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DevExpress Universal Source Code

DevExpress Universal Source Code crack

A feature-complete and fully integrated development toolset designed to address the UI and Reporting needs of developers targeting the WinForms platform. Whether building an Office-inspired app or a touch-enabled data centric Business Intelligence solution, you are always in full control with the DevExpress WinForms product line. 

Source Code Includes:
windows 8 xaml
devextreme html5 widgets 

95+ ASP.NET Controls
The controls that ship as part of the DevExpress ASP.NET Subscription help you create engaging, interactive and touch-enabled web experiences that emulate the capabilities of today’s most popular web applications and maintain the highest performance standards regardless of the demands placed upon your web application by your end-users.

90+ Controls and Libraries
With the DevExpress WPF Subscription, you can create highly functional XAML-MVM based applications to address any business need today and deliver next generation touch enabled solutions for tomorrow. Whether it's an Office inspired application or a data centric business intelligence solution, it's all possible with feature-complete DevExpress WPF Controls.

80+ Controls and Libraries
From Office-inspired productivity and collaboration solutions to high performance business intelligence applications for the web, the DevExpress subscription delivers innovative and elegant UI controls and reporting tools to help your applications stand above the rest. 

Next-Gen .NET Tools
The new DevExpress Windows® 8 XAML Subscription helps you create compelling
touch-enabled business solutions that leverage the best parts of Windows® 8 when targeting
next generation devices such as Microsoft Surface.

Decisions Support Systems Made Easy
Easy-to-use and always interactive data visualization Dashboard for Windows, the Web and Mobile devices. DevExpress Dashboard helps you deliver decision support solutions that allow any enterprise to visually explore business trends using stunning performance indicators.

eXpress Persistent Objects
eXpress Persistent Objects (XPO) is an Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) tool that handles all aspects of database creation and object persistence, allowing you to concentrate on your application's business logic rather than database complexities. It offers Code First, Model First and Database First development workflows.

Create compelling, easy-to-use experiences and emulate the UI of today's most popular productivity apps with the 130+ controls that ship as part of the
DevExpress WinForms Subscription. Whether you need to reproduce the look and feel of Microsoft Office or to deliver high-powered data mining and
decision support systems for your enterprise, DevExpress libraries for the .NET Framework have been built so you can unleash the power of information
and intuitively present it to your end-users in the shortest possible time.

With DevExpress UI controls, you'll be able to deliver elegant line-of-business applications that emulate the touch-first Windows 8 Pro UX and maintain backward compatibility with previous versions of the Windows operating system. Whether you need to create a tile based modern UI application for Windows or need to quickly convert an existing application for use on Microsoft Surface, the DevExpress WinForms Subscription will help you deliver immersive business solutions, without abandoning the .NET Framework or your existing code investments. 

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