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PjOrion 1.3.0 with P2.7

PjOrion 1.3.0 with P2.7 crack

Here is a versatile tool for the compilation, decompilation and obfuscation python-mod. The program uses Python4Delphi and interacts with a python -dvizhkom through dll Library. Sources python modules are packed in a zip -Archives that comes with the program. For full battery life Orion enough to have dll Library and zip -Archives modules python. With this you can connect to any -dvizhku python, which is already installed on your computer.

OS Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
supported Python 2.3-3.4
dll -files only x86 version
tested on Python 2.6.6, 2.7.10, 3.4.2 and earlier versions
run only from the directory, do not contain the letters of the Russian alphabet ways

An interface close to the classic programming environments:
Team: perform an editable script (Exec script), run the script with parameters (Execute script), to compile the script (Compile script), run the script from a separate file with parameters (Parameters -> Execute), and others.
compilation by simply save the downloaded script file pyc-format (Save as ...) and a compilation of separate files (Compile py-file ...), a compilation of the group of all files in a specified folder (Compile py-folder ...)
decompile scripts when opening pyc-files, decompile individual files (Decompile pyc-file ...) and group decompilation of all files in a specified folder (Decompile pyc-folder ...), definition of compiler version on the header of the file, and others.
processing python code editor various built-in functions (Menu Script)
and etc.

Enhanced input:
Orion's own syntax (@! abc -> print abc; @ !! module -> import module)
automatic deletion of a prefix of I / O ">>>" and "<<<" script execution
various auxiliary functions output and add the path to the environment , insert filenames (Insert file name), pasting text from another file (Insert text from a file), a newline (Shift + Enter), and others.
box Express entry for the individual scripts / commands in the current session (Express Script)
drop-down lists of attributes and properties of modules, classes, objects, and items from the menu through the ".", and the object must have been previously identified by the medium
and etc.
Data format:
py definition format -file boot on a label in the first line of the preamble and in the text
in the editor, the data is displayed only in ANSI format
the exchange of data with the compiler always comes in ANSI format for Python 2.X and UTF-8 format for the Python 3.X
it is possible to insert tags # - * - coding: - * - with a description of the format at the beginning of the script through a drop-down menu in the status bar

active Orion currently supports 4 decompiler: Uncompile2 , Decompyle++ , Fupy and pyREtic
all decompilers "as they are" delivered in a separate library dcpack.zip
anyone can edit, correct, edit, change the source code decompilers in dcpack.zip, and even make your own version of the library dcpack.zip
Jobs running WOT-clients directly:
We developed a special package of WOT-Transmission (wottransmission.zip) to communicate with the client through the game file buffers
Console functions are implemented data exchange with the environment of the client, import, reboot, remove the modules and others.
Obfuscation scripts and defense mods:
there is a service to obfuscate names of user variables, classes, and procedures
obfuscator to modify and obfuscation bytecode at compile py-files
Protector for pyc-files, which prevents or disassembly code to its reverse
Also, the program is complemented disassembler dispack.zip modified based on the standard output from the information in a separate file and in the editor in a convenient form

Date: 08/10/2015

The list of changes:

Improvements to the code of the tread. The tread is added algorithm exe-Injector (option Use EXE-Injector), inserts the encrypted byte code directly into the memory of a running process
Added support for output in the log of the threads running in python
Added option to unlock multizapuska game client by modifying the file WorldOfTanks.exe
Added functions to read and decompress the packet different game files xml-format
When processing large numbers of files to increase the speed of interim conclusion of the program removed the information in the editor, information on the transaction can be seen in the status bar
Modified function "Show pyc-file bytecode info ..." and "Disassemble pyc-file ..." to record information in the files instead of txt-format output in the editor window.
Added support for command-line arguments (list in this FAQ)
Added the ability to file associations python program and made ​​different icons for py- and pyc-file (you need root)
Added functionality with the program via the context menu (need root)
The WOT-Transmission:
Algorithm connection is made ​​universal and independent of the client version
added icing log file python.log
Added error messages from the flush (LOG_LEVEL. RELEASE = 1)
change the area code execution with module wottransmission.transmitter module __main__
Updated dll-file and a zip-archive on Python 2.7.10 

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Download: 525
Visit: 3,344
Categories: Other / Applications

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