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DUnitX Update for RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder 10 Seattle

DUnitX Update for RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder 10 Seattle crack

DUnitX Update for RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder 10 Seattle. DUnitX is an open-source unit test framework based on the NUnit test framework, including some ideas from xUnit as well. The RAD Studio integration of DUnitX framework enables you to develop and execute tests against Win32, Win 64 and MacOSX in Delphi and C++Builder applications.

The DUnitX testing framework provides its own set of methods for testing conditions. You can use the provided methods to test a large number of conditions. These methods represent common assertions although you can also create your own custom assertions.

DUnitX makes use of Generics and Anonymous methods. DUnitX uses attributes under Delphi personality. In C++Builder, DUnitX uses published methods. 

Update to the DUnitX source code that was shipped in RAD Studio 10 Seattle, Delphi 10 Seattle, and C++ Builder 10 Seattle

Available only to registered users of Delphi 10 Seattle, C++Builder 10 Seattle, RAD Studio 10 Seattle, and Embarcadero All-Access XE 

DUnitX Test Runners

A test runner allows you to run your tests independently of your application. In a DUnitX test project, the test runner code from the DUnitX framework is compiled directly into the generated executable making the test project itself a test runner. The integrated DUnitX framework provides two test runners:

The Console Test Runner:
Sends all test output to the console. This is the testing mode by default when you run your DUnitX project. DUnitX framework provides TDUnitXConsoleLogger class to run the testing output to the console.
Is useful when you want to run completed code and tests from automated build scripts. 

The GUI Test Runner:
Displays test results interactively in a GUI window. DUnitX framework provides a TGUIXTestRunner class to generate the FireMonkey GUI output and a TDUnitXGuiLoggerForm class for the VCL GUI.
Is very useful when actively developing unit tests for the code you are testing. 

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