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EO.Total v2016.0.70.0 (EO.PDF, EO.WebBrowser, EO.Wpf) + Patch

EO.Total v2016.0.70.0 (EO.PDF, EO.WebBrowser, EO.Wpf) crack

EO.WebBrowser - Embed Chrome Browser Engine in your .NET application

Chrome based Browser Engine for .NET

EO.WebBrowser is a web browser engine based on Google's Chrome project but with native .NET programming interface --- don't worry, it's not a wrapper around the Chrome browser installed on your machine. In fact EO.WebBrowser has the whole browser engine embedded inside a single .NET DLL. In another word, it has zero external dependency. Just reference and use.

Why use EO.WebBrowser?

  • Based on Google's Chrome Project

    EO.WebBrowser uses the same core Google's Chrome and Apple Safari uses. It does not rely on IE. The engine is much faster and safer.

  • Zero External Dependency

    What if user updates/uninstall their browser? What if user disables JavaScript in Internet Explorer's settings dialog? These questions does not exist with EO.WebBrowser because everything is embedded inside our DLL files.

  • Native .NET components written in C#

    Because it's written in .NET, you can use it with any .NET based language/development tool. The same DLL works for both 32 bit and 64 bit environments;

  • Easy to use Programming Interface

    EO.WebBrowser offers core components that can be used in any Windows application, as well as wrapper controls for both Windows Forms applications and WPF applications;

  • Extensive Customization Options

    EO.WebBrowser offers extensive customization options that allow you to customize context menu, hot keys, JavaScript dialogs, file dialogs, focus and window control. Together these features allow you to seamlessly integrate the browser engine into your application;

  • .NET code -> JavaScript code

    Turn any web page into an integral part of your application -- both visually and programmatically. You can execute JavaScript code and access all the JavaScript objects directly from your .NET code. Access their properties or even call a JavaScript function are all different options available to you;

  • JavaScript code -> .NET code

    Things always go both ways --- and this is reflected in our programming interface as well. You can call JavaScript code from .NET code, and the other way around is also true --- you can call .NET code from your JavaScript code. This allows your Web page to seamlessly interact with the host application;

  • Custom Resource Handler

    Want to keep an eye on everything? Or want to keep everything to yourself? We got you covered. EO.WebBrowser offers ability to intercept and modify all requests that originate from the browser engine. For example, you can automatically deny all request sent to a specific host. It also offers you the ability to implement custom protocols or custom resource handlers. For example, you can implement a custom request handler to load images from your database instead of a Web server;


Pdf API and HTML to PDF Converter for .NET

EO.Pdf for .NET is a set of .NET components for you to easily create, read or modify PDF file in your Microsoft.NET application (both ASP.NET Web application and traditional Windows application). Key features include:

EO.Total v2016.0.70.0 (EO.PDF, EO.WebBrowser, EO.Wpf) HTML to PDF EO.Total v2016.0.70.0 (EO.PDF, EO.WebBrowser, EO.Wpf) PDF Creator API EO.Total v2016.0.70.0 (EO.PDF, EO.WebBrowser, EO.Wpf) PDF Reader API EO.Total v2016.0.70.0 (EO.PDF, EO.WebBrowser, EO.Wpf) PDF Page Extraction API
EO.Total v2016.0.70.0 (EO.PDF, EO.WebBrowser, EO.Wpf) PDF Splitting API EO.Total v2016.0.70.0 (EO.PDF, EO.WebBrowser, EO.Wpf) PDF Merging API EO.Total v2016.0.70.0 (EO.PDF, EO.WebBrowser, EO.Wpf) PDF Signing API EO.Total v2016.0.70.0 (EO.PDF, EO.WebBrowser, EO.Wpf) PDF Encryption API
EO.Total v2016.0.70.0 (EO.PDF, EO.WebBrowser, EO.Wpf) PDF Decryption API EO.Total v2016.0.70.0 (EO.PDF, EO.WebBrowser, EO.Wpf) ASPX To PDF EO.Total v2016.0.70.0 (EO.PDF, EO.WebBrowser, EO.Wpf) MVC To PDF  


Core Features

  • Convert any valid HTML to PDF. Rendering any Url, HTML file or HTMl text the same as way your browser does but output as PDF;
  • Zero External Dependency. Does not depend on any Web browser on your system. Will always work regardless you install, uninstall or update your browsers;
  • Built-in CSS1, CSS2 and CSS3 support. All CSS standards are supported. Feel free to use any CSS in your HTML code;
  • Built-in Javascript Engine. All Javascript code runs exactly the same way as they would in a browser. You can also turn Javascript off;
  • Automatic and Manual Paging. The converter can automatically page the contents into multiple pages completely based on page contents or "hard page break" styles such as "page-break-before" and "page-break-after" in your HTML code;
  • Scale to Fit. Automatically scaling the HTML page to fit in PDF paper size, or use a fixed scaling factor (or not scaling at all);
  • Selectable Text and clickable Links. The generated PDF file is not a "screenshot" image. All texts in your HTML file are rendered as selectable text in PDF. All links in your HTML file are preserved;
  • HTTP Post and Authentication. Need to post a page or authenticate with the server? Just provide the data you wish to post or the user name and password needed to login the server;
  • Multiple output options. Output to a file? Output to a stream? Output to Web client? Output as a download file? Choose one that fits your need.
  • Work with Existing PDF File. EO.Pdf is not just a HTML to PDF converter. It is a full featured PDF SDK. It can read, merge, split, encrypt and decrypt PDF files.
  • And much moreTry it out for free to see it in action!


EO.Wpf 2013 for .NET: Extensive WPF UI and Utility Control Library


EO.Wpf for .NET is a set of WPF controls. It incluces a large set of commonly used controls (such as Buttons, ProgressBar, TreeView, Menu, Calendar, etc), an intuitive docking view solution and a powerful gauge framework.

EO.Total v2016.0.70.0 (EO.PDF, EO.WebBrowser, EO.Wpf)

Product Highlights

  • Dozens of High Quality Controls

    EO.Wpf is not a school hobby project. We are professionals. It contain a large set of controls that offers an enhanced version of almost all commonly used WPF controls;

  • Built-in Skin and Theme Engine

    EO.Pdf offers an enhanced skin and theme engine that allows you to dynamically switch application theme and control skins. It also offers various built-in skins for various EO.Wpf controls;

  • Support all Major .NET and Visual Studio versions

    Supports .NET 3.5 and above. Automatically integrated with Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012;

  • Extensive documentations and samples

    The product is documented in great detail and is complemented with a large set of samples that demonstrates how to use each features. Sample source code avaialble in both C# and Visual Basic.NET;

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Rate : 5.0/5 based on 93
Download: 280
Visit: 3,901
Categories: .Net

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