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SQL Sentry Performance Advisor

SQL Sentry Performance Advisor crack

Unparalleled insight, awareness and control over the true source of performance issues. With specific products for SQL Server, Analysis Services, and Windows, Performance Advisor monitors relevant metrics and provides unmatched insight into poorly performing SQL, blocks, deadlocks, storage and I/O bottlenecks, as well as system resource usage. Its ground-breaking features are designed with the singular goal of simplifying the process of performance tuning and optimization. 

Cutting-edge features designed with the singular goal of simplifying the process of SQL Server performance tuning
Performance Advisor for SQL Server

SQL Server + Windows Performance Dashboard
Real-Time & Historical Performance Analysis
Top SQL Analysis Highlights Heaviest Queries
Graphical Blocking and Deadlock Analysis
SQL Server AlwaysOn Management and Monitoring

First commercial software for monitoring and optimizing Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services performance
Performance Advisor for Analysis Services

Powerful SSAS Performance Dashboard
Innovative Workload and Bottleneck Profiling
Capture of all Heavy MDX, XMLA and DMX
Alerting and Response System for SSAS Commands and Runtime Deviations
SSAS Cache and Storage System Monitoring

Taking Windows Server performance monitoring to a new level by monitoring both Windows events and tasks
Performance Advisor for Windows

Service & Process-level Metrics
Processor Groups + NUMA Support
Historical performance of processes and services
Processes are auto-correlated with services
Related processes are organized into friendly groups, with individual and group level metrics

SQL Sentry's Performance Advisor Dashboard gives you a real-time and historical view of all of your server's most pertinent SQL Server, SSAS and Windows performance metrics. They are displayed side-by-side, in a single pane of glass, so you have the full picture at a glance. You can also easily switch between the real-time and historical modes to view performance metrics at any point in time or date range. For a full list of performance metrics that are on the dashboard, take a look at our User Guide.

Intelligent Alerting allows you to build alerts specific to your own monitored environment, using values and metrics retrieved from multiple sources and subsystems. Via custom conditions, you can easily create advanced performance alerting, enhanced change detection and advisory rule sets. When building custom conditions, you can use any combination of ANDs and ORs, and any number of nesting levels, to compare the values retrieved from these multiple sources. Everything is point-and-click, so even complex conditions can be configured quickly. Inside the Client, you can download base set of conditions.

Cloud.sqlsentry.com provides an easily configurable and highly customizable way to access your performance data anywhere you have an Internet connection. Access many of the same views available in the SQL Sentry Client including all of the popular reporting options, the new alerting Events Log, and the Global Status view. 

To help manage change in your environment, Performance Advisor includes both pre-configured baselines and the ability to create your own custom baselines. Baselines can be viewed and managed from the Performance Advisor Dashboard. At a glance, you can see where performance deviates and resolve those issues before they become a problem. Custom baselines are configurable and, in combination with Intelligent Alerting, provide a comprehensive change management and notification system.

With the Global Server Status View, you can monitor the health of all of your SQL, SSAS and Windows servers from one centralized location. Metrics are color-coded based on pre-defined best practice thresholds, making it a simple process to quickly identify which metrics have a critical or warning state. Just like the Performance Advisor Dashboard, historical charts are also available from the Global Server Status View. The overview screens are filterable by the various columns to show only those servers you wish to know about.

SQL Sentry's patented Disk Activity view offers functionality that provides a graphical view into the live activity on your server’s disk system. You can easily identify every data and log file to see where they reside on the system. For the first time, you can peer into your disk system in real time and see the hot spots! Just as valuable is the historical view. This view allows you to easily identify which files are consistently experiencing disk performance issues, and determine whether relocating them will improve performance.

The Disk Space view gives you a graphical display by file and partition size. At a glance, you can identify where you are running into disk space issues and additional details help you track file utilization. You can also view space data historically, and disk reports allow you to track file growth trends, making it easy to predict when disk space issues are likely to occur. All of these details are available for local disks, mount points, and SAN storage, for a complete view of your storage environment.

The Top SQL view provides details about any live or historical long running and/or high impact statements. Top SQL thresholds can be set based on duration, CPU, reads, or writes. The executed statement, database, host, application, and login are provided along with pertinent performance metrics. You can also visualize a statement's history with runtime graphs, or easily jump to the calendar to see the statement alongside any jobs or other events.

