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VB.Net to C# Converter 3.12

VB.Net to C# Converter 3.12 crack

Are you ready to convert your VB code to C#? All versions of Visual Basic.Net are supported: 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2015 as well as all project types (Win Forms, Web, Class Library, Compact Framework, Silverlight, etc.). There is support for the latest VB.Net language features, including VB2015 await/async support, VB2015 enhancements like Implicit Line Continuation and Multiline Lambdas, and VB2008 features such as LINQ and inline XML.

Key Features

Support for the latest Visual Studio features - The latest VB.Net / C# features are supported, including Await/Async, Implicit Line Continuation, Multiline Lambdas, Nullable Optional Parameters, LINQ, XML, WPF, Lambda expressions, and extension methods.
Support for All Project Types - Win Forms, Web, Class Library, Compact Framework, Console, etc.
High Accuracy - This release was stress tested on thousands of sample programs. Tested were hundreds of Microsoft sample projects (Visual Studio SDK samples, DirectX SDK projects, Windows 7 SDK samples, etc.), in house and customer projects, third party control samples (Infragistics, ComponentOne, Telerik, etc.), and open source projects from SourceForge and CodePlex.
Ease of Use - While the conversion logic itself is complex, using the converter isn't. You are guided through each step of the process with easy, clear instructions.
Customization - Not every project is the same. With dozens of conversion options to choose from, you are in control of the conversion process.
Convert Single Projects or Groups of Projects - You can create lists of programs and convert them with one click. There's also a command line version included.
Comprehensive Reporting - There are reports showing potential trouble spots in your code, interesting things which happened during the conversion process, and any C# compiler errors which need to be fixed.

All Versions

Visual Studio 2015
Visual Studio 2013
Visual Studio 2012
Visual Studio 2010
Visual Studio 2008
Visual Studio 2005
Visual Studio 2003
Visual Studio 2002
Visual Basic 6 Upgraded Projects

All Project Types

Windows Forms Projects
Web Projects
Console Projects
Class Library Projects
Mobile Projects
WPF Projects
WCF Projects
Silverlight Projects
Lightswitch Projects

Latest Features (2015-2010)

2015 – Multi-line strings
2012 – Await/Async
2012 – Yield Statement
2010 – Multiline Lambdas
2010 – Implicit Line Continuation
2010 – Genetic Covariance
2010 – Genetic Contravariance
2010 – Auto-Implemented Properties
2010 – Collection Initializers
2010 – Optional Nullable Parameters

2008 Features

In line XML w/”code holes”
Object initializers
Implicit types
Anonymous types
Extension methods
Lambda expressions
The new “If” operator

2005 Features

Generic types
Custom events
Continue statement
IsNot operator
TryCast operator
Using statement
Unsigned types
Nullable types
Operator overloading
Code separation using partial types

2003-VB6 Features

2003 – Bit shift operators
2003 – Loop variable declaration
2002 – All initial VB.Net features
VB6 upgrades – VB6->VB.Net upgraded projects are fully supported

Convert A Project

The most accurate way to convert your VB.Net code
All identifiers are resolved to project code or external assemblies (critical to accuracy)
Potential conversion problems are identified in your VB.Net code
Conversion notes inform you of interesting events during conversion
Any uncorrected C# compiler errors are shown
Side by side VB.Net/C# browsing and editing in Visual Studio like environment
Comprehensive reporting available

Convert Multiple Projects

Invokes the project converter on multiple projects
Conversions performed in parallel using multiple cores
Groups of projects can be organized and named
Drag and drop support from Windows Explorer to build project groups
Convert all your projects with one click, then focus on the ones with C# compiler errors
Comprehensive reporting available
VBConversions uses this feature for its regression tests

Convert Code Snippets

Convert VB.Net or ASP.Net code snippet to C#
Choose VB version to use when converting (2003-2015)
View/edit VB.Net and C# code side by side
Load/save files or copy/paste from clipboard

Command Line Converter

Convert from the command line without gui
Convert a single line of code as an argument
Convert individual files
Convert a project
Convert a group of projects in parallel

Conversion Options

Determine if temporary variables should be used with ref/out arguments or With statements for maximum accuracy
Choose if local variables should always be initialized to default values or only when necessary
Specify global VB.Net and C# search/replace strings
Decide if automatic C# compiler error correction should be used
Many more conversion options available

More Conversion Options

Decide if reference parameters should be converted to value if not updated in called method
Determine if unreachable code should be commented out
Choose if you want dynamic variables to be used when necessary to prevent late binding errors
Decide if VB namespace functions (Left, MsgBox, Trim, etc.) are converted to .Net equivalents

Output Options

Stylistic control of C# indentation and bracket placement
Flexible target file placement using template based approach
Determine if linked files should be copied or referenced
Choose file encoding for international projects





نرم افزار تبدیل پروژه های VB.Net به سی شارپ CSharp Converter  نرم افزاری کاربردی که از یک تکنولوژی پیشرفته بهره می برد قادر است تا بیش از ۹۹ درصد کدهای ویژوال بیسیک را به سی شارپ تبدیل کرده بی آنکه خطایی در اجرای فرامین رخ دهد . با این وسیله اگر قصد مهاجرت به C # را داشته باشید دیگر هیچ مانعی را رو به روی راه خود نخواهید دید . نکته قابل توجه پشتیبانی این برنامه از تمامی نسخه های ۲۰۰۳ ، ۲۰۰۵ ، ۲۰۰۸ و حتی ۲۰۱۰ می باشد که به خوبی می تواند تمامی پروژه ها نظیر فرم های تحت ویندوز ، وب ، Class Library ، Compact Framework و بسیاری دیگر را تنها با چند کلیک ساده تبدیل کند .

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VB.Net to C Sharp Converter v3.12 crack  
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