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HippoEDIT v1.60.24 For Win 32bit

HippoEDIT v1.60.24 For Win 32bit crack

HippoEDIT is a powerful, fast and easy to use Windows text editor, primarily targeted at power users and programmers. It has modern and lightweight user interface, which supports different interface schemesMulti Tab environmentseamless web and help browserFile Explorer and Project Explorer, external tools integration and more smarttext editor functions.

  • Comes with pre-defined syntax highlighting for PHP, HTML, Perl, Java, Pascal,C/C++, XML, XSLT and more. Programming language definitions are inheritable and embeddable (JavaScript, PHP and CSS in HTML for example). Additional programming languages can be plugged with user syntax files.
  • To facilitate the text editing HippoEDIT provides more than 300 integrated commands with customizable keyboard shortcuts, auto-completion using syntax dictionary and statistical information, real-time code hints with best guesses from text editor and sophisticated code templates engine with big set of built-in tags.
  • Text editor has code outlining, current scope and changed lines indication, mismatching brace highlighting, indent guides etc. greatly help in program analysis and navigation.
  • Clipboard ring, full support of text and files drag & drop, transparent usage of different clipboard formats to paste syntax-highlighted text into other applications, or paste highlighted code as HTML back into text editor smoothly integrates HippoEDIT in your work environment.
  • Other features include powerful search and replace, support of different text encodings, WYSIWYG printing and previewing, programming language specific formatting rules, multiple undo/redo, and other text editing functions.


HippoEDIT 1.60 - Feature Release:


HippoEDIT 1.60 is next major update. It contains new functionality, new plugins, and old features that now have better usability and speed.

What is new?

  • FTP Explorer plugin, with support of FTP/FTPS/FTPEX/SFTP/FTP over HTTP. Implements seamless FTP browsing, background loading and saving of files, searching on FTP and much more.
  • Live Colors plugin, that visualize color values directly in code, using underline or background color equal to typed color value.
  • Fuzzy match option for all kind of searches, that allows to use approximate text search in Find dialog, with new XML flag controlling fuzziness of the algorithm. Fuzzy mode flag has replaced Hex mode flag on Search Dialog.
  • Spell Checker Dictionaries are added to online repository and available for installation from Update Manager.
  • Bookmark descriptions (right click on bookmark to add). Visible in tooltip and in Bookmark Manager.
  • Ctrl + C in message now copies text of the message to clipboard (as on standard message box)
  • Preview in Web Browser command converted to Toggle Web Browser and now switches you to web page source in another HE tab.
  • Initial auto-hiding of the tool panes, until they are not used (File Explorer, Project Explorer, FTP Explorer, and Bookmark Manager).
  • Updated matching brace visualization
  • Regular expression based syntax highlighting extended with support of back references to open tag groups from close tag groups. Used now in updated Perl syntax schema.
  • Harmonized icon set from FatCow Web Hosting. For HippoEDIT core and standard plug-ins.
  • Harmonized using of the colors in file tabs
  • Updated syntax schemas for HTML, HTML5, PHP, C like languages, SVG, Perl, Lisp etc.
  • Commands to close explicit tool/plugin panes (search for View.Close[PaneName]) and to close active pane, as View.CloseActivePane.
  • Configuration button added for Search Pane and Project pane for jumping to settings, similar to File Explorer pane
  • Updated code templates for HTML (html_user.xml)
  • Updated JSBeautifier to better handle cursor position on format

New customizing settings

  • CodeHintAgreeByTab
  • Regular Expression Search: Dot Not Match Newline
  • External changes check for remote directories
  • Smart Horizontal Position
  • Auto Complete Single Match


