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NDepend v6.0.1.8585

NDepend v6.0.1.8585 crack

NDepend offers a wide range of features to let the user analyze a code base. It is often described as a Swiss Army Knife for .NET developers. Make your .NET Code Beautiful with NDepend. Measure quality with metrics, see design with diagrams and enforce decisions with code rules, right into Visual Studio.

Code Rule and Code Query
More than 150 default code rules to check against best practices. Support for Code Query over LINQ (CQLinq) to easily write custom rules and query code.

Trend Monitoring
Get Trend Charts about pretty much any code metrics to master the evolution of your application.

Harness Test Coverage Data
Import test coverage data, and make the most of it in the NDepend feature-rich context.

Code Quality, 82 Code Metrics
Lines of Code, Cyclomatic Complexity, Coupling, Nesting Depth, Rank, NDepend supports them all (and much more).

Explore Existing Architecture
Explore how the code is actually structured and shed light on architectural flaws kept secret.

Detect Dependency Cycles
Get rid of dependency cycles between components to achieve higher code maintainability.

Compare Builds and Code Diff
Compare two versions of a code base and browse code diff and changes in any way you can think of.

Enforce Immutability and Purity
NDepend helps maintaining clean side-effects free code to achieve clean concurrent programming.

Complexity and Diagrams
Spot too complex code at a glance thanks to unique diagramming capabilities in the .NET world.

Continuous Integration Reporting
Integrate NDepend analysis into your build process and get highly customized and detailed reports to see progression and prevent code quality degradation.

Warnings on Build Process Health
Be warned of potential build process problems before they end up causing friction and pain.

NDepend.API and Power Tools
Write your own static analyzer based on NDepend.API, or tweak existing open-sources Power Tools.

Real-World Proof
Full Visual Studio integration, .NET Reflector support, super fast and lightweight analysis, NDepend is conceived for real-world programmers.

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