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FirePower v5.1 for XE8

FirePower v5.1 for XE8 crack

Our exciting FirePower suite of components allow you to develop applications for Win32, Win64, Mac (OSX32), Android, and iOS devices (32 and 64 bit) and simulators using Embarcadero's RAD Studio. Similar in capabilities to our award winning InfoPower VCL library, our FMX components integrate seamlessly with your existing data and are truly data-aware components.


Rapidly build powerful business applications
The FirePower component suite includes the critical and necessary user interface components for building professional desktop and mobile applications using RAD Studio. In particular those who are building business applications will directly benefit as the controls display your data quickly and in a natural way. Central to our component suite design are two powerful and flexible grid controls. Our FirePower grid components are designed to be expressive, flexible, and powerful for the programmer, and incredibly fast, efficient, and intuitive for the end-user.


No compromise when moving to the mobile space

FirePower is built from the ground up so that your efficiency, look and feel, and power are not compromised when moving your applications to the mobile space. They are designed to perform excellent on desktops, but they also perform exceptionally well in the mobile world,

taking great advantage of the mobile interface to give end-users a pleasing experience. FirePower 6.0 adds significant performance enhancements to the TwwLayoutGrid and supports partial row display and improved integration with in-memory connections.  


Suite of versatile user-interface components
Also in FirePower is the TwwRecordViewPanel component giving you a flexible layout component specifically to edit a record.  The component dynamically creates an editable panel based on your dataset's field properties. It removes the tedious job of building custom record editing forms, and lets you focus on which fields you want edited and in what order.

There are also an array of edit and input controls included with FirePower that will significantly enhance your application, as well as components to assist your end-users in filtering and searching for data. 

There is so much more in FirePower, so download the overview to take a closer look. There are also 30 day trials you can download. See the links at the top.


100% Native Delphi Code

FirePower is written completely in Delphi code, and requires no additional deployment as its libraries can be compiled directly into your application. FirePower 6.0 also now also includes the runtime source.

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