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CrossTalk v2.0.18

CrossTalk v2.0.18 crack

What if you could use .NET libraries in Delphi/C++ just as easily as you could Delphi libraries? CrossTalk lets you use .NET libraries from your Delphi/C++ code. No changes are required to the .NET classes and no registry entries or COM registration is required. CrossTalk Projects are not special Delphi projects. In fact a CrossTalk Project refers to the CTP file used to generate the .pas files used by your Delphi application(s).

Generally each Delphi project that uses CrossTalk will also have an accompanying CTP file. Associated CTP files are matched by having the same name as the Delphi project file. For example: Project1.dpr and Project1.ctp.

It is possible for a single Delphi project could have multiple CTP files, and a single CTP file could be shared among several Delphi projects. Such scenarios however will require manual execution of the generation stage.


The following Delphi code interacts with .NET XML classes. To Delphi, the .NET classes appear as if they are native Delphi classes.

CrossTalk v2.0.18

Manual Execution
The CrossTalk Project Manager can also be accessed from the CrossTalk program group, or in the CrossTalk installation directory. The executable name is CTClassgen.exe. There is also a command line form usable for automated builds. If you run it manually you will see this screen. If accessed from Delphi, this screen will not be displayed. 

Select "Create a new CrossTalk Project". A Save As dialog will appear. Browse to the directory where you saved the Delphi project. Select a name for your CTP file. It can be named anything. For example Test.ctp. 

This form allows the selection of .NET assemblies, and then classes that we want to use in our Delphi project. The Add GAC button allows addition ofassemblies that are in the GAC, and the Add User button allows non GAC assemblies to be added. Click the Add GAC button. The Add GAC Assembly form will appear. 

From Delphi Menu

If you accessed the CrossTalk Project Options from within Delphi IDE, you do not need to manually generate the. pas wrappers. CrossTalk automatically creates an associated CTP file. When an associated CTP file exists, CrossTalk will automatically keep up to date the .pas wrappers each time you compile your Delphi/C++ project in the IDE.

If you use the command line compiler outside the IDE, the .pas wrappers will not be updated automatically and you will need to call the command line version of the class generator.

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