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DevExpress DevExtreme

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Introduction to DevExtreme

DevExtreme supplies HTML/JS tools for mobile and web development.

Mobile Development

DevExtreme contains everything you'll need to create native client applications using HTML5 & JavaScript and to deliver solutions with a single codebase that target today's most popular smartphones and tablet devices.


DevExtreme allows you to build HTML/JS applications that can be packed as native mobile applications using the PhoneGap Build and can then be installed to corresponding mobile devices. When installed, DevExtreme applications look and behave like native mobile applications. To build such mobile applications, DevExtreme comes with a large suite of UI widgets, an SPA (single-page application) framework and a data managing library. All these tools are based on JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. When developing DevExtreme applications, you will only need to use JavaScript, HTML and CSS. In addition, you will need basic knowledge of Knockout and jQuery.

Web Development

DevExtreme ships with a rich library of client-side widgets that can be used in any web application or website.


DevExtreme includes a comprehensive library of client-side touch-enabled widgets - ready-to-use UI elements rendered to a web page. Typically, a widget is bound to data and provides user interactions. It is represented by an HTML element (container) and JavaScript code.

To work with these widgets, you will have to use only HTML, Java Script and CSS (for styling UI widgets). In addition, you will need basic knowledge of jQuery.

Each DevExtreme widget includes a jQuery plugin and bindings to AngularJS and KnockoutJS. You can choose whether to create a widget by using the standard jQuery method or use the declarative bindings and support for MVVM by creating the widget for AngularJS or KnockoutJS. Regardless of the approach you choose, you create and initialize the widget once, passing an object with specified configuration options.

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