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PACE Suite 3.4.2

PACE Suite 3.4.2 crack


PACE Suite MSI provides a complete feature set for packaging and repackaging of your applications in the Windows Installer format. The Suite consists of two components – MSI Generator and MSI Editor.
  • Customize and tailor existing installations
  • Repackage any legacy setup to the MSI format
  • Author MSI/MST/MSP
  • Edit MSI/MST
  • Convenient advanced MSI database tables editor
  • Manage upgrades, and more


PACE Suite 3.4.2

Repackage any existing installation into Windows Installer or a virtual format. PACE Suite provides an easy-to-use and powerful repackaging tool, MSI Generator.


  • The most accurate and reliable capturing engine. PACE Suite is capable of correctly capturing any application, simple or complex, x86, x64, or combined.
  • All-platform and all-architecture support. Repackage on any Windows OS – from Windows XP to Windows 10, both x86 and x64.
  • Auto-detection of embedded installers. When capturing an application, PACE Suite accurately detects any existing MSI installations hidden inside a legacy setup wrapper and helps you customize those separately.
  • Include excluded files/registry back to a package. PACE Suite keeps all of the resources that have been excluded and allows you to include them back any time later after the capturing has been done.

Application Virtualization

PACE Suite 3.4.2

PACE Suite supports the creation of Microsoft App-V 4.x, App-V 5.x, and VMware ThinApp packages. Convert any application, MSI or non-MSI into one of the virtual formats, or to all of them at once.

Flexible MSI Tailoring and Customization

PACE Suite 3.4.2

With the help of MSI Generator tool (included in PACE Suite), you can tune any existing Windows Installer package by applying your settings and saving them as a Windows Installer transform (MST).

MSI, MST, and MSP Authoring and Editing

PACE Suite 3.4.2

PACE Suite provides the handy and fully-equipped MSI Editor tool, which enables you to:

  • Manipulate contents of an MSI in a convenient tree-like interface
  • Import any resources
  • Edit and manage Custom Actions
  • Integrate scripts into your package
  • Use a smart and advanced MSI database editor, with formatted string autocompleting, Excel-like formula bar, row reference tracking, and more.
  • Create patches (MSP)
  • Handle upgrades easily – just let MSI Editor know which MSI’s you want to be upgraded at a runtime.
  • Undo-redo any manipulation and see the changes highlighted in the MSI tables

Advanced App-V Editor

PACE Suite 3.4.2

Directly edit an App-V package on an advanced level with the help of App-V Generator tool included in PACE Suite. Insert scripts, import/export any resources, and set advanced options of your virtual packages. Direct editing is currently supported for App-V 4.x only.

Enabled for Team Usage

PACE Suite 3.4.2

PACE Suite allows efficient usage by a team of packaging engineers.

Shared configuration and work

Set up PACE Suite to use shared templates, exclusion lists, settings, and client profiles within your team to ensure quality and consistency.


All of the components of PACE Suite are portable applications and can be launched on any physical or virtual machine, locally or from a network share. Thus, you can bring your packaging tool to your client’s office even on a USB stick!

Custom Packaging Standards and Application Branding

PACE Suite 3.4.2

Create a profile of packaging rules, such as naming conventions, properties, media distribution, COM advertising and shortcut handling rules, merge modules, and much more. Easily switch profiles for an output package at any time.

Bulk Conversion and Automation

PACE Suite 3.4.2

Repackage or convert to virtual formats a number of applications at once in a semi-automatic or automatic mode with Application Packaging Self-Service (APS) – the automation solution included in PACE Suite Enterprise.

APS connects to your hypervisor server and provides a web dashboard to track and manage all packaging, conversion, and testing tasks. Some of the features:

  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Reliable batch conversion, based on real installing of each package of a virtual machine
  • Semi-automatic repackaging mode – all you have to do is click through the installation routine of a source application.
  • Full automatic mode – APS tries to install a source application with its default settings.

Microsoft SCCM Integration

PACE Suite 3.4.2

Publish your applications from PACE Suite to Microsoft SCCM 2007 or 2012 and get them ready for deployment with a click of a button. Both Configuration Manager’s “package model” and the new “application model” are supported.

Application Complexity Analysis

PACE Suite 3.4.2

See the estimated complexity of an app right away.

Create a custom complexity report, based on your client’s template.

Configure PACE Suite’s complexity estimation criteria to match you realias.

Custom Package Reports

PACE Suite 3.4.2

Generate package documentation containing the details about your package and configuration made with one click.

Use your template and configure which data and how should be presented in a report.

Discovery Documentation

PACE Suite 3.4.2

PACE Suite offers an easy-to-use and helpful tool, Docu Generator, that allows you to record your on-screen actions into a nice-looking document with screenshots and annotations.

Advanced Quality Assurance

PACE Suite 3.4.2

Individual validation rules

Define your validation rules using a built-in markup language and ensure any of your specific requirements are met in every package.

Standard and custom validation

Validate packages against Microsoft’s Internal Consistency Checks (ICE) and any custom CUB files.

Automated functional tests

Assign your package to be automatically installed on virtual machines of your choice and check the reports and logs.

System state comparison

Create and compare snapshots of system state (files, registry). Essential for testing and application discovery.

High-quality MSI

PACE Suite follows all application packaging best practices and rules. Moreover, every package created with PACE Suite is:

  • Well-structured and ICE error-free – Correct component and feature assignment, no ICE errors in a repackaged MSI. Table identifiers are human-readable, which makes editing easy.
  • Contains no tool-related extraneous staff – PACE Suite does not create any redundant MSI tables, properties, or custom actions.

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