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TreeHouse Scrum Basics

TreeHouse Scrum Basics crack

These days, just about every software team says they are “Agile.” You will even find many job openings declare familiarity with Agile software development as a prerequisite. What can you do to become familiar with, and knowledgeable in Agile practices so you can hit the ground running with your next team? In this course, we will cover the Scrum model, a commonly-used flavor of Agile which is well known for its clear definition of team members’ roles and the activities carried out by the team. This course will give you an understanding of Scrum and how it is used by teams in the process of building software.


What is Agile?

Learn about the Agile Manifesto and how it has changed the way people think about software development.


Introducing Scrum

Scrum is a defined set of practices following the principles of Agile. Learn the “Who” and “What” of Scrum.


Scrum Events

Learn the “When” and “Where” of Scrum as the team commits to and executes a well-defined body of work called a Sprint.


Scrum Artifacts

Learn how the User Stories in the backlog make up the “Why” of Scrum. Learn the tools that make up the “How” of Scrum.






Scrum ، متدولوژی است که با بسیاری از انواع پروژه‌های نرم‌افزاری چون برنامه‌های تجاری، برنامه‌های حیاتی – امنیتی، برنامه‌های داده محور و بازی‌های رایانه‌ای سازگار است. یکی از بزرگ‌ترین مزایای اسکرام این است که از همه پلتفرم‌های موجود پشتیبانی می‌کند و محدود به سیستم‌های خاصی نمی‌باشد. در این آموزش تصویری با مبانی Scrum آشنا می شوید.
این دوره آموزشی محصول موسسه TreeHouse است.

سرفصل های دوره:

  • کار با مدل Waterfall
  • کار با Agile Manifesto
  • کار با انواع دیگری از Agile
  • Agile چیست؟
  • معرفی Scrum
  • مبانی Scrum
  • کار با رویدادهای Scrum
  • معرفی Scrum Artifacts
  • و…
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