  • Loading of the files under windows link (*.lnk) using Windows Explorer Context Menu
  • Random crashes on start up
  • Problem with Windows shell extension, that leads to opening of all programs as text files in HippoEDIT, when programs are called from Start Menu with "Run as Administrator"
  • Memory leaks by unloading of plugins
  • Crash by unloading plugin with Options page
  • Hanging when saving files as attachment
  • Formatting Tools plugin
  • Script plugin cannot be re-installed if, was disabled
  • Performance of the plain search increased in 2 times.
  • "Locking" of application, in case if message box is popping when HippoEDIT window is minimized
  • Auto-update features installing release version on top of beta and vice versa
  • Crash when using word wrap on lines with tab characters at the end of lines.
  • Crash when using JS Beautifier plugin and having Format on Paste on.
  • Crash when with regular expression search for numbers
  • Missing initial project on start
  • Crash on creating of the new project within Open Project command
  • Crash when updating of the active syntaxes with Update Manager
  • Assignment of shortcuts to NewBySyntax command does not work
  • Format Selection is not active on empty line
  • Drop-down lists in Find in Files forgetting old values
  • Bookmarked line "centered" (but keeping in mind minimizing scrolling) on navigation
  • Smart Horizontal Positioning optimized for edit operations with selections (delete selection), to use selection anchor as preferred edit point.
  • Word selection after drag & drop operation.
  • Wrong indenting of pasted single lines.
  • Syntax of "Untitled" files is not persisted between sessions
  • After entering of the Registration information HE still shows (Unregistered)
  • CPP labels are not properly refreshed after edits.
  • Crash on Code Hint display for duplicate style keywords (for example "title" in HTML/HTML5)
  • Auto-Reload does not work for remote files.
  • Scrolling of the XML files is very slow (document with many single line scopes).
  • In the dialog about slow script, it is not possible to modify delay threshold for scripts.
  • Crash when navigating to search results from large files.
  • Auto Completion list shows just typed prefix as single word.
  • Search in files does not find match in large (more than 20Mbs) files
  • Collapsing works even with hidden outlining margin.
  • Size of document tabs "jumps" on document switches
  • Crash on editing python files with collapsed scopes.
  • Wrong/unexpected behavior of 'Copy Full Path'
  • It is not possible to assign functional keys as shortcut.
  • Closing parenthesis ")" not added.
  • Wrong title for "Add to current project" command in document context menu
  • Tools toolbar is not shown automatically after calling "Manage tools" dialog and tools are not empty


HippoEDIT  یک برنامه ویرایش کننده متن در ویندوز با سرعتی بالا و کاربردی آسان است که در درجه اول برنامه نویسان و کاربران حرفه ای را مورد هدف قرار داده است. HippoEDIT دارای رابط کاربری سطح بالا و مدرن بوده و علاوه بر این از ایجاد اینترفیس های متفاوت از جمله: محیطی شامل Tabهای چندگانه: web و help browser یکپارچه، File Explorer و Project Explorer، ابزار های خارجی یکپارچه سازی و همچنین بیشتر توابع ویرایشگر متن هوشمند پشتیبانی می کند .


قابلیت های نرم افزار HippoEDIT :
  • نحو برجسته از پیش تعریف شده برای PHP, HTML, Perl, Java, Pascal, C/C++, XML, XSLT و ...
  • نحو برجسته برای زبان های برنامه نویسی با ویژگی های ارث بری و Embeddable (مانند javascript, PHP and CSS in HTML و...)
  • پلاگ شدن زبان های برنامه نویسی اضافی با فایل های نحوی کاربر
  • فراهم نمودن بیش از 300 فرمان یکپارچه شده توسط میانبر های صفحه کلید با قابلیت انجام تنظیمات دلخواه برای تسهیل در ویرایش متن
  • به کارگیری ترکیبات نحوی دیکشنری و اطلاعات آماری برای تکمیل خودکار
  • برنامه ریزی شده برای نشان دادن عدم مطابقت بندها و رعایت تورفتگی راهنمایی ها در خطوط کد
  • پشتیبانی از رمزگزاری های متن
  • امکان Drag & Drop کردن متن و فایل
  • امکان بکارگیری یک جستجو یا جایگزینی قدرتمند
  • چاپ و پیش نمایش WYSIWYG
  • امکان استفاده از چندین Undo/Redo و دیگر توابع مخصوص ویرایش متن
  • و ...

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