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Tabs Studio v3.7.0

Tabs Studio v3.7.0 crack

The professional tool to organize and customize Visual Studio document tabs.

Tabs Studio is a Visual Studio extension empowering you to work comfortably with any number of open documents.


Tabs Studio is a Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio add-in that organizes document tabs and cuts software development time. Tabs Studio lets you group your document tabs intelligently, and makes all of your document tabs visible by creating multiple rows of tabs.

When working on large solutions with 20 or even 30 tabs open at the same time, it can be frustrating finding documents that are already open. Tabs Studio lets you immediately switch to another tab with a single mouse click or a few keyboard shortcuts.

Using regular expressions, Tabs Studio offers complete control over title-based and path-based grouping of tabs. By keeping your h/cpp, xaml/xaml.cs, and aspx/aspx.vb file pairs in the same tab, you'll never waste time again looking for the tab that you need next. Tabs Studio takes this concept one step further: If you're modifying Model, the software lets you group all four files - Model.cpp, Model.h, ModelTest.cpp, and ModelTest.h - under a single tab.

It's easy to remove the path from a tab name, and to color-code your tabs meaningfully. Instead of displaying tabs in multiple rows, you can show them vertically in a separate tool window.

Tabs Studio is designed to optimize software developers' time. For example, it's easy to selectively close a code file without first activating the tab. Tabs Studio is an XAML-based WPF control, and it allows you to use BasedOn styling to completely control the behavior and presentation of all of your tabs.

Whether you're an application development project manager who needs an affordable way to reduce the team's development time, a database administrator who needs to make it more efficient to work with more than a handful of open tabs in SQL Server Management Studio, or a software developer who wants to stop wasting time searching for document tabs, Tabs Studio has the tools that you need.

What's New:

Tabs Studio v3.7.0 - October 28, 2015

  • Added support for SQL Server Management Studio 2016.
  • Created the AfterClose add-in to activate the next tab (instead of the last selected document) after closing the active one.
  • Added NavigateToNextGroup and NavigateToPreviousGroup commands to the Navigator add-in to navigate between tab groups from the keyboard.
  • Added MoveTabLeft and MoveTabRight commands to the Navigator add-in to reorder tabs from the keyboard.
  • Improved the SingleRow add-in to show one hidden tab after closing a visible tab.
  • Added support for the preview tab to the Navigator add-in.
  • Added support for custom title grouping to the Disambiguator add-in.
  • Added the RestoreToolbar command and the corresponding RestoreToolbar add-in for SSMS.
  • Restored tabs visibility when switching Visual Studio layouts (changed in v3.6.5).
  • Fixed the Saver add-in not saving order when closing Visual Studio from the debug mode.
  • Fixed undefined behavior in style properties inheritance.
  • Fixed a rare NullReferenceException in TabGroupsService.GroupWindows.



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