The Indexes tab displays information that has been collected about your tables and indexes by SQL Sentry Fragmentation Manager. It can be used to help you make intelligent decisions about index management in your environment: such as when and how to perform defragmentation operations, when to adjust fill factors, or even when an index definition should be changed. You can even perform automated maintenance of indexes including support for multiple concurrent defragmentation operations. You can also view historical trends on index usage, size and fragmentation.

The SQL Server AlwaysOn tab displays information about your AlwaysOn environment. It is split into 3 different sections. The first section provides you with several unique actionable layouts to display your AlwaysOn environment. The connector pipes and inner flow lines in the layouts provide you with visual indicators of both data flow volume and rate between nodes or replicas. The second section displays historical charts and AlwaysOn health events from your environment. The final section displays high level and detailed level metrics concerning your environment. 

The integrated Plan Explorer functionality gives you dramatically enhanced visibility into SQL execution plans. You get a more compact, readable format than what is provided with the native tools. Plan information is collected automatically for Top SQL statements, and plan history is retained so you can see how plans are being used over time and how different versions impact performance. You can even make modifications to statements within the SQL Sentry Client and then retrieve estimated or actual plans to determine how effective your changes will be.

SQL Sentry's block analysis captures all block details based on configured duration thresholds. You get a hierarchical view of your blocking chains historically as well as in real time. Details such as the executed statement, database, login and host are provided for all processes involved. Additional details like wait types and wait resources are provided as well. In addition to historical information, blocks can be viewed while they are occurring and blocking processes can be killed from the SQL Sentry Client.

The Deadlocks tab provides the most comprehensive view available into SQL Server deadlocks. A graphical representation gives you a snapshot of all processes and resources involved. In addition to the graphical view, all other pertinent details are shown including the SQL statements executing at the time the deadlock was detected. All of this is “out of the box” functionality without the need to install any agents, set any trace flags, or perform any configuration on the monitored servers themselves.

Sometimes you need a complete, trace level, unfiltered view of all SQL activity on your server. In addition to long running or high impact queries, you might have very short queries that run hundreds or thousands of times in a short time span. Quick Trace provides a comprehensive view of all activity, similar to Activity Monitor and Profiler, but integrated within one tool. Quick Traces can be fired on demand, or automated based on conditions such as performance thresholds, blocks, or defined schedules.

When you integrate Event Manager with Performance Advisor, you get a complete chronological picture of all activity on your servers. Custom Conditions, Top SQL, blocks, and deadlocks will appear on the Event Manager calendar alongside any SQL Agent jobs, Reporting Services reports and more. Event Manager and Performance Advisor are fully integrated within the SQL Sentry Client, and you can easily switch between views with just a couple of clicks.

Preformatted reports are available on any metrics SQL Sentry collects, from a global level down to individual counters. You can even report on date range comparisons for trending and baselining of your server's long term performance. Reports can be generated within the SQL Sentry Client, and exported to various formats like Excel, PDF, or Word. You can also use custom reporting to specify any combination of servers, counters, or instances and save them for future use.


Global Server Performance
Index Defragmentation Details – By Database
Index Fragmentation And Usage
Performance Counter History
Performance Counter Date Range Comparison
SQL Server Performance
SQL Server Transactions - Top Databases
Wait Stats Analysis
Wait Stats Analysis - By Resource and CPU Waits
SSAS Performance
Windows Performance
Windows + SQL Server Performance


Blocking - By Application
Blocking - By Wait Type
Blocking - By SQL Server
Blocking - By User
Blocking - By Wait Resource
Blocking - By Application Matrix


Top SQL - All Servers
Top SQL - By Application
Top SQL - By Database
Top SQL - By Server
Top SQL - By User

Disk and File Space

Database Without Recent Backups
High VLFs - All Servers
High VLFs - By Server
Misaligned Partitions - All Servers
Misaligned Partitions - By Server
SQL Server File Growth - Top Files - All Servers
SQL Server File Utilization - By Database
SQL Server File Utilization - By Logical Disk
SQL Server File Utilization - Top Files
Windows Disk Utilization - All Servers
Windows Disk Utilization - By Server

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