#, VB.Net, or C++ that uses BoxedApp SDK, so no DLLs are required.

Virtual Processes

With BoxedApp SDK, one can start a process based on a virtual executable file. Just create a virtual file, write the content of the exe file, and start it using any function: WinExec, CreateProcess, System.Diagnostics.Process.Start etc.

ActiveX and COM virtualization

Very often, an application needs to use ActiveX components. With BoxedApp SDK, you can easy register an ActiveX in the virtual registry and then let the application work as usually: it will "see" required registry entries. At the same time, real registry stays unmodified.

Assets Protection

Imagine the application uses DLL and files, which are to be kept secure, and because of that you can't save them to disk. With BoxedApp SDK you just create them in virtual space and that's all.

Portable Applications

When an application needs ActiveX but doesn't have an installer because it must run instantly, without installation (for example, when it's a portable application that runs from a flash card), BoxedApp SDK is the solution.

Video Encryption

BoxedApp SDK can create not only memory based virtual files, but also virtual files the content of which is requested on demand. Video protection software may utilize this feature, encrypting video data into a data container and then just dectypting and outputting the required chunks when BoxedApp asks for them.

Windows Support

BoxedApp SDK supports all versions of Windows, beginning with 2000, and including the modern Windows 10.

Both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms are supported

راه اندازی اپلیکیشن از یک flash card، network folder ویا removable drive بدون نصب آن برروی هارد درایو محلی اغلب منجر به مشکلات عمده ای نظیر ارسال ناگهانی پیغام های خطای missing file، invalid path ویا اشکال در دسترسی به remote registry می شود.

زمانیکه نصب یک اپلیکیشن امکانپذیر نمی باشد، گزینه ای که در دست دارید تبدیل آن به تک فایل اجرایی می باشد که به هیچ منبع خارجی وابسته نبوده و در همه جا قابل اجرا می باشد.

به کمک BoxedApp Packer می توانید هرگونه اپلیکیشن دلخواه را داخل یک Single Binary فشرده کنید.  

نرم افزارهای پک شده با BoxedApp Packer نیاز به نصب شدن ندارند.

شما همچنین می توانید با اضافه کردن پلاگین های اضافی به اپلیکیشن های single-executable خود امکانات و ویژگی های آنها را توسعه دهید.

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