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Eziriz .NET Reactor v5.0.0.0

Eziriz .NET Reactor v5.0.0.0 crack

.NET Reactor is a powerful code protection and software licensing system for software written for the .NET Framework, and supports all languages that generate .NET assemblies. Its' main features are :

Intellectual property protection
NecroBit Protection
Native Code generation
Control Flow Obfuscation
String Encryption
Anti Tampering
Resource Encryption and Compression
Dependency Merging
Protects full applications and libraries (dlls)
Powerful licensing system
Create trial versions of your software
Set an expiration date
Limit use to a fixed number of days after installation
Limit by number of uses
Limit to use for no more than a set number of minutes each invocation
Limit trial version functionality
Easily turn your trial version into a fully licensed version
License your software
Permanently (non expiring license)
By time period (i.e rent your software)
By number of uses (i.e software as a service)
Software development kit
Integrate license checking into you assembly and extend licensing fuctionality
Extend licensing functions with bespoke extensions.

Why you need to protect your intellectual property.

When you compile a program written for the Microsoft .NET framework, the program you provide to your users is not compiled into a native executable program, but instead is translated into something called the Common Intermediate Language instructions (CIL). CIL is half way between source code and native code, and is interpreted by the .NET framework when your program is run, rather than executed directly as machine code. Because of this, the source code of your application or library can be easily reproduced. Tools such as .NET Reflector (www.red-gate.com/products/reflector/) can reproduce source code from a compiled .NET assemblies in seconds, and in the .NET language of your choice! Clearly, commercial software distributed to end users without some form of protection is wide open to piracy and intellectual property theft.
The traditional solution to intellectual property protection in .NET is to use 'obfuscation', indeed Microsoft make an obfuscation utility available to Visual Studio users.

So why is obsfucation not enough?

Obfuscation is the process of making your source code more difficult (but not impossible) for humans to understand. Obfuscation works by replacing the meaningful names you assign to classes, methods, properties and variables with meaningless ones. For example, it may replace a variable name of "counter" with "A4DF3CV89G" - to humans these obfuscated names are confusing and difficult to remember, but have no effect on the NET Framework interpreter. Note that obfuscation does nothing to the source code within your methods, so it is not protected at all by obfuscation. .NET Reactor does everything an obfuscator does, but then wraps your intellectual property in several more layers of protection, denying access to your source code to even those who are determined to steal your hard work. .NET Reactor's protection has never been cracked, something which cannot be said about obfuscators.

Industry Leading .NET Reactor Source Protection

.NET Reactor prevents decompilation by a variety of methods which convert your .NET assemblies into processes which no existing tool can decompile ( and which are also very likely to prevent decompilation by any future tool). .NET Reactor builds a native code wall between potential hackers and your .NET assemblies by producing a file which cannot be understood directly as CIL. Because the CIL in your assembly is emitted intact only at run time or design time (in a form in which the source is completely inaccessible), no tool is capable of decompiling .NET Reactor protected assemblies.

The native code wall created by .NET Reactor between the hacker and your source includes industry leading NecroBit technology, which is exclusive to .NET Reactor. .NET Reactor's protection has never been broken since the first release in 2004. These technologies make reconstruction of your source code more difficult by so many orders of magnitude that NecroBit is by far the most effective protection you can use for .NET assemblies.

In addition to industry leading intellectual property protection, .NET Reactor provides powerful options for securing you revenue stream by enforcing licensing terms with a rich variety of trialversion and full version locks.

.NET Reactor offers you an easy and reliable way to:
Secure your .NET applications and .NET libraries
Replace CIL code with native code
Perform additional layers of protection, including obfuscation
Merge assemblies, and
Protect your revenue by enforcing trial version restrictions and full version licensing terms.


Eziriz .NET Reactor v5.0.0.0

.NET Reactor is able to generate a native x86 EXE file stub for your application. This way it is not possible to directly open your protected application in a decompiler. The decompiler recognizes your protected application as a native EXE file. 

In combination with the Native EXE File feature and NecroBit, .NET Reactor is able to convert managed methods into REAL x86 native code. Only methods which doesn't affect the runtime and platform behavior (mostly small methods like property getters/setters...) are converted into native code. By nature this feature has an built-in protection against assembly modification.

Declarative Obfuscation support allows you to directly define which types and members should be excluded from obfuscation. This can be done by using the custom attribute System.Reflection.ObfuscationAttribute in your source code. .NET Reactor automatically detects the attribute and excludes the corresponding types and members from obfuscation.

In addition to source protection, .NET Reactor provides thorough class and member obfuscation complemented by different exclusion schemes, use of non-printable characters in obfuscated names, and even incremental obfuscation, which always generates the same obfuscation strings for type and member names.

Powerful and flexible, the .NET Reactor licensing features allow you to enforce your license conditions and protect your revenue stream by using hardware and software locks. The license manager can build trial or permanent licenses, in a matter of seconds. A fully documented software development kit (SDK), complete with examples, allows you to call the licensing system directly from your code, allowing you to create custom extensions to the licensing system. 


Eziriz .NET Reactor v5.0.0.0

Windows Windows Forms Applications, Console Applications, Windows Services, Control & Class Libraries, WPF Applications & Libraries, WinRT/Metro Applications & Libraries
Web ASP.NET Applications & Libraries, ASP.NET Services, WCF Services, Sharepoint WebParts
Silverlight Silverlight Applications & Libraries
Smart Device Windows Phone and Compact Framework Applications & Libraries
Others SQL Server CLR Assemblies, Mono Applications & Libraries


Eziriz .NET Reactor v5.0.0.0

Supported Languages:
and many more..

Supported Platforms :
_Windows 98
_Windows ME
_Windows NT
_Windows 2000
_Windows XP
_Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2013
_Windows Vista
_Windows 7
_Windows 8/8.1

.NET Reactor []
Added SHA1 / SHA-256 dual-signing support for code signing certificates
Improved String Encryption
Improved NecroBit
Improved Obfuscation for generic instance type parameter names
Improved Obfuscation for serializable types and members
Improved portable/universal assembly protection
Added Unity 3D obfuscation support for compressed web packages
Added comprehensive obfuscation exclusion editor ('2. Protection Settings'->'Obfuscation'->'Exclusions'->'Exclusion Rules')
Enhanced Control Flow Obfuscation
Now '' can be used as part of the target file path
Improved startup time of protected assemblies
Now .NET Reactor requires significantly less memory with assemblies you protect all at once
Added option to embed pdb files inside a native exe file ('2. Protection Settings'->'Native EXE File'->'Embed Pdb File')
Further minor obfuscation improvements
Fixed merging issue in case main assembly has no pdb file but the merged ones
Fixed resource signature issue causing possible AV false positives
Fixed icon group resource issue (native exe file only)
Fixed issue with short string obfuscation
Fixed issue with exclusion rules affecting virtual methods
Fixed control flow bug for methods which doesn't have return instructions
Fixed pdb issue when using the VS Add-in
Fixed VS 2015 pdb issue
Fixed obfuscation problem related to methods declared as internal protected
Fixed x64 protection bug (BadImageFormatException) with x64 assemblies containing a native entry point
Fixed FIPS compatibility issue for .NET 2.0 assemblies running in Windows XP






یکی از بزرگترین نگرانی های برنامه نویسان سرقت کدهای برنامه های آن ها توسط افراد دیگر است.
 NET Reactor. نرم افزار قدرتمندی از شرکت Eziriz برای محافظت از کدهای استفاده شما درون پروژه های دات نت می باشد. این ابزار کدهای برنامه نویسی شما را غیر قابل بازخوانی و ویرایش کرده و ابزار بسیار مناسبی برای محافظت از برنامه های نوشته شده شما می باشد. . NET Reactor. برنامه کاربردی است که از زبان های C#, VB.NET, C++.NET, Delphi.NET, J#, MSIL و ... پشتیبانی می کند.

قابلیت های کلیدی نرم افزار Eziriz .NET Reactor:
- کدهای استفاده شما درون پروژه های دات نت
- پشتیبانی از زبان های C#, VB.NET, C++.NET, Delphi.NET, J#, MSIL و ...
- قابلیت رمزنگاری یا همان Encryption کدهای .Net
- قابلیت ساخت فایل exe
- پشتیبانی حفاظتی از .NET Compact Framework  1.0، 2.0 و 3.5
- قابلیت Anti ILDASM
- رابط کاربری فوق العاده
- پشتیبانی از Commend Line
- و ...